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PGD Modelling and Photography Studios

D little attended a studio session with another photographer.

Whilst she was in our studio she was polite professional and a warm person to have in.

I wasn't involved in the shoot but had a little peek at back of camera throughout and it looked great.

Both Thursk and Dlitte seemed to have fun and enjoy themselves and I would happily have them back.

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Had another fantastic shoot with D and she still has the same enthusiasm and great ideas to add to a shoot.

Was great working with her again.

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Very enthusiastic, plenty of suggestions for poses for herself and the other models and has a great sense of humour.

Would love to work with her again

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Lovely to work with D little again. She's really rocks the shoot :-) She knows exactly what it takes to pull off the looks we were going for.

Really hope we can work together again soon. Thanks Didi! :-)

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Didi was such a bubbly person she really bought life to the shoot! Effortlessly created beautifully playful images. I would love to work with her again!

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Jon Busby

Didi is fun and brings a positive energy to a shoot.

One other observation, Didi works extremely well with other models who she may have met minutes before.

Takes direction very well. Turned up on time and was very patient during a shoot that involved 4 other models.

Highly recommended.

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Studio X

Didi is an absolute star! She attended a large shoot at the studio recently and did a brilliant job; incredibly patient, funny and a real team player.

We hope to see this lovely lady again!

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Had the pleasure of working with this lovely lady.

Working on a project together she made the day fun and enjoyable. Very professional and nailed her shots. Such a beautiful model.

She is a joy to work with and hope our paths cross again on future projects.

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Worked with this beautiful model on Saturday and can say she is beautiful and confident. Natural in from of the camera and works well with other models.

I will highly recommend her and hope to work with her again soon! xox

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Sooooooo Beautiful x

My first shoot with D was absolutely fantastic.

Fun, professional, classy and such beauty.

I don't just love working with you...

"I Love you".

Can't wait to see you again.

Very highly recommended if you want something extra special.

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Worked with D little for the first time along with @jk007 on a Bond themed shoot in and around the streets of Birmingham. What a great model! She looks amazing and is loads of fun to work with. We had a great time and captured some photos I’m really proud of and can’t wait to show off.

I think there’s a sequel in the works and that’s something I’ll really look forward to :-)

D little is highly recommended by me. Thanks for a great day!

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Today our studio was lit up with the force that is Danuta!

What a lovely lady! Bubbly, positive, great fun to be around but most of all really professional.

Pre shoot communication was excellent and Danuta arrived on time and ready to shoot.

Whilst Danuta is relatively new to modelling her acting background and creativity makes her a joy to work with.

She takes direction really well as well as bringing her own ideas and personality to the table.

If your looking for a model for lifestyle, commercial, fitness or fashion look no further.

Hard working, reliable, punctual and with a really flexible look, Danuta is highly recommended.

We already have our next shoot booked!


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Really had a great time with Delightful D today, we got on well drinking tea and chatting and will work with D again soon, also we got some interesting images. You should try her out.

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I really enjoyed shooting with DelightfulD. She is an excellent model, professional and prompt in her communications pre-shoot and a pleasure to work with. D is happy to listen to ideas and keen to contribute her own when appropriate. She is open to direction and has a lovely relaxed manner which certainly helped me to feel at ease and get the shots I was hoping for. A genuine professional in terms of her attitude, with a keen creative mind. I wholeheartedly recommend D to other photographers. Thank you for a great shoot, D.

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