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So pleased I finally managed to work with Daz - not only is he an accomplished model but he has a wicked sense of humour.

Great guy - highly recommended.

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1564966800Cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.

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I had my first shoot with Daz today at group shoot at Murder Mile. Wowser, Daz is so versatile! He managed to blow me away with his focused positive attitude and simply terrific posing. Having worked with a variety of male models in the past, Daz stands out as one of the best I have met more than surpassing my expectations. His ability to capture a wide variety of poses, expressions and emotions on demand was simply sublime.

Honestly, it is hard to get a bad shot when working with Daz. He is easy to work with, listens carefully and follows instructions effortlessly whilst adding a theatrical / artistic twist to his modelling. He understands the genre of duo based artistic photography very well and works superb with his partner lilithmay (pp). On this basis I have no hesitation in giving him my highest recommendation. I would be very happy to work with him again 😊

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John Phillips

Daz took care to arrive early for our rendezvous at Richmond Station for our camera club shoot at a studio in West Molesey. With eight photographers and a complete costume change in the middle, it was a very busy two hours. Daz was the relaxed professional throughout, his costumes and accessories meticulously researched and stylishly assembled, he could switch instantly from responding to precise direction to creating a series of imaginative poses. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and took away any anxiety I had co-ordinating a club shoot for the first time.

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I've worked with Darren on multiple occasions now and he's always great fun to be around. He's got an excellent selection of outfits to choose from and he's easily able to slip into character. He's very easy to get along with and model alongside. I'd happily recommend him to anyone!

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Elaine Rushton Photography

I've shot with Darren on a couple of occasions, most recently at Murder Mile studio. He is an accomplished actor and model, with an uncanny ability to morph in and out of character with slick efficiency. His unique style and his versatility and willingness to give his all to achieve the shot set him apart from the crowd. He is experienced and professional, has a varied wardrobe and is comfortable portraying a range of looks. In addition, he is a thoroughly nice guy and I look forward to working with him again.

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Always a pleasure working with daz. worked together many times over the years and he never disappoints

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I had the pleasure of working along side this very cool looking model and would recommend him to any photographers looking for someone who would bring that little extra to any shoot

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I had the pleasure with working Demondaz at a recent Studio Club evening,

Our theme was the evening was pre-halloween shoot with D bringing his Victoriana Vampire Look.

A true professional in every sense of the word, nothing was too much trouble, friendly, accommodating & joy to work with.

Thanks D for a great night, hope to see you soon!

No hesitation at all recommending him to anybody.


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I've worked with D a few times as part of a group but this was the first time we had a 'proper' shoot together. As always he is the consumate professional, good humoured and very easy to work/get on with. D also picked a great and unique location for the shoot, he also provided a full wardrobe for the theme.

Overall I had a very enjoyable day out, in good company and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending D to other photographers and look forward to working with him again.

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Demondaz and I met each other at a PortraitX group shoot and I would definitely recommend him as a model. He has a beautiful range of outfits that he executes wonderfully and a very unique look about him.

He's very polite and easy to talk to and get along with.

I'm looking forward to seeing Demondaz at a future PortraitX group shoot!

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This guy has the most amazing outfits and is totally professional. He works well both under direction and coming up with his own good ideas. If the shot looks difficult he will work with you until he gets what you want even if that means physically working hard like working the lock gates. Great guy no hesitation in recommending him to anybody

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Shaun Solent

Demondaz is gold. Rugged looking face, a good range of outfits and an obvious acting ability.

He was entirely comfortable doing an duo art-nude/fetish shoot with the stunningly beautiful Kinkles, whom he had not met before.

Demondaz is easy to work with, following instructions effortlessly but also has the ability to give mechanical direction an interesting artistic twist. He understands that in this genre of duo based artistic photography, the purpose of the male is often to juxtapose a masculinity that further enhances the beauty/vulnerability/intrigue of the female subject. Demondaz fills this role perfectly.

I would be very happy to work with him again - Highly recommended

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Miss Purple

Demondaz joined me for a low-key art nude/fetish shoot and he was the perfect model. He was prompt and professional, came with lots of appropriate outfit choices and was a pleasure to work with. Nice guy but portrays the mean/moody/bad/dark character really well. Recommended and hope to work with again :)

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Blair Images

What can I say? The Dude's a legend!

I came across and worked with Demondaz some years ago in a Tudor Manor - it was a blast.

This time round I made sure I took whatever opportunity I could to get some images of this man.

A real cool Dude - even cadged a lift off me home! Cheers Demondaz :D

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Adrian Court

Demondaz travelled all the way to Milton Keynes for our Camera Club evening, and was fantastic. Communication was good all the way through and despite the distance he was keen to work with a varied audience on something completely different.

Punctual arrival - even more so impressive using the train - and straight into 2hrs of shooting both indoors and out. Feedback from all the members has been uniformly positive and the enthusiasm and willingness from Demondaz I'm sure inspired some of the members to do different stuff from what is their norm.

Would I recommend Demondaz? ABSOLUTELY. Would I book him again either for a group shoot or one-to-one? ABSOLUTELY again! Thanks Daz, it was a great evening thanks to you!

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Bob Long - Headlong Photography

Worked with Demondaz on a group shoot last year.

Very professional and a pleasure to shoot.

A good variety of different outfits and he really looks the part for each one he wore.

Definitely recommended, would work with him again.

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Had a pleasure working with Demondaz on a bodypainting shoot.

He is a through-and-through professional.

Definitely recommended, would work with him again.

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Andrew Dobell

Daz replied to a recent casting of mine and was a great addition to the shoot.

He arrived on time, had great communications and was an excellent model.

Hope to work with him again soon.

Highly Reccomended.

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David branco

I Have the pleasure Of working with Darren 3 times now and he never fails. He is so much fun to work with but professional at the same time. He is reliable, passionate and versatile in ensuring we get the right shot.

I would recommend Darren to anyone wanting great shots from a hard working model.

Hope to work with him again in the future

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