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Shell Psycho

Met up with Dave for a group shoot at WGW and we had a really fun shoot. Great comms pre and post shoot and good direction given whilst shooting.

Can't wait to shoot again! 😊

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Ellie G

Had a lovely shoot with Dave at Whitby Goth weekend! He was super friendly and easy to chat with. Gave me some great guidance and advice and I love the images I received! Will hopefully collab again some time!

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Absolutely fantastic shoot whilst I was visiting Birmingham. Good chat, direction and I love the photos I've received back!

Wonderful photographer! I'll be back soon 😁

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Leonie Snow

My long awaited and excitedly anticipated shoot with Dave was all I'd hoped for! From the get go Dave was lovely, friendly and full of enthusiasm, and we have lots in common both being of the alternative scene so I knew the shoot would be a breeze.

He is a total professional with so many great ideas. He has a great vision for his work, so he gives amazing direction to achieve it.

This is one of only a few photographers that I would love the chance to work with again on another project! Thanks Dave x

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I can only sing praises about Dave, he is very professional and values model safety and comfort very highly. I cannot recommend him enough and can't wait to shoot with him again in the future. Dave is good at giving direction for posing and has plenty of brilliant ideas!

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Kitchen Wytch

Once again, Dave knocks it out of the park! Its always a joy to work with Decline Gothica. Always so full of ideas and gives amazing direction when he sees opportunity for a great pose. He's so friendly, welcoming and a great laugh! Dont pass up a chance to work with him :)

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Amy Asylum

Finally got to shoot with Dave yesterday. He is very friendly and made me feel at ease instantly. Can't wait for the next one

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Declinegothica was very friendly and fun to work with and showed professionalism throughout the shoot and before when arranging the shoot. Would highly recommend.

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Vixen Minerva-Model

Working with Dave is always a pleasure and a privilege. He has the most amazing ideas and produces exceptional images which are fresh, different and a real boost to any portfolio. Dave is very friendly and immediately puts his models at ease with his professional yet relaxed manner. Dave communicates brilliantly, always putting together a mood board of ideas and encouraging ideas from his models. The result is the most brilliant fantasy/Sci-if/gothic photography! Don’t hesitate to work with this gentleman! Highly recommend!

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Finally!!! I got to work with this amazing guy! When he got in touch to shoot, i jumped at the chance as just adore his work!

Dave is a joy to work with. His pre comms were amazing and made it clear what he wanted from the shoot.

Whilst at the studio he was a pure gentleman and made me feel at ease from the moment i arrived!

The time flew by and helped he had picked two other amazing models to be on the shoot!

Already seen one image from the shoot and know i will not be dissapointed!!

Really really hope i get to work with again and is a top recommendation for all models to work with this guy! It is a must!!

Thanks Dave!

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Jayne Le Vex

Dave and myself have been working together on and off for nearly ten years now. Dave is a fantastic photographer and has become a dear friend and will always be number one for me! Being on many shoots with Dave he has guided new models and helped with poses and constructive feedback. Dave’s photography/photoshop skills are top notch and he is always a pleasure to be around. We have produced some killer images over the years and look forward to making many more, highly recommend!

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Sweeney DeVille

I worked with Dave yesterday for a dystopian future shoot we're music was outlawed, the concept he came up with was exactly what I look for when it comes to ideas!

I love fresh creativity and Dave is full of them :)

We started on time. Everything was set up extremely quickly and working! There was no bad moments! The chemistry and relationship between me and Dave was absolutely amazing! After the first hour we got to know our comfort when posing and Dave had done a fantastic job! The pictures looked amazing! Beyond friendly and was welcoming towards the other models!

I would work with Dave again! 100% and strongly recommend him!!!!

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Nicole Thompson

What can I say! Dave was an absolute delight to work with, there was no awkward moments, and it felt so easy to get along with him. Such a unique style of photography and editing and I cannot wait to publish the photos onto my Port! Highly recommended !x

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Phoenix Winters Model

Iv worked with Dave for several years now and I truly can't recommend him enough. Over the years he has become easily one of my favourite photographers to work with. Together we have created some of my most stunning and unique images. He's incredibly professional and his photoshop skills are outstanding. I can't wait to work with him again and look forward to what the future holds for our work together.

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Elle Model

Dave!! Aka Declinegothica is such an amazing guy and photographer 110% recommended every photo is just too quolity can not rate him enoufh really got on so so well. You must shot with him if you haven't already much luv Elle xx

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Aimee L'amour

I have worked with Dave many times and it is always a brilliant experience. Dave is always respectful and a true gent, making you feel at ease and very comfortable.

Always have a smile on my face throughout the shoot and am always very happy with the images that he produces.

Great to work with in a studio or on location - highly recommended and can't wait to work together again later on in the year.

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Pippa1 said...

I managed to meet up with Dave at Whitby's goth weekend. It was my first 'on location' shoot and to say I was nervous is an understatement! Dave immediately made me feel comfortable and put me at ease. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would jump at the chance to work with him again. Thank you Dave for all of your tips and advice - I am working on them!

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Hannah Elle

Absolutely loved shooting with Dave at a studio day a few years ago. Dave is great company & really warm and friendly, and can direct you easily. We got some great images...I'd work with Dave again any day! Thank you!

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LadySakara said...

I have had the pleasure of working with Dave more than once. He has done the images and artwork for two of my albums. His work is impeccable and he is very professional. The shoots are fun, relaxed and Dave is very creative and you always end up with something unique and special. Great work, great guy.

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I have shot with Dave a few times now and we have developed a very good working relationship, always professional, full of ideas, jokes and creativity this guy is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would always recommend him, can't wait to shoot again and catch up later on this month, a fantastic creative photographer!!

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