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Boudoir & Glamour Photography has 28 references; 27 recommended, 1 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Charlotte Ann

Had such an AMAZING Shoot with David. Communication was excellent throughout. David is a very professional, genuine and friendly man. My images were outstanding and I even came away with a few before I left his studio. Can’t wait to work with David again, I really can’t. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone 110%, such a lovely man with lots of cool ideas xx

Charlotte Ann xx

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I had a brilliant first shoot and look forward to the next one.

Communicatuon before the shoot was excellent, thorough and professional.

The shoot was in a great studio, was lots of options and good fun. David gave great advice and tips and the results were amazing.

Very, very happy! Would definitely recommend. Thank you!

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Lindsay Rickaby

A long awaited awesome shoot!

David showed me around the beautiful location of the studio before we chilled and chatted about many ideas.

He creates a relaxed, professional mood from the word go.

Explaining everything to make sure you are comfortable and happy with what we are aiming to achieve.

His knowledge and skill is second to none, I enjoyed every second of perfecting lighting, poses and ideas to get our results of which i am so so happy with.

I am looking forward to setting our 2nd shoot in the very near future.

Highly Recommended!

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Shaun Solent

I had the wonderful privilege of meeting David at my studio yesterday. We spent 4 hours exploring different art-nude lighting set ups on the stunning bodyscape of Natural Happy Girl.

David knows his stuff photographically, has a charming personality and is a gentleman.

I have no hesitation in giving David unreserved endorsement.

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Excellent photographer. Having done shoots with David for 4 years, he is professional, friendly and ensures that every shoot gets a range of fantastic images every time. He is particular in regards to lighting and position, ensuring that the images have minimal editing and show the best of the model through the camera instead of purely digital editing - his years of experience really does show. His choice of venues and studio are versatile and he is open to suggestion and trying new things too. Great to work with and will continue to do so for years to come.

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Dem zero

Had a shoot today with David and what a shoot it was! The 4 hours just flew by! The venue he hired was absolutely stunning - he has great taste!!

Excellent pre shoot comms, so friendly but really professional. His ideas for the shoot were great and he gives brilliant direction. He’s also a perfectionist with his lighting (which I love).

Did my first ever milk bath today and I actually really enjoyed it and am glad I chose to do my first with David. Felt comfortable at all times which I think is important or it would show in the shots.

Really hope I get the chance to work with him again. I highly recommend him 100%!

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xxmrmthxx - Mel Tongue

It was great to meet David last night at my evening group shoot at Flash. David was easy to work with and was great at directing me. Very friendly, down to earth and overall a joy to shoot with.

Very much looking forward to arranging a shoot with him and I'm not even guilty about taking all the strawberry quality streets :P as you said no one likes them anyway!

I very highly recommend shooting with David if you get the chance!

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Natasha UK

I had a great shoot with David and Mark today! Fantastic dudes, we had such a laugh and we got great and amazing pictures. I am really happy with what we shot today. Was really nice to see Leadenhall Market almost deserted. I cannot recommend this photographer enough, he's so genuine and friendly. I cant wait till our next shoot.

What a lovely day :D


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I've worked with David a couple of times and Ive loved it. Its always such a relaxing atmosphere which produced some high quality images. Ill definetly continue to work with him. He's fab!!

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Been far too long since I got to do a shoot with David, so was very excited to get to work with him yesterday! As always he was a pleasure to work with, professional and fun, and full of great ideas. We ended up not shooting all the styles we had planned as we got distracted taking some stunning beauty shots. The images I have seen so far look incredible and I cant wait to see more! David is a joy to work with, kept me well topped up with coffee and cake, and made sure the studio was nice and warm yo compensate for the sub zero temperatures outside

Highly recommend xx

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Mick Payton Studios

David use our facilities recently, he's a very funny guy, respectful to people and happy to chat techniques and pass on his own experiences. An excellent photographer who clients will be more than happy to return to, puts a lot of skill and thought into his work which he was happy to share with us. A good bloke!!

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Holly Phillips said...

Such a fab photographer. Loved the day spent with him shooting a range of shots, he did his style but also listened to my opinions and we had a right laugh shooting 100's of photos. Look forward to working with him again very soon.

Regards, Holly xo

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Fantastic first shoot with David, he was super easy to work with and loads of fun! Gave great direction throughout and knew exactly how to get brilliant images. I cannot wait to work with him again and highly highly recommend :)

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Immogen Claire

I loved working with David at his studio, we had been meaning to shoot for months and I'm so glad it finally happened. We had such a laugh and got so much done. David is very experienced in what he does and know exactly how to get the right shot in as little shots as possible so we got plenty covered. He made me feel comfortable and laughing as soon as I got through the door. Professional and creative and recommend him to everyone! Can't wait to shoot again soon

Thanks, Immy x

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Nikki maria

David is an absolute pleasure to work with. Very easy to get on with and makes you feel so comfortable throughout the whole shoot! There was not one moment where I felt shy or uncomfortable.

He is very professional and gives great direction. I would say I have learned a few new things from our shoot today too :) I have been shooting for 8 months now and our shoot has been one of my favourites yet! The pictures look amazing, he captured exactly everything I was looking for!

Would happily work with him and his MUA again and again..

Thanks for a fantastic day x

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Not Recommended

Claudine said...

Did show up but is not recommendedShot 1427846400


Raelinn said...

Really enjoyed my shoot with Dave, even though iv'e modeled a few times before he sure taught me alot. Excellent direction, good ideas and the final pictures I got have been amazing. Happy to do my ideas aswell. Highly recommended and I'll be telling alot of my friends and family about his business.

Thanks again Dave :)

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Lyla Avery

I was concerned about writing this reference and have put it off for a couple of days now, purely because there are so, so many amazing things I didn't want to forget to mention! For me the most incredible thing about my shoot was that it is probably the best I have ever felt about myself and my body in my entire life and that has been a lasting feeling. And that feeling didn't just come from seeing THE MOST INCREDIBLE PICTURES but mainly from how comfortable and relaxed David makes you feel. He makes you feel safe most importantly. At the beginning of the shoot I was happy to stand about in my underwear, by the end I was completely comfortable prancing around in absolutely nothing - it practically felt like I was at home.

This guy is all about the pictures. That's not to say that he doesn't make you feel as though you are beautiful and worth photographing, because he does - sincerely and easily. But the whole time you know he's there to make a great image, and mainly for your benefit, there was not one moment where I felt nervous, uneasy or uncomfortable. David is a true and fabulous professional who I look forward to working with on many more occasions.

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David is a fantastic photographer ive had a couple of shoots with him now would highly recommend him very friendly and professional.

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Tallulah88 said...

Just had another shoot with David, this time shooting fine art. Again I wanted to say how much I enjoyed myself and felt at ease. David really is a true professional who produces outstanding images straight from the camera! He always makes me feel comfortable and I have never felt so confident or at ease. Time just flys by!

Great credit to him & his work!

I Look foward to working with you again hopefully David. :-)

Kindest regards



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