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Sinopa Rin

I had a very enjoyable shoot with David at Fareham Studio recently. We discussed ideas beforehand so I felt prepared, and he arrived promptly with a big smile and infectious enthusiasm. We worked through a variety of sets and I found David to be professional, relaxed and with a keen eye. I'd be delighted to work with him again and wholeheartedly recommend him to others.

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Had my second shoot with David! This time was a facetime shoot and the theme was bubble bath. We did two very different looks one was cute and bubbly the second was more emotional, being in my first facetime shoot it went really well and im very impressed with the photos we got!

As always pre coms were great and I felt comfortable and relaxed during the whole shoot!

Look forward to planning more shoots after the lockdown! I 100% recommend him! :D

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So had my first shoot with daventure!

The shoot was for my birthday and what we wanted to do we couldn't do, as we wanted studio or indoors to shoot but because of covid and other reasons we decided to do location instead.

Pre coms were on point and we both had good ideas and he also brought along props for the shoot too :)

He is very professional and such a nice guy to get along with which made the shoot so much better!

From the back of camera the photos were lovely and im looking forward to see the final edits!

I'll be looking forward to plan our second shoot with him too :)

100% recommend him! :)

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Jessica Maria

Had my second shoot with Dave! He had come up with a location and concept that he wanted to do, shooting down at Brighton Pier in the rain.

We both braved the cold and managed to get some awesome shots (despite the wind not being on our side). Dave remained professional throughout, and was willing to persevere through through the weather without any complaints. He has a really good eye for photography, is super professional, and I can't wait to see the finished results!

I would recommend Dave!


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Jessica Maria

Had my first shoot with Daventure! Pre comms were awesome, he planned a suitable location, decided on some specific ideas for outfits for me to bring, and got along instantly.

Dave was friendly, professional, easy to talk to, the pictures off the back of the camera look awesome, and I can't wait to see the finished edits :)

Would recommend!


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I worked with the fantastic Dave for the first time and wow what a four hours it was! Dave came with tons of fantastic ideas, I loved his Viking idea and I had great fun playing with his jewellery and special makeup he had brought to create a very warrior esque look!

I found him so easy to with, so laid back, fun, genuine and warm. He is a very strong photographer and the images looked awesome. I’d love love love to work with Dave again and he comes highly recommended from me :)

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I worked with the fantastic Dave for the first time and wow what a four hours it was! Dave came with tons of fantastic ideas, I loved his Viking idea and I had great fun playing with his jewellery and special makeup he had brought to create a very warrior esque look!

I found him so easy to with, so laid back, fun, genuine and warm. He is a very strong photographer and the images looked awesome. I’d love love love to work with Dave again and he comes highly recommended from me :)

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theresa louise

Not shot with David for a while now but realised today how much of a flipping good photographer he is and an absolute laugh to work with too.

I picked David up from the Station, come home, had a cuppa and a chat, went through outfit choices and cracked on with the shoot.

4hrs definitely wasn't enough time today. We could have shot for a few more hours quite easily.

David is super cool, very chilled, respectful and has a great sense of humour. Love his creative he is too.

100% recommended by me.

Thanks T xxx

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Had a fab first shoot yesterday evening with Dave in Horsham. We decided to go for a walk throughout town and used various different locations including the awesome new cinema which is so retro inside and also a few other locations and even had some fun with a trolley at one point as well which was a right laugh!

I would highly recommend working with Dave if you haven't already, he's got a great eye for detail, knows what he wants to achieve and isn't afraid to experiment with different ideas that he has never tried before to create some interesting and unique results.

I can't wait to see the results and I do hope that we get the chance to work together again sometime in the future. Thanks again for a great evening! :D

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Had an amazing shoot with Dave yesterday friendly a good laugh creative git some awesome shots! Cannot wait to see them! Highly recommend and looking forward to working again to our next shoot :)

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Belle Rose

David was already shooting in London for the day and came to shoot with myself from my home.

What can I say about him? He’s a professional, kind and reepectful young man. Brilliant sense of humour and I felt comfortable around him at all times.

Mine and David’s style was very similar in what we wanted from our shoot. Be brought a big bag of props and I bought a few extra bits and bobs to totally set the mood for the shoot and it really worked.

David’s creative and comes up with amazing ideas yet still staying very respectful of my home at all times.

I would absolutely love to work with David again and would jump at any opportunity I can to work with him!

110% recommended to all models - you won’t be dissapointed. Thanks David x

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Dave is an excellent photographer with a unique way of shooting, he using the light around any location to his advantage!

The photos are looking absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to see final edits!

Dave is a lovely guy. Great to talk to makes you feel comfortable.

Clear with what he wants and great at composing images!

We had a great shoot around Brighton streets, Church hill Square and Dead Wax Social!

I would most defiantly recommend working with him! Would love to work with him again! x

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Ellis May

Woohoo! So so glad I finally got to shoot with this talented photographer. Not only are his ideas creative and original, his shots are spot on, capturing great moments and perfect angles.

We shot together at Studio Visage, with makeup and headpieces by the lovely Sister of Sinister; I have seen some of the images from the back of Dave's camera and am already so excited to see the finished results! Dave's work is unique, and it was such a pleasure to work with him. Communication before and after the shoot was great, with good organisation and discussions of themes and ideas. Our shoot was really fun and chilled, and I really really enjoyed it. :)

Totally recommend and would most definitely work with Dave anytime! :)

Ellis x

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Yes! Finally got to shoot with Dave :)

He first dropped me a message when I was looking for someone to shoot in London because of the last minute cancellation... Dave is someone you can fully rely on.

We discussed the idea for the shoot for a few weeks, so when it came to it we both knew what we were doing - I love when everything is organised.

Dave is so fun to shoot with, he brought fun shoot related props, we giggled all the way through the shoot and it still hurts me to smile haha!

Apart from the fun side of him, he is truly professional and always knows to put model's priorities first, making sure you feel comfortable/warm throughout.

I can't wait to see what the photos will be like as I loved the look of them from the back of the camera.

100% recommend Dave and hope to shoot sometime again!

Xenia x

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Carlos B.

Had the pleasure to shoot with Dave last week.

What can I say about him, the preshoot comunication was perfect, from an early stage we both knew what to expect from each other, moodboards and ideas.

The day of the shoot he got there in advance to prepare everything and once we started time flew. He’s easy going and professional and I couldn’t be any happier with the results of our shoot.

Looking forward to working with him again, I recommend him 100%.

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Ashley Ashton

Dave attended a winter group shoot which was ran by Natasha Oliver. Great photographer, with a very creative eye! Can’t wait to see the images! Very easy to chat to, very sociable!. Highly recommended and can’t wait to work with each other again soon

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Natasha UK

I held a group shoot at a lovely wintery Christmas feel location which Dave attended too!!

Dave is great to talk too, friendly and easy to work with, he brought something different to the table which I loved, it was only what I can describe as a mermaid see through circle, it created flair to the image which I thought was really unique.

He was great on the group shoot, socialising and having a laugh which is always a plus on a shoot.

I would recommend Dave to anyone!

Thank you again for coming today and I am sorry we got kicked out of spoons lol.


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Alex W

Had an excellent shoot with Daventure - Very easy to get on with, relaxing environment and would happily go for another shoot again! Really friendly person and professional too!

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Had a fantastic shoot with Dave! He is such a nice, genuine, artistic guy who was great company and gets great results. We had a really collaborative shoot and I loved going with his instincts because he has a great eye for a shot! I really recommend spending some time with Dave and doing a shoot with him because he has a real passion for capturing personality and truth in his photos.

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Had a really great shoot with Dave today! He is incredibly talented and so easy to work with. He had plenty of creative location ideas and we ended up with some fantastic images.

Pre comms were great, Dave was very organised and we were able to communicate different ideas back and fourth, this really made it feel like a collaboration which I really appreciate.

We had great conversations throughout the shoot, he remained incredibly professional and we managed to get a really varied selection of photos.

Cannot speak more highly of Dave and would definitely recommend. Thanks for a great shoot!

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