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Really enjoyed today's shoot with David , one of many shoots together, always well prepared for the shoot,always mindful of the models comfort , lots of great ideas and jokes😊..definately recommend whether new to modelling or just want something quite different for your portfolio ..thanks David x

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Sally Betts

I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with David for the first time a few days ago.

I found David to be very friendly, easy to get on with, good fun and very professional.

He knows what shots he wants and is very creative, sending me edits the same day, which are all amazing.

Pre and post shoot comms were second to none, suggesting locations and themes etc.

I would highly recommend and I can't wait to work with him again.

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Paige Young.

I worked with David for fist time today and it was a pleasure, lovely man very friendly and chatty. Very professional and takes his time making sure everything is perfect to get the perfect shot. Creative with his work and created an amazing headpiece which I was so excited to model! Would highly recommend!

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I met David for the first time the other week for a group photoshoot which he so kindly organised for us! The communication from David before the shoot was brilliant and made me feel at ease, he also provides me with some gorgeous dresses and props for the shoot. David had fantastic ideas whilst shooting which were really creative and fun! Definitely had the best day!

After the shoot David got back to me pretty much straight away with pictures one by one as he worked on them and the results were absolutely amazing! I will definitely be willing to work with David in the future and can’t wait to arrange future shoots!

Thank you so much David!

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I have had the pleasure of working with David on a number of occasions now.

David is a man of much knowledge and gives great tips when it comes to getting the best picture rather than being a click happy photographer.

David has many years experience and is highly recommend to work with.

I look forward to working with David again.

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Vixen Minerva-Model

I was lucky enough to shoot with David last week. What can I say? A true gentleman, very professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. David has a fantastic eye for detail and ensures that each shot is beautifully captured. The resulting images are beautiful and I’m very proud of them. Looking forward to our next shoot! Absolutely recommend! X

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Shot with David again this week and as always a complete pleasure.

David pays so much attention to detail in his work that the results speak for themselves.

While shooting with David we always have a fun time and he always makes sure that I'm ok, mainly now the weather is getting cold.

once again he has produced some amazing images and know we will be working together again very soon!

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After admiring David's work on social media for some time I finally got the chance to actually shoot with him. He is a complete professional who is very precise and knowledgeable about all aspects of photography. He provided all the outfits and accessories and he took some amazing photos. I would absolutely recommend David and truly hope that I will be fortunate enough to shoot with him again.

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Shot with David last week. Probably our best shoot to date and pleased to say once again we have been published.

The images once again were stunning. He provides an amazing wardrobe and can not wait to work with again :)

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Lost count now of how many times i have worked with this lovely man. But shot again last week with David and once again produced some amazing images.

Can not recommend him enough. Just always a joy to work with and already have another shoot planned for this week.

Look forward to the rest of 2018!

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Fern Gasson

Had an amazing shoot with David, we got some fantastic images, he has a grand array of dresses to shoot with, very very pleased with the results!

Highly recommended by me :)

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Had the pleasure of shooting with David for a 3rd time in a last minute snow shoot. We had to deal with minus 5 temperatures and boy did we feel it. But the images we got from this was the best ones yet and even for published. Can not wait to work again with David and look forward to the future on what we will create! Thanks David

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Me and David had the pleasure of working together this week and we decided on doing a location shoot at Himley Hall. The theme of the shoot was 1950s fashion and have to say David really knows he stuff. He also provided clothing for the shoot (he has a better wardrobe than me)

Pre comms were brilliant, we have stayed in touch and made sure we got the best out of the shoot.

David is fantastic to work with, he really knows his stuff! And has a great eye for detail do capture the best photo from the outfit and surrounds - and Even though we were mad enough to do a location shoot in the middle of January on probably the coldest and wildest day in January we got some amazing shots and really worked well together.

I look forward to seeing all the images and really hope to work with him again in the future

Thank you David

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Miss Bombshell Betty

I worked with David last month and I really enjoyed the shoot. We shot at Severn Valley Railway, where he met me on time and introduced himself to me and my chaperone. He was very polite and considerate towards me and let me take short breaks and get something to eat and drink. He was very easy to talk to and get along with which made me feel very comfortable. He edited lots of photos and sent them within a week. The photos looked amazing and I am really pleased with them. I hope to work with him again in the future.

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Shot with David at a group shoot at far forest. He was very pro and very friendly.

We collaborated on my mermaid costume. It turned out brilliant. Would love to shoot with David again and would highly recommend him.

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Phoenix Winters Model

After shooting with David for the first time since 2014 I am so incredibly pleased to of worked with him again. The images are stunning and I'm so pleased with them. I can't recommend him enough, wonderfully talented photographer and lovely, laid back atmosphere what more can I ask for.

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I have had the pleasure of working with David on several photo shoots and each time he's been a true professional and has been wonderful to work with. I highly recommend.

Anne Marie

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Jessica Cora Benson

David and I have shot many times before in the past he is a complete star to work with. David gets ideas and uses a great deal of his imagination he sees the art and has the right passion for the beautiful work that he truly does pull off each and every time. A true natural when it comes to style, focus and all round creativity. David and I have always seen very much so eye to eye when it comes to telling a story through the lens and of course he captures everything perfectly each and every time we work together. If you are wanting quality, creativity, imagination and a fab sense of humor then you should work with David. Legend. Recommend 100% and beyond. :)

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Joleen Turner

I had a first shoot with David today, we didn't really have a theme, just a great location. David has a fantastic eye for good settings and has already posted some wonderful images from our shoot. He is very relaxed, and gives good directions when needed and was also happy for me to try out my ideas. I feel very fortunate that he is very local to me, and really hope that we can do more shoots in the future. Highly recommended. x

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Laura Newboult

I had my first shoot with David yesterday.

David has a very polite and professional approach. We shared some ideas and ended up shooting at short notice.

David arrived on time and ready to get started. Despite the short notice we grabbed the concept and nailed it.

David is a great guy with a fab sense of humour. I felt relaxed straight away which made for a great shoot.

Really cant wait to work with this wonderful chap again.

I had images back literally within an hour or two of David getting back home and he has worked relentlessly on them. Incredible commitment to the shoot and editing process and ultimately the model. Thank you for an incredible shoot.

David comes very highly recommended from me.

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