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Dave C Photography has 39 references; 38 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 1 no-show.

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Had a great first shoot with Dave.

We had discussed working together for awhile, and finally managed to find a place & date that worked for both of us.

The shoot ran smoothly, Dave was easy to work with, he had some great ideas and visions for the shots and I hope we produced what we were looking for.

Looking forward to seeing the final images, Id love to work with Dave again soon. Highly Recommended

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Another perfect shoot with Dave... Arrived on time and ready to go on my recent Birmingham trip.

Dave is a very creative photographer who likes to try different lighting to get different shots.

He is great fun to be around, has a fab personality which makes him really easy to get along with. Keeps the shoot fun, friendly and relaxed and allows my input in to the shoot.

I love working with Dave and highly recommend him to the other models both experienced and amateur with 5 stars *****

Thanks very much Dave and I look forward to next time :)

Renaissance xx

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This was my second shoot with Dave, as always, very professional and great results!

Thank you!

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Dave never fails to deliver when it comes to getting fantastic shots, this was our third shoot together

As always Dave was professional and easy going on shoot, would highly recommend shooting with him for high quality images

would gladly shoot with him again

Thanks Dave ^_^

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Lucy Muse

Dave is a true pro with great technical and creative photographic knowledge. Always very timely and respectful and beautiful images every time. Highly recommended x

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Aatish Studio

Dave made great use of the studio to get the images he wanted.

Good guy who's most welcome back. Recommended.

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I'm losing count of how many times Ive shot with Dave, we shot this time at Catfish Studio and was always a good laugh!

We had a really productive day and managed to get so much done in the time we had!

Such a chilled out guy and easy to work with.

Thanks Dave!

See you soon!


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Roo Morgue

Worked with Dave on an SG set this week, he was meticulous about setting up the lighting and the results paid off- our images look fantastic! will be shooting with him again soon as he is so easy to work with :)

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I loved working with Dave!

He booked us a great place to work and was kind enough to come to London to shoot me during my last trip.

He was very easy to work with and polite.

And super fast to send me the images!

Recommended :)

Thank you Dave!

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Again another fab shoot with Dave on my Birmingham tour.

I love working with Dave. We get on great and it shows in the images.

Great fun, laughter, conversation and images in every shoot.

Thank you very much Dave. Look forward to our next one.

Highly recommended by me with 5 stars *****

Wendy Louise xx

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Another fab shoot with Dave.

Always a pleasure. Great fun to work with.

Always have a good laugh.

Friendly and Professional.

5 stars as always Dave *****

Wendy Louise xx

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Had a fantastic shoot with Dave

As always producing amazing images. Great photographer to work with and highly recommended :D

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1471132800Did not show up.

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Studio Antics World

Dave came along with Sugar and Cyanide for a few hours to Smokestack. This is the second time he has shot at this location and is certainly a professional chap - produced some fab images again. His model left some of the most fantastic cup cakes which were made as props for a cooking themed kitchen shoot and we all enjoyed them :) See you soon Dave as I know you are planning to come along to one of our shoots up at the abandoned nursing home :D

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Sugar $ Cyanide said...

Dave produces some really beautiful work so I was really glad to have the opportunity to work with him. He found a brilliant location for our set, was really friendly and helpful when I arrived, and made me feel 100% comfortable throughout. I am really looking forward to seeing the images.

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Tina Kay said...

It was great to shoot with Dave again on my short visit to the UK!

It was our second shoot together and as productive and pleasant as the first one!

I can see Dave's photography skills have been improved a lot and he hasn't lost his genuine passion of taken a great shot of the model! Very happy with the results (seen only back of the camera) and highly recommended to all models to with with!

Until next time. Keep up a good work!

Tina Kay. xxx

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had a great shoot with Dave yesterday , great photographer , i would recommend him girls hes great , knows alot about lightening etc , im sure we will shoot again soon , thanks hun xx

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I had a great first shoot today with Dave.

He had lots of idea's and knew exactly what type of images he wanted to create but also let me pose myself too :)

Professional, friendly and easy to get along with! Hope to work with him again soon and happily recommend him to other models :)

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had a great shoot with Dave this afternoon , down to earth we had a laugh would recommend to any model , thanks Dave , hopefully shoot with him again in the future

jules x

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Jezabelle Jynx

Had a shoot with Dave at The Pit Studio yesterday for Zivity. He was friendly, easy to work with and made good use of his lenses/angles and got plenty of sets shot. Would recommend :)

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