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Hey i'm Darren!

I set up Darren Fellows Photography initially to shoot my love of Motorsport after a couple accidents forced me into giving up being on Bikes, but it has driven me into all types of photography including Landscapes, Portraits, Weddings and now Models.

I am a fun guy to have a shoot with and I always try to have a laugh in a comfortable environment whilst shooting.

I have lots of ideas for shoots that I am currently planning and scouting locations.

I work closely with some other photographers on great shoots, to date I have set up soots including Suicide Squad thems, Pirates, Abandoned, High Fashion, Flour to name but a few.

I always put a full commitment into any photoshoots that I undertake and make sure I get some solid shots to be able to deliver. I have been working with models for around 2 years now so I have lots of ideas when it comes to posing and know what works and what doesn't. 

I never put a number on the amount of photos I deliver from a TF shoot as I will edit all the keepers and deliver them, I will normally give at least 10 images per TF shoot and have regularly given far more. I have started to get a lot more into the Photoshop side of editing, this being said I normally deliver a peview shot the same day or next day and will have all images ready within 3 weeks of the shoot.

If you would like to work with me drop me a message I would love to bounce some ideas around and work out a shoot! 

I sometimes have the opportunity to put on workshops around the country so will be looking for models for this on occasion, these opportunities are always paid.

If you would like to see my newest work, please head to my instagram :

[url removed] [link removed]

Thankyou for reading, I hope to hear from you soon!


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