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Had a home studio shoot today, had many props and ideas, shoot went smoothly, plenty of teas/coffees which is always a bonus! Had different places to shoot, we did a bed and a back drop, also had a room for me to change in and gave me a robe to cover when ever needed. 100% recommend!

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Had a brilliant shoot with Darkman at the Apex studio today! I dont usually like my portraits but Darkman brings out such beauty in my face that I couldn't not love it, thanks again and see you soon!

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The Apex Studio (Telford)

Darkman booked the Apex Studio to work with Model Nadia Davies.

Pre Comms were great, he turned up on time & was a pleasure to chat to.

After a quick chat & a coffee, Darkman got to work with his model & really new what he wanted from the shoot. He came with many ideas & we worked hard to produce the lighting & sets he was looking for.

He was a pleasure to have at the studio & worked very well with his model & produced great quality images.

Highly recommended & can't wait to see him back at the studio.

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Absolutely brilliant shoot today, weather was a bit chilly so he kept checking if I'm okay and comfortable. All my photos looks stunning, it was hard to choose which I prefer haha. Lovely guy, great shoot, would definitely recommend and do it again if I get the chance 😊

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Working with Earl was amazing. He likes to bring out the best version of you on camera; pictures turned out fantastic!

I would highly recommend working with Earl.

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Chelsea Victoria

Working with Darkman has raised the bar…Earl is creative, professional, patient, gave great direction, has an eye for detail, open to collaborating ideas with the model, great people skills, organised, great communication before, during, and after shoot, encouraging, and put me completely at ease from the get go! We make a great team and I think that is showcased in the end results. Can’t wait to work with him again. I highly recommend!

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Shirley Reis

I loved working with Darkman. He is a real gentleman. Before the photoshoot he made sure I knew who I was working with. What I like and don't like on my photos. He is very creative with his work.

I really enjoy working with him and can't wait to see him again 😊

Thank you for the pics Darkman

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I had my first ever location shoot with Earl and it was a pleasure to work with him. Pre-shoot communication on outfits, make-up and hair was very clear and detailed. He is very professional and friendly and had a lot of great ideas during the shoot. The pictures looked great and were edited very well and on time. I'm doing another shoot with him soon and would definitely recommend him.

Thanks Earl!

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Organising the shoot with Earl was easy and straightforward. Exactly the way I like. He is organised, creative with a lot of ideas with a professional and polite approach. And also he can bake.

We have done a few interesting settings that day, but I will always remember three cute flying pigs.Till that day, I didn’t know that they can fly, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes. After the shoot, I had a lot of images to choose from. All delivered and edited on time. This is what I call a real collaboration.

Earl is a pleasure to work with and the example of the professional approach.

Thank you for a great shoot.

Recommended by me.

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Kym Williams

had a really fun shoot with earl on Monday! the pre coms we’re excellent and the ideas he had were fantastic,

we did a few different sets each bringing a different dimension to the shoot. i’m so so happy with the photos iv seen so far to!

Earl is really fun to work with! really down to earth and full of fantastic ideas! (also a great knowledge of colour schemes i didn’t even know would work together!)

100% would recommend Earl!

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Poppy Valentines

I had a fantastic shoot yesterday with Earl, I would totally recommend him. He was super professional and fun to work with.

Pre comms were great and provided plenty of information including a link. Communication on the shoot was spot on and we bounced ideas off each other and got some really great ideas going. The back of the camera images look amazing and Earl even provided me with an instant Polaroid image to take home with me.

I am very interested to see the images as they get uploaded on here. His style is excellent and really different.

Thanks Earl,

Poppy 😊

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Kat Walden

Had another wonderful shoot with Earl the other day. I absolutely love working with him, great communication, we always have such a laugh. Everything is always so relaxed and we bounce ideas off each other. We're always discussing new ideas and I can't wait to work with him again :)

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I had my first shoot with Earl and everything ran smoothly, Had a fab time.

Earl was very friendly & made me feel comfortable. He came prepared very professional.

Earl would take pictures 📷 than show me, so was happy with the results we were getting,even provided me with an instant Polaroid image to take home :)

I would highly recommend Earl, I had a great time shooting.

Thank you.😃

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Vvvvv said...

I had a very delightful cooperative shoot with Earl.

Along all the way,Earl was friendly,creative,polite and behaved professionally.He gave me a lot of valuable tips for facial expression and poses,also encouraged me to dig out more potential for photograph.I know most photographers are happy to do that for models,but I still wanna show my appreciation for this goodness.Advises from photographers helps me all the time to improve myself and expand my horizon.

I would definitely recommend him for other models,looking forward for our next cooperation:)

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Holly Alexander

I had a photoshoot with Earl this weekend, and it was great.

Pre shoot communication was very clear and helpful when it came to knowing the styles and looks he wanted to create, including mood boards which I always appreciate :)

On the shoot I enjoyed the range of images Earl wanted to create and it felt fun, he was also lovely to get along with too.

Recommend from me!

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Kat Walden

Had my second shoot with Earl on Monday and as expected he was bubbly and fun the whole time. Pre shoot communication was great and throughout the whole shoot he made sure I was happy with everything and respected my limits brilliantly which obviously I greatly appreciated. The pics I've seen so far are great and I can't wait to see the rest. Very much looking forward to working with him again.

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I had my second shoot with Earl thank you .

Again Earl is very professional fantastic photographer, made me feel very relaxed .

The directions he gave were easy to follow and made great pics.

I'm looking forward to seethe result.

Thank you Earl .


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Twisted Topaz

My shoot with Earl was so fun and amazing! I got to try out some styles I'd not done before as well as some amazing portrait stuff.

The directions he gave were easy to follow and made great pics too. He is incredibly comfortable to work with and the smiliest, happiest photographer too!

He brought a range of props and equipment for all kinds of shots. I'd highly recommend working with Darkman/Earl if you get the chance to!

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My first shoot with this fantastic photographer… Earl was a true gent and made me feel very relaxed. His ideas to get the best photos were brilliant, the fake sweat look was amazing and the Fan…well the goosebumps were worth it.

If you get to work with Earl you won’t be disappointed.


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My first time working with Earl with was fabulous.

Earl was polite , friendly Earl came prepared very professional with experience , helping me with my pose .

Earl would take a pictures 📷 than show me , it was a beautiful 🌞day.

Can't wait to see the results .

I would recommend Earl .

It was my pleasure to work with him , I had a great 👍🏽.

Thank you.

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