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Hello, world!

My name is Darja and I'm a photographer and stylist from Moscow who is now based in Edinburgh.
I don't put myself in frames and that's why I'm experienced in many genres. Most of all I love creating sensitive, interesting, surreal portraits, fine art and conceptual. I create and style all my shoots by myself unless stated otherwise. More examples of my work can be seen on my site (just google darja bilyk photography), on my instagram @dashiee and on my facebook page. I don't upload many pictures here as I don't have time to keep so many social media platforms up-to-date. 


I'm interested in paid work mostly. Feel free to contact me for rates: they are reasonable and they don't bite :) I don't care if the model is experienced or not, most of the models in my pictures are non-professionals. We will work together on ideas and create something special for you. I like my models to feel comfortable during the shoot so I always create an easy-going atmosphere. I'm also understanding and patient and I will do my best to leave good memories not only of the pictures but of the shoot itself!


Right now I feel that my portfolio is already quite big, solid and versatile so I tend to be very picky when it comes to TF. I'm happy to work on a TF basis if you have some awesome ideas, costumes, headpieces, concepts etc. Please don't just message me saying "here I am, shoot me"; explain what it is you offer that can make me be interested in working with you for free. For example: "I have access to an amazing location", "I have this unreal dress and this gorgeous headpiece" or "I have this concept...". Don't get me wrong, I love tf shoots but I've done so many that it really needs to be special now. You should be able to travel to locations at your own costs (I have my own travel expenses to pay for). Remember that TF means that I'm not the only one working and sorting out the details: be ready to help!


I'm constantly in search of accessories and clothes designers. Also hair stylists! If you are interested in collaboration with me don't hesitate to let me know. I would love to work with creative minds!

Note to all:

I don't keep my calendar up-to-date here. Therefore, in your message please include the desired date so that I can check whether I have availability or not. Thanks.

Please make sure you are familiar with my style and we seek the same thing in photography before you contact me.

Be seeing you,


If you message me your rates without me even asking them, I will add you to the list of people I will NEVER work with! Your "aggressive marketing" doesn't work on me. It's disrespectful and unethical. 

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