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Ashleigh Rae

Had the pleasure of meeting Dan whilst he was giving tuition on a shoot that I was the model for.

Awesome guy, awesome tog!

Highly recommended to any photographers needing tuition, clearly extremely knowledgeable and also to any models that have the chance to work with him!

Thanks so much, hope to cross paths again!

Highly highly recommended.

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I had the pleasure of another 1-2-1 editing day with Dan today, every time I feel my images are getting closer to perfection Dan shows me ways of getting them even better.

The most amazing feeling working with Dan is he really makes you feel special and you're doing so well at the level you are currently archiving and then shows me small tweaks that takes the image to the next level. I never have been made to feel I can't achieve what he sets out for me to do which really encourages me to continue my learning journey with him.

I can't thank Dan enough for helping me out so much and continually encoring me to strive to be a photographer and re toucher to levels I never imagined I would ever get close to.

A MASSIVE thank you Dan for being the perfect mentor.

If you have never met Dan or realised what Dan can bring to the table what ever level you are at you can get in touch with him at The Loft Studio Colchester.

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Mark Antony Photography

I attended a costume workshop Dan had organised at his Loft Studio with Pippa Doll as the model for the day. Right from the start Dan made me feel welcome with plenty of tea, coffee and cake on offer. Dan is an extremely knowledgeable and talented photographer and all round nice guy. He was always on hand to give advice and help out when needed. So combine this with the incredible outfits he had acquired, designed and styled by the talented Joanna Peacock. The makeup skills of Fay Neil and just the sheer awesomeness that is Pippa. It all resulted in a great event to create some amazing images.

100% recommend.

Thanks Dan for a great day.

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BPS photos

Dan booked last minute for a half day shoot at HB Mansion. He was punctual, friendly, professional and great to chat to.

The place was left immaculate and his images speak for themselves. It was an absolute pleasure to meet him and he comes highly recommended from us!

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I had an amazing shoot in Dan's studio in Colchester. Mike invited me to shoot there,and we all had a good time there.Dan creates such chilled-out atmosphere in his studio that he will make you feel like you are not a guest there but his good friend. The studio is very spacious and well equipped. I like the huge window which has sliding shutter, so you can take very interesting pictures using it. Dan's ideas were very helpful, he proposed interesting light settings and it brought great coloring to the photos.100 % recommended to shoot there and to meet Dan🙂

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Dan is a remarkable photographer and all round great guy.

I attended a 1-2-1 tuition (me as the model) for the lovely Duncan along side Dan. Dan was nothing but welcoming from the get go, very easy going and relaxed with a great work ethic.

Had a fabulous day and got to try something completely new, Dan knows what he is talking about and that really shows in his beautiful work.

His studio space is also incredible, with lovely natural lighting and big open space.

Would be more than happy to work with Dan in the future, more than :)

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Absolute talent, professional passionate photographer and just a very communicative amazing personality Dan is such a pleasure to work with!

During our shoot he was assisting and navigating the photographer perfectly - giving some suggestions and creating a very productive atmosphere in the studio! He is also such a laugh!!!

His studio is perfect for any kind of shoot - huge space, natural light, professional equipment, huge range of backgrounds, changing space, make up space and even a small kitchen. We were welcomed there and felt very relaxed and warm during our shoot.

Dan is perfect in every aspect - his experience is without doubt makes him worth working with and working for, his charismatic attitude can't leave you emotionless, his enthusiasm and passion makes the whole team work productively and actively, his skills are able to tech any photographer how to produce highest quality results and even models how to work in new styles and looks.

I had such a pleasure to have a chance to work with Dan and already have some ideas we will hopefully be able to implement! Can not wait to work with this amazing person again!

I recommend this photographer to both models and photographer and guarantee you won't be even a bit disappointed in what this professional photographer can offer you!

Thank you Dan and hopefully see you soon ;)

Masha from Russia ahah

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Stephanie Venn

I had my first shoot with Dan on thursday.

Dan is a very talented photographer his work is seemingly effortless without deliberation he’s able to capture the shot with ease. He is a charismatic character and therefore very easy to get along with. He is a very good tea conessouier but you might want to bring your own milk.

Pre comms we’re excellent, along with ideas moadboard and prep for the shoot. We captured many amazing images. He is a highly recommended photographer.

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I have had the pleasure of being tutored by Dan of about three years now, from the start of the journey Dan has not only taught me Photography, editing and how to be at one with models he has also helped me greatly with Lightroom and photoshop.

I had a crazy issue three weeks ago and although I lost a lot of data from my working drive Dan had always told me to take a second copy of everything. He helped me rebuild my data base so I could again experience all the wonderful images he had helped me create.

A huge thank you to Dan and his amazing tutorial skills. Very highly recommended.

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Today i had a chance to attend a 1-2-1 studio workshop with Dan. I have admired his work for a long time and I just consider myself privileged to have had this opportunity to finally meet him and learn from him. Dan is a great teacher, very practical, very detailed.

We spent several hours together working through different sets that i wanted to cover. Seeing how he approaches a set, how he interacts with models, how he observes and adjusts to light or how he creates it.. What a day. The plan was great, the execution was perfect. I can't wait for the next 1-2-1 session and maybe a workshop on location as well.

Thank you so much for making this possible Dan. I came back with fabulous shots and learned a lot today. Thank you.

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After a long reed of all last models references I realised that Dan is perfect and everyone loves him, it’s impressive isn’t it!! Well, I must say he have a strong charisma and his photography skills are top top! I never heard about him, but before our 1-2-1 shoot with Mike and Dan (Me as a model) I have checked his profile and of course I fall in love in most of his works. They are absolutely beautiful! He got his unique style of the work and definitely knows how to relax a model, make her smile and just feel great etc. The hole atmosphere was just great, fun and easy and I think he is taking a big part to create it. He is definitely a leader and he knows what he is doing. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him!

Looking forward to the next amazing opportunity with Dan!

Super recommend! :)

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Bella Grace

I have been a fan of Dans work for a while and was really happy that he reached out to me to model for one of his 1-2-1s. Dan was such a joy to work with. Hes fun, chatty, made me feel comfortable throughout the whole day and also makes a brilliant cup of tea! I was booked for 4 hours. Pre coms were excellent and clear and everything ran very smoothly.

He is excellent when it comes to teaching. He offers great advice, directions and is very supportive. The images on the BOC looked EPIC! I adored both Dan's and Simons images and I look forward to seeing the edited and finished images!

Would highly recommend Dan!

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Morgan Barbour

Dan was an absolute dream to work with. We created some stunning work together. The man knows lighting like the back of his hand and is dedicated and meticulous with getting it right. It’s always a joy to get to work with someone who both created work you’re ecstatic with and is just a joy to collaborate and riff with. I’d happily work with him anytime.

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I had the pleasure of working with Dan again on a 1-2-1 training course , I have attended many of these days before and I can say each one is different and I continue to learn from the master himself.

I started the first part of the year with many shoots including training with Dan and I felt very at ease with photography until the second part of the year which I have not shot very often at all.

I expressed my discontent with working with models and photography which Dan reminded me I should continue and carry on with the one thing I used to really love. I came away from our last session feeling very 50/50 if I was going to continue.

I attended this last 1-2-1 training day again with Dan and I was still a little off with myself but Dan was very encouraging and pushed me to set up sets and work harder. It was not until the afternoon editing when things really hit home when Dan said "You can't see just how far you have come since you started photography" I really did not think to much of that statement till I got home and looked at some of my earlier work.

The problem I had was I could not see where I had come from since my journey had started with Dan and how far I had really come as a person as you never look behind you. I am so truly grateful for Dan's belief in me as a person and a photographer, without his training and tailored approach to progressing me as a student I truly would still be lost buying unnecessary equipment and failing with ideas. The one thing I really like about Dan and his approach is "make the equipment you have work for you and invest your time in learning."

I can't wait till our next session next week for beauty Photography which is a genre I am really interested in learning and know Dan really excels in.

Thank you for having me as one of your students, teaching me your flawless workflow and Wonderfull Photography technics.

Really look forward to working with you again.

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I have admired Dan’s work for a while and am delighted to have had the pleasure of being a model at one of Dan’s 1-2-1 trainings. His pre-shoot communication was faultless, organized, clear and always quick to respond. The photographers there, Pete and Duncan, were lovely, respectful, enthusiastic, and clearly hold Dan in high regard. He and Duncan kindly picked me up from the station and were punctual, warm and friendly from the beginning.

Dan is a absolute joy to be around, full of humour and energy, and will never steer you wrong in his creative vision. He has the ability to quickly build rapport with anyone he is working with, and is inviting, welcoming and an all round genuinely great person. I felt entirely at ease throughout. His studio The Loft in Colchester is expertly equipped, large, spacious and warm. The studio is also extremely versatile, providing everything from beautiful natural light, makeup station, props, variety of lighting set ups and backdrops, kitchenette, and even an editing suite upstairs.

It is evident that Dan puts a great deal of thought and effort into his tuitions and truly goes above and beyond in his delivery. His visceral understanding and depth of knowledge of his craft make it clear why his workshops are so popular. From supplying a mood board to sourcing models, a makeup artist, providing the studio, lighting set ups, and taking you through the post processing, his workshops are truly an experience from start to finish for all involved.

I would without reservation highly recommend Dan and his fantastic studio. Whether you are a model, commercial client, or photographer looking to refine your skills and learn from a true professional, Dan will deliver. I have no doubt you will truly be taken care of and provided with a 5* experience. I would absolutely jump at the chance to work with him over and over again.

Thank you for having me Dan and I hope to work together again soon!

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I had the privilege to be booked for one of Lucifer's workshop, in a beautiful location: Budapest!

And I'm so grateful for that.

Dan and Ria organised this trip abroad and everything was so perfect. Dan is such a competent and experienced photographer that you must shoot with if it hasn't been done yet, a great tutor and suuuuuuuuch a relaxed person with positive energy! The photographers he booked were all very friendly and professionals. The choice of location couldn't have been any better. We had some early mornings during this trip, where we managed to catch the sunrise and the pictures were just EPIC and STUNNING!

Honestly, it was one of the best experience ever!

This trip was a dream and coming back to England was a bit painful :)

Thank you Dan for this opportunity, I still have some stars in my eyes!

Bou x

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Peter Fieldhouse1

Just back from an amazing three day shoot in Budapest organised and run by Dan and looking forward to another of his european shoots next year. It was a pleasure working with him, learning so much on the technical side, seeing and appreciating how to get the most and best from his models, as well as, discovering how best to shoot a wealth of different locations at different times of the day under different lights and challenges. Dan was available to offer advice in an easy, friendly manner and provided a structure for us work in without a prescribed agenda. The meant people had time and freedom to both experiment, share their ideas, lenses and images which enhanced the experience and made it collaborative and much more rewarding. It would be very hard not to engage with Dan's method of working, direction and sense of humour or come away from a session without a feeling of accomplishment.

If the opportunity arises to join him on a trip abroad with his carefully selected and very competent models, do so. Dan leads from the front, eats and drinks with the troops, and is one of those all round 'good-eggs' with the knowledge, experience and means to take you further along your photographic journey. I recommend him whole heartedly.

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Trevor M

I attended one of Dan's workshops in Budapest. I loved it from start to finish - so much I'm already thinking about the next one! The style of shots was very different to what I had previously done but it was so much fun and the pictures I got were fantastic. Dan was extremely helpful on the workshop, providing advice whenever required and not simply getting us to copy what he was doing - there was plenty of scope to be creative and I learnt so much. He has a great rapport with the models ensuring that you get great results.

I'd highly recommend Dan and look forward to working with him again very soon.

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Ria Fantastic

I am so incredibly glad Dan agreed to arrange a workshop abroad with me in Budapest, because honestly I could not have asked for a more competent and supportive partner-in-crime. Dan has such vast photographic knowledge and proved absolutely invaluable in directing and assisting the attendees, always with the end goal of not only incredible images, but an incredible experience in mind. No wonder he has organised so many successful workshops in the past - and why this one (the first workshop abroad I've ever co-organised) was so successful!

Such a large scale event, with so many moving parts to juggle, really required constant teamwork and reliability, which time and time again Dan brought to the table. Working with him is always natural and effortless, because he is a constant source of calm and is infectiously positive.

I could not recommend Dan Tidswell more highly - as a photographer, business partner, and (if you're lucky enough) as a friend.

Thank you Danny boy. Here's to us arranging Budapest workshop 2.0!

Ria x

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Having scheduled a shoot at Dan’s studio, I took advantage of a short lighting 121with him and Pippa Doll.

They have a wonderful working relationship which guarantees achieving wonderful results.

We worked our way through three differing lighting ideas, all of which enabled me to walk away with a ton of fabulous images.

The next step is to spend time with Dan perfecting my processing skills using these images.

Dan is a wonderful teacher and definitely a seriously good photographer.

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