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jason dodd photography

great fun to work with, very professional with a real commercial look, next shoot already lined up

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Danielle and I had our second shoot.

This time her photographer was far more organised! Danielle excelled herself, coming totally prepared with great outfits and makeup, a fantastic sense of humour and above all, talent and enthusiasm!

The shoot was a great success. producing some beautiful images which will appear in various club events.

I absolutely recommend Danielle. She is one very busy lady but well worth the wait!

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Barney Douglas

It is was with enormous pleasure that I worked with Danielle shooting classical ballet in preparation for a series of training courses for photographers we are planning together. Danielle is the consummate professional, perfectly prepared, excellent pre-shoot comms, and just a total joy to direct and work with. Highly recommended.

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Had a second location shoot with Danielle....again pre-comms were easy and Danielle arrived on time ready to shoot. She is a joy to work with, poses with ease and provides her own input and ideas. I look forward to working with her again!

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I had a first shoot with Danielle. What a charming Lady. The shoot was brief (due to me) but great fun and set us up for the next shoot.

Danielle came well prepared, plenty of outfits and sharp brain full to the brim with ideas! She if confident and outgoing and has a fantastic dance and acting background which makes for natural elegance and posing.

I have no hesitation in recommending her.

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Following a successful initial shoot the previous month, I asked Danielle to do an autumn shoot with a me and a friend who's also a keen photographer. Danielle turned up bang on time, looking as delightful as ever, with a lovely selection of items to wear which were colour co-ordinated in line with the autumn theme. We used a National Trust arboretum as our backdrop, the weather was kind, and we photographed Danielle throughout the afternoon until the light faded. Repeating very much what I said after our first shoot, Danielle was a pleasure to work with, a good conversationalist, adept at posing elegantly, and enthusiastic to play her part in creating worthwhile images. We both hope to shoot with her again, and personally I can't recommend her highly enough!

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Colin Evans

I had a great shoot with Danielle in Ockham today. Communication beforehand was excellent and Danielle turned up very well prepared for the shoot. She is very confident, has a bubbly personality and looks fantastic. Despite the rain at times, we managed to capture some excellent images which I'll be adding to my port in the near future. I certainly hope to work with Danielle again, highly recommended!

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Wow. Great shoot with Danielle yesterday. Her really bubbly personality makes her very easy to work with. She brought plenty of outfits so we were able to get a number of different great shots. Danielle is happy to take direction but also happy to suggest her own ideas. All in all, a great shoot and I can't wait to work with her again. Thanks Danielle.

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ClickMore 📷

Danielle and I had been planning a shoot for a while. Organisation was easy. Danielle is very easy to work with and conversation flowed. She was very organised and adaptable and we really got some interesting images especially the Dance jumps.

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I recently did shoot with Danielle at a secluded woodland lake. We met at a pre-arranged venue on route, contacting each other beforehand to confirm it was to go ahead as planned. I was not to be disappointed, on arrival she looked stunning! We didn't have much of an opportunity to chat until we arrived at the location owing to driving there in our own respective cars, but when we did I found her to be a good conversationalist with a sense of fun and unbridled enthusiasm for the shoot ahead. She brought a selection of lovely outfits for the shoot and had obviously given thought to her wardrobe beforehand to complement the theme of the shoot. Her complexion was fantastic, make up flawless, her hair beautiful, - a lovely smile but equally a captivating sultry look. It was over too quickly as the afternoon sun quickly sunk lower behind the trees, but I certainly want to do more shoots with Danielle and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to other photographers. Thank you Danielle, the shoot was an unqualified success, - hope to do more with you!

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Great pre shoot communications but I was not prepared for such a force of nature. Danielle is an extremely talented dancer and a great model to work with. Having trained to a high level in numerous styles of dance ( I could not keep up with all the qualifications), Danielle takes direction very well and can hold a pose with millimetre precision after hitting a mark exactly. Allied to all this is an flagging sense of humour, top banter and her love of her chosen profession which clearly shines through. It's given me a new found appreciation of dance and the urge to try more.

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Danielle and I teamed up today for a few hours of "Urban Dance" shooting.

Danielle was punctual and arrived with her hair and make up done plus a case neatly packed full of appropriate clothing and footwear :-)

I found Danielle to be a very pleasant young lady, full of verve and tenacity. We were both close to melting in the searing heat of late morning/early afternoon blazing sun beating down on us but we soldiered on and nailed shots.

My experience with Danielle was an all round positive one, a reliable, responsible and competent dance model.

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Working my way through the photos following a thoroughly splendid pinup and dance shoot with the lovely Danielle. Now Danielle is what the Americans might call a “class act”. Tall, slim and elegant, she is a wonderful model to work with to work with – keen, classy and absolutely stunning, with perfect posture, hair that catches the light, and a smile that lights up the room. She is also a talented, classically-trained dancer who can do pointe and clearly has a passion for her dance. Consequently she moves beautifully and is able to create dramatic poses, whilst placing herself with millimetric precision.

Her pre-shoot communications were excellent. She also took the time and trouble to study the shoot-plan properly and she came well prepared for the shoot. And her enthusiasm coupled with her keen Scottish sense of humour made the shoot a true pleasure. As if that weren’t enough, she has a flawless complexion, unspoilt with tattoos. That’s right, no tattoos!. Not even a small one! This makes her particularly suited for vintage work. As others have already indicated, Danielle is truly in a league of her own - and a very nice person too. I hope we can work together again very soon.

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Andrew G

Danielle is just a joy to work with - from the initial communications all the way to the post-shoot banter:)

Despite not having months of experience, she is admirable professional, which combined with her positive attitude and willingness and ability to learn on the spot makes Danielle a great model only a few shoots into her career!

Certainly recommended:)

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Just spent an brilliant couple of hours with Danielle.

She's relaxed and clearly enjoys what she does. She poses effortlessly and moves on the beeps of the flash. She has natural poise and knows what looks right. She will hold a pose and takes direction well.

In the downtime between sets she's good fun and so easy to get along with.

Certainly on my want to work with again list.

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Greg Tallent

Danielle is a lovely model and a true pleasure to work with. She has grace, style and a natural beauty which is just great to photograph. Being a dancer, she can strike any pose and make it look effortless. She is fun to work with, chatty, takes direction and yet makes helpful suggestions.

Oh, did I mention her walk? It has the elegance of a professional editorial model. She is highly recommended if you want to capture her natural good looks.

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Had an amazing shoot with Danielle on Friday. Pre-communications were excellent and Danielle arrived on time ready to start. She is friendly, bubbly and full of energy and a genuinely nice person. As a dancer she is creative and has lots of good ideas.

Danielle poses with ease and takes what little direction is needed well. She worked very hard throughout the shoot to get the shots and it was fun from start to finish. I really look forward to working with her again and have no hesitation in recommending her for your next shoot.

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Apas Images

Last minute shoot arranged with Danielle, although there were bucketloads of precomms. New to modelling but as a professional dancer has the flexibility to pull some amazing poses.

Really easy to get on with and I would guess will be a real popular choice with fellow PP'ers, as she has great style and we both laughed throughout.

Definitely recommended!

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Pamela Pietrzak

Danielle was such a pleasure to work with! Being a dancer means she's got some great ideas for poses and is very expressive. She's a very lovely person, great to talk to but at the same time doesn't get distracted from the shoot. I managed to get some really great shots with her help. I would highly recommend her and would definitely love to work with her again in the future! :)

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