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Hello and thank you for your interest.

My goal as a photographer is twofold. First, I personally like to create photographs that accentuate ones features and attributes without necessarily flaunting them, but displaying them in such a way that the viewer wants more and doesn’t want to leave the photo. 

Second, I also want to please the model, who is often paying for my services. Sometimes this means that I put my style second to the model’s wishes, so I am delivering what the model wants.

This also means that many of the models don’t want their photos displayed in public which I respect.

While the few photos I have posted are all portraits I am experienced in arts, nudes, fashion, lifestyles, and many other genres. 

No matter what, I’d look forward to working with anyone who is interested in quality art and beautiful photography. 

Email me to kick around your desires and let’s make this work for you!




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