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Scott Bowman

I had the pleasure of working with Daisy as my MUA on a woodland themed fashion shoot. Her communication was great and she had a good understanding of what was required having seen the mood board I had prepared.

She was on time and had everything in hand to give the look I wanted, even in challenging weather conditions. She also created a second look later in the shoot.

Daisy is great to talk to, professional and very easy to work with and I would definitely work with her again, she comes highly recommended.

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Today I had a pleasure to meet Daisy first time while our shoot where she was a mua. She showed up with a big smile and good mood. Her make up is amazing, I think it suited me very good, we used 2 different looks and they work really great. Pre-communication was good and Daisy was a good companion during all shoot. She is chatty and easy-going to come along with. Daisy enhanced our photos with new vibes and colours, and I hope to work with Daisy again

Highly recommended, 100%

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Had a brilliant full day shoot with Daisy as MUA and model.

I wanted to do two full make up transitions, involving a number of looks across two different themes. Pre-comms were great with Daisy providing mood boards across four different themes for me to chose from. On the day, time just flew by, for a relaxed, creative, and very productive shoot. Daisy is extraordinarily talented as an MUA, and as a model too. I am so pleased with the shots we created together, as well as having a fun and chilled day. Would absolutely recommend Daisy both as an MUA and as a model, and will definitely be calling on her services in both departments again!

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vonny lang

Daisy showed up on time for a last min shoot an saved the day! She's lovely and easy to work with. Definitely recommended!

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I had the wonderful time on my shoot with Daisy as a MUA and beautiful Faith as a model.

Daisy is absolutely creative, very experienced and talented MUA and model too. I just said the idea for the looks what I want and she created all make up. I was absolutely pleased on the end.

Highly recommend to all of you. Do not hesitate to work with her.

Many thanks.


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I had the amazing opportunity to get my make-up done by Daisy this week. As part of a shoot I was doing with Gettz, she was absolutely talented, and I love every look that she did so creative. We had such a laugh, and I recommend her both to any model or photographer. I look forward to working again with her soon.

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She is sooooo clever, not only a gorgeous model but a highly creative and talented mua. I finally got to meet the legend that is Daisy and I’m sure it won’t be the last time we cross paths. A pure delight to work with a be around. A big recommendation from me x

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This was the first time I worked with Daisy. Communications before the shoot were excellent and I could tell how much she loves her job from our communications.

Daisy was such a charming person to work with and I would not hesitate to work with her again. I will be doing a shoot with her in the future as not only a makeup artist but also as a model. She is easy to get on with, has a talent that cannot be ignored but with that talent is also a humbleness, which is a charm. This is one young lady that should not be overlooked by anyone. Professional, talented, charming and hard working.

I would recommend Daisy all the time

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The Snowdrop Studio

It waslovely to finally meet daisy after following her work as both MUA and a model. A highly qualified and gifted artist all round and a genuine lovely lady. Highly highly recommended by me x

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Brogan Alexandra

Daisy did my makeup for a recent workshop I modelled for, and was really bubbly and friendly from the moment we met!

There were two make up looks for the shoot, the first a natural look and the second a bit more bold, which showed the range of skill that Daisy clearly has! Daisy made sure I was comfortable throughout, and was really lovely and chatty!

Daisy is a really talented individual, I loved the looks and I hope we get to work with each other again! :) highly recommended!

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The Creative Eye Photographers

First time working with Daisy on our on-location group shoots in Central London. She came full of energy and enthusiasm and built rapport with our model and photographers with effortless ease! She worked hard to get our model ready for the shoot and was so helpful in making those additional touches throughout the shoot. Looking forward to working with Daisy again very soon! Thank you, Daisy!

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Lee River

I have now had my third shoot with Daisy taking MUA duties, and feel that our successful ongoing working relationship shouldn’t go uncommented.

Daisy always shows boundless enthusiasm, backed up with creativity and the skills to achieve what is envisaged. She achieves this while staying true to the needs of the image, and does so in an efficient and very conscientious way while continually adding to everybody’s mood with her friendliness, good humour and imagination.

Yesterday’s shoot was with me and another model (@debbieleema) and Daisy somehow managed to keep it all working despite record heat and the considerable technical challenges that resulted!

I have my next shoot with Daisy as MUA already booked in, and look forward to many more.

Highly recommended.

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What an amazing girl!

Very down to earth, easy to speak to & most importantly her beautiful and creative make up skills.

I absolutely loved my make up Daisy done for me, I was very surprised at how well it lasted on the most hottest day ever known in the U.K.!

Her work speaks for itself really! She’s definitely my “go to” make up artist if I’m ever in need of one.

Thank you so much Daisy!

Highly recommended

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Anthony Robert

I was really pleased to join Daisy and the team at the last minute to shoot on a big project she had pulled together involving a team involving stylists, HMUAs, multiple models and photographers.

Daisy is ridiculously talented, and worked her absolute socks off all day to create multiple looks across the day for multiple models, as well as providing touch ups and corrections throughout the shoot. Whilst I'm no expert, she certainly seemed to be doing the working of two people! The organisation that must have gone into such a big project can't be understated either, hats off for such an awesome job pulling so many talented people together and ensuring the day ran so smoothly.

I recommend Daisy to anybody that is looking to add something special to their shoots and sincerely hope to work with again, sooner rather than later!

Thanks Daisy (Y)

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Ria Fantastic

Daisy was the mastermind behind a huge Indian bridal project involving herself as makeup artist, an incredible old manor house, a headdress maker, two hairstylists, three models, and two photographers (one of whom she generously allowed me to call in last minute, since I thought the potential for the shoot she orchestrated was incredible!) Daisy was also happy to let me step up a bit and help direct a bit to ensure we were making the best of our day.

It can't have been easy to organise everything almost single handedly, plus to do two makeup looks on three models in eight hours! Yet Daisy's energy never dipped, she just kept going and going to the point where I had to remind her to sit down and take a rest.

The makeup she did on me was absolutely stunning, exactly what we both had in mind, and came up beautifully on camera. I felt like a princess hehe. And the other models looked just as beautiful!

Thanks so much for choosing me to be a part of this project Daisy! If we don't get this one published I'll eat my hat! :P

Ria x

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K Ravani

Had the great pleasure of working with Daisy after applying to her casting as a model for an Asian Bridal shoot where there were multiple stylists, models and photographers in a beautiful location.

She's incredibly talented at what she does and created numerous beautiful makeup looks throughout the day. Aside from her talent, she's generally such a friendly and lovely person to chat to.

Can highly recommend to anyone and would love to work with her again. Thanks for having me on board Daisy.

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Lee River

What a wonderful shoot! I have come to regard Daisy not only my go-to choice as MUA but as a source of inspiration and encouragement and indeed a friend.

Today we worked with the acutely talented photographer Jodie Fife (as we have done a couple of times now) and Daisy - with her trademark lightness - kept perfect pace with Jodie’s ideas and my own.

Daisy is fun, friendly, encouraging and highly skilled. I’m very much looking forward to our next shoot together.

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Daisy was great to have on the team for today’s shoot.

She was on time, friendly and able to work under unique conditions.

Her work was as expected and would happily recommend her.

Hope to work with Daisy again soon.

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I've known Daisy for some time and expected to work with her as a model, but I am very pleased to have seen her work as a MUA on this shoot.

An absolutely first rate job of doing the makeup, in less than ideal environments.

A pleasure to work with and she knows exactly what she's doing.

Looking forward to much more


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Lee River

I worked with Daisy for the first time for my all-day outdoor London shoot (with KAnthony as the photographer).

It was a great pleasure working with Daisy, who not only adapted well to my look but also KAnthony’s imaginative themes.

Daisy’s communication is great and we had the key details planned before the shoot, which Daisy then successfully extemporised on during the course of the shoot.

All of our looks showed flare and creativity and helped express something of me and also the persona envisaged in each set.

Daisy was friendly and very easy to work with. We have our next shoot already booked, which I’m very much looking forward to.

Much recommended!

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