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Ivory Flame

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Ivory Flame / Photography by Dag Nammett, Model Ivory Flame, Taken at Sandon Studio / Uploaded 2nd January 2017 @ 08:00 PM

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violettacurvesviolettacurves said, 1579024312


Alan EwartAlan Ewart said, 1530171014

Wow ��!!!

Brian Pierce (KernowPhoto)Brian Pierce (KernowPhoto) said, 1528658515

if it wasn't an FPI then I'd suggest it

WavepowerWavepower said, 1519070679

A delight

Alan EwartAlan Ewart said, 1494587394

no surprise to see this with an FPI, its stunning

Paul ButlerPaul Butler said, 1487871357


WayneSWayneS said, 1487621681

just stunning

Lyra SilvertongueLyra Silvertongue said, 1487617388

This is amazingly beautiful

pepedelarapepedelara said, 1487597223


artisdartisd said, 1487593725


zebozebo said, 1487593338

perfection !

 Paulinfocus Paulinfocus said, 1487591547

Gorgeous image

Dag NammettDag Nammett said, 1487589642

Big thanks to Arvee for the post-work on this shot! :)

BoomerBoomer said, 1487589398

Beautiful shot.. congratulations Dag and Ivory on FPI

GreenmanGreenman said, 1487589166

Such a beautiful woman, and captured so beautifully. Excellent work.

Sandon StudioSandon Studio said, 1487588814

Great to see quality work getting praise :). Nice work Dag and Holly!

angusaangusa said, 1487588286

beautiful love the lighting

TNRTNR said, 1487588168

Beautiful image, fantastic soft light

FrancescFrancesc said, 1487587663


The Pix FactoryThe Pix Factory said, 1487587135

Well done! :)

Catalina LoveCatalina Love said, 1487586794

Yay!! Congratulations

Sinopa RinSinopa Rin said, 1487586794

Love the colours and textures! Miss Flame is always wonderful.

BoomerBoomer said, 1484138913

Exquisite shot.. love the set and of course Ivory is at her awesome best..!

The Pix FactoryThe Pix Factory said, 1484078361

Stunning. :)

EchinaceaEchinacea said, 1483695588

Love the light quality in this

Anjelica HydeAnjelica Hyde said, 1483564958

Lovely shot

MikeyPMikeyP said, 1483543628

Fabulous work

Simon MortonSimon Morton said, 1483436986

Love it

StibniteStibnite said, 1483391343

superb coppery tones

Catalina LoveCatalina Love said, 1483391275

gorgeous work

PaulsedsPaulseds said, 1483389376

Beautiful image

skycladpixieskycladpixie said, 1483387495

This is gorgeous, love the colours