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I got to work with Craig for the first time recently on a remote shoot. I do not normally do zoom/remote shoots however I was really interested in his unique style so decided to give it a go.

I'm so glad I did!

Pre comms were good, Craig was very easy to work with, explained his process thoroughly and was very laid back and friendly

We got through a lot in an hour and had a good laugh. The images are abstract and unique, something you don't get very often, and I'm so pleased with how they came out

I would be more than happy to work with Craig again, and he comes recommended from me :)

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Girl on Fire - Lydia

I had my first zoom shoot with Craig today and it went so smoothly!

Craig is so relaxed and fun to work with. His photos are so unique and I love his creativity. He is professional throughout and a joy to work with.

Craig doesn’t give much direction when it comes to posing which is nice as then I could do free flow when posing.

I am really looking forward to seeing the images.

I would definitely recommend Craig !

Thank you very much!


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I had an epic shoot with Craig recently... He contacted me and asked if I would be interested in a remote shoot and I jumped at the chance after he explained how he worked and produced his imagery!...

Comms were fabulous!

Craigs work is a lot more abstract than most photographers here on PP, but for someone who is a creative photographer herself and an expressive model it was such an epic experience!...

The whole shoot from start to finish was epic! Craig is a lovely guy, chatty and friendly. I think we put the world to rights a little too!...

But he is very creative and talented .... What he produces from working remotely is inspiring!...

Not all of his shots are 'model pretty' but he is creating work that talks, questions and is simply art.

I would certainly without hesitation recommend Craig to models either remotely or in person!...

Thanks again Craig for an epic shoot!....The results were so good!

Arabella X

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I had an amazing remote shoot with CTB today, all by zoom which I use a lot for life modelling.

Anyhoo what an amazing guy, very chilled and laid back, knows what he wants, no pressure, made me very at easy, an absolute gem!

Thankyou for your professionalism

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Frankie Franklin

Craig is great to work with, pre shoot Comms were superb and the shoot was really chilled.

I love the creativity of his shoots which is what drew me to work with him and would definitely work with him on any other project as he was super respectful, funny and everything one wants in a photographer!

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Sinopa Rin

Craig approached me about a remote shoot and as soon as I saw his work, I was so excited to create with him! Pre-comms were clear but laid-back and Craig was so friendly and kind during the shoot. It was a pleasure to watch him work and to chat to him between shots. Highly recommended and I would be delighted to shoot again, either remotely or in person.

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vulgar superstitions

Craig and I collaborated on a remote shoot over Zoom; a first for me. I had seen enough of his work to trust that the photos would turn out wonderfully and I wasn't disappointed. Using textured glass and mirrors he created impressive in-camera effects whilst leaving me to roam about picking up various props and silks for added textures and shapes. I love the photos we created together, they are unlike anything I've ever shot before.

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Rebecca Tun

When I saw Craig's abstract Zoom art I realised "that's the sort of remote shoot I want to do". We arranged a shoot, my first remote shoot ever and it was tons of fun. It was so great to work with somebody who enjoys mystery, chaos and absurdity as much as I do. Craig was friendly and fun to talk to in between shots. The pictures are fabulous and varied. I look forward to doing it again sometime and would highly recommend Craig to other models.

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Emma Jayne

I had a fantastic remote shoot with Craig last weekend. He is very easy to talk to and has a great sense of humour. Precomms were clear and straightforward. He was very patient with me whilst I got us prepared for each set. Craig had some awesome ideas for props and poses, different angles to try etc.

The edits were sent over promptly and I am really pleased with the work we produced. The images look fab; very artistic and atmospheric.

Craig is a very creative and talented photographer. I would highly recommend him to any model looking to work with him!

Thanks for a great shoot Craig. :)

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I had my first virtual shoot today with Craig, and it was so amazing! I was feeling nervous as id never done a virtual shoot before, but he was super chill and explained everything to me! It was a real fun shoot, and I absolutely adore the finished results, which were edited super speedily! Thanks so much!

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Firstly how can I not mention Craig’s incredible style, all his work is breathtakingly beautiful and you can feel a story in each image. I wanted to work with Craig all summer and we finally made it happen in September. Had a great fashion style shoot at the beach and he gave clear direction and came prepared with lots of ideas. He was also very friendly and I would love to work with him again in the future. Thank you!

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Freya Fox

Had a really fun and interesting shoot with Craig yesterday. He gives great direction and is lovely to work with. Highly recommend!

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Rosie Flame

I had a great first shoot with Craig yesterday at my home.

Pre - comms were great and Craig arrived with plenty of props enabling us to get a really varied shoot.

Craig is great to work with, great to talk to and has fantastic ideas.

Highly recommended :)

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Octavia Wilson

Had a lovely time on our first shoot,

gave great direction, the environment was very relaxed and he's incredibly easy to talk to.

Looking forward to shooting again, and I'd highly recommend him to any model!

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Zoe Elfreyah

Craig is by far one of the best photographers I have worked with, his concepts as well as photos are mesmerizing and is an all around lovely person! I am looking forward to our next shoot which we have already got in the works!

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Rebecca Williamson

I had a shoot with Craig the other morning and it was so good!

He is great to work with, makes you feel comfortable and easy to talk to and relax around :)

The images he produced I just Love! He has a great deal of talent and i would definetly recommend to work with him or even to just admire his fantastic work :)

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Had my first shoot with Craig today, and what an amazing human!

Before the shoot his pre-comms were excellent, and very professional. His professionalism remained throughout the entire shoot, which showed through the pictures.

He made me feel extremely comfortable the entire time, and provided some excellent conversation which was amazing for myself, as I talk quite a lot :P

The back of the camera shots were fantastic, and it's very much clear that he knows exactly what he's doing!

10/10 would recommend without a doubt. Thanks for a fab shoot! :)

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Ramona Berryman

Really enjoyed working with Craig lots of fun a very nice person x

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Craig was lovley to work with and had some great ideas. He turned up on time,would recommend him.:)

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Chloe Kinsella

I shot with Craig for the first time today, he was professional, polite, and pre-shoot comms were great, he had some ideas and locations in mind and was open to other ideas too, great to work with, and I can't wait to see the images!

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