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Fez Photography

I have worked with Crystal as a model and photographer, I can't say enough nice things about her, as a photographer she is a delight; she works fluidly without direction and at the same time understand direction instantly. Crystal is determined to create beautiful images and this shows through in her posing. Confident without arrogance, friendly, reliable, and fun to work with.

As a model I felt completely at ease working with her, we had a giggle and at the same time create some stunning work with some very talented photographers!

Comes highly recommended from everyone I know that has worked with her!

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Alice Snell Makeup Artist

I have worked with Crystal twice now and she is so lovely! Her skin is a dream to work on, you can really tell she looks after herself which from a makeup artist's point of view is very important!

She is very punctual and professional. Very lovely and friendly person to get on with.

I hope to work with Crystal again very soon!

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Had shoot with Crystal today. The theme was bridal and avant garde makeup and the make up was done by Alice Snell MUA with whom I have worked a number of times.

Crystal was accompanied by her mum Carol and both ladies were fun, chatty and engaging and the several hours flew by very quickly. Crystal was a natural and posed instinctively adopting poses I was just thinking of, almost like she was reading my mind.

Crystal has an excellent complexion and Alice commented on how easy she was to make up. All in all Crystal was extremely professional and has modelling ability and maturity well beyond her experience in modelling. She is confident enough to contribute ideas too which again makes for an engaging and pleasant shoot. And she and her mum have excellent taste in music too!

Highly recommended, We have already discussed our next shoot and are developing themes, Thank you Crystal (and Carol) for a really easy and fun shoot today.

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Well what can I say about Crystal she was fab.

She came all the way from her home town over 90 minutes away for our shoot. I warned her that although I had got 2 MUA arrange, be prepared to do her own as I have been let down before and she was more than happy too and did a great job.

She takes direction very well and we even seemed to know what images I was going for from the off. Great posing technique and to top it all of a great laugh, lovely lady.

Her partner also did a impressive job at modelling too.

I would recommend this couple if you need a partnership or not.

thanks to you both and I hope you love the images.



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Vous Photography

I met Crystal and Stephen for a couple shoot around Lincoln. A pleasure to work with, professional, a total joy to shoot. The results of the images were fantastic.

I'm more than happy recommend Crystal.

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i had the pleasure of shooting with crystal as part of a 2 model group shoot with a camera club


completely unfazed by the occasional chaos of the multiple photographer shoot, crystal was eminently professional , patient, an absolute joy to work with, and full of great ideas when i occasionally stalled.

The whole shoot was relaxed and enjoyable, mainly due to crystals ability to guide the shoot.

i'd highly recommend crsytal to anyone, and look forward to the next shoot.

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