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Had the pleasure of working with Steve for the 1st time in Birmingham and I was amazed at the shots we got!

Pre comms were brilliant and he even met me when I got lost! We then made our way to the location together (what a hero).

The 2 hours flew by and I’m pleased at the sets we managed to cover and the shots we got - I can’t wait to see the final edits. I’d definitely recommend Steve to any model looking to work with him. He’s a great guy and definitely won’t disappoint.

Thanks for a great shoot :)

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Ashleigh Taylor

Me and Steve had pur first shoot in the beautiful Aberthaw!

Me and Steve had amazing pre communications on planning the day and we knew exactly what to do, and we risked the weather and it turned out fab!

I had a lovely warm welcome from Steve and the shoot was super fun and easy going as we had such a good connection and we worked well together. The images came out so well and we were both creative with ideas.

Steve is great to work with I would definitely recommend working with Steve and hopefully we can work together again!


Ash x

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Cerys Searle

Steve was very respectable and so easy to work with!

As my first ever shoot he made me feel so comfortable and instantly got rid of any nerves.

Would recommend for confidence-boosting and helping to style poses.

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Natalie Vixen

What a great photographer!

Had a shoot with steve earlier today and enjoyed every minute of it!

Very professional and respectful at all times and made me feel at ease and comfortable. Great conversation with a good laugh here and there. We ended up with amazing shots, so good to the point I had trouble narrowing down the ones to pick out, there were so many that I liked!

We're already talking about plans for more future shoots together and I really hope we do! I'm looking forward to it already!

Definitely recommend! Thank you steve ^_^

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Today I worked with Steve during my first Somerset tour at Brighteyed's place. We used a home studio and a bedroom with a natural light. Many beautiful photos were made. Steve is a great photographer and I would be happy to work with him again. Highly recommended :)

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Lucy mai

I’ve had a few shoots now with steve and my images are stunning.

Steve is a very genuine and kind photographer and makes you feel very confident and comfortable when shooting.

He is great with giving direction but also lets you take control too.

Hopefully we will work together again soon as he’s such a gem.

Lucy xx

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Steve was very friendly and polite, I got some lovely photos which I absolutely love!!

Would recommend to anyone and is such a lovely guy to work with!

Hard to find a photographer that is polite, funny and dose some amazing images but steve is all of that and more.

Highly recommend xx

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Gabriella Knight .

Fantastic shoot with Steve! Steve is so laidback and funny! Love working with him!

Our 2h went so quickly and I really enjoyed myself!

I am hoping to work with Steve again!

Highly recommended

G x

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Finally got to shoot with Steve again and it was well worth the wait!!

Steve is very friendly + chatty, yet professional.. definitely recommended :)

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Gabriella Knight .

Another great shoot with Steve! As always Steve been very nice , ,easy going and creative!

He always make sure That I feel comfortable durning our shoot.

I can’t recommend this wonderful photographer enough, he is super professional and he knows what he is doing! I can't wait to shoot again

G xx

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Gabriella Knight .

Steve applied for my casting call and I'm glad That he did!

Steve''s Pre communication was great and we knew exackly What we going for. We shot few sets and Steve was Really paitence ,he gave me directions.

Our shoot flew by quickly as I felt very comfortable in front of his camera. I do hope we'll get to create more images and continue enjoying to work together ! I highly recommend him, he's a true sweetheart


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Had my first beach shoot with Steve and really liked it, Steve made it very relaxed and kindly picked me up + dropped me back at the station .. cannot recommend Steve enough, awesome photographer!

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Miss Jaye Rose

Have shot with Steve a few times and he's a lovely guy! Fun and easy to talk to and am always pleased with the shots we get. Would definitely recommend him

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This has been my second shoot with Steve, he's very genuine and easy going so the time flew by. He creates a very laid back atmosphere and really gets the best out of his models. Both shoots with him have been 2 model shoots and very enjoyable. Recommended :)

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Did a shoot with Steve (and the lovely anodyne) at my house in Cardiff.. Steve showed up on time and well prepared, especially considering the limited space to shoot in my room... Steve is friendly, professional and always up for a laugh, highly recommended :)

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Rara Goes Roar said...

I worked with Steve for the second time today. We worked through multiple sets whilst discussing our love for food, cola, and how we are both highly addicted to Pokemon! Steve is so darn easy to work with, to the point we didn't even realize we had less than 15 minutes for me to get changed, pack and get to my bus!

Would highly recommend!

Rara x

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our first attempt at shooting unfortunately had to be postponed because of lady problems, but Steve was VERY understanding and when we finally did get to shoot I picked up him from his home and we drove to a lovely secluded beach and derelict house. We got on from the get to, he's extremely chatty and very friendly. After working in the very run down house (and him making sure I was comfortable and letting me freak out as much as I wanted with the cobwebs), we moved onto the beach and got some gorgeous shots on the rocks and on the sand. I would definitely work with him again, it was great fun and I highly recommend him!

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Meghan Frampton

I had the opportunity to work with Steve over the course of 3 days during London MCM Comic Con.

He is a fantastic photographer and all around great guy! He took the time to allow me to try different poses and to scout out locations.

Pre-shoot communications were clear and after the event he provided an incredible number of shots that have helped me to build my portfolio.

I hope to work with him in the future and you should too if you get the chance!

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Another fab shoot with steve

Professional , laid back , good sence of humor

Polite at all time, dont hesitate to recommend to any model wishing to work with steve



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Rara Goes Roar said...

Had a shoot today with Steve at a hotel in Cardiff. He met me from the station and walked me back. We chatted a lot as well as got through different sets. Very easy to work with and definitely recommended


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