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Suzy Monty

Having put up a casting for a telephone box shoot, Graham was one of the photographers that answered my casting call. Immediately I was impressed by his superb portfolio and consider myself privileged to have now had the inspiring and enjoyable chance to work with such a professional photographer who really knows his camera lens. We shot a variety of location shots, not just the initial telephone box one that I'd asked for and time just flew by. The resulting shots were stunning. Lovely chap to work with, nice engaging personality full of interesting antidotes about his photographic work; a photographer who really does get brilliant image results... so I would thoroughly recommend Graham, to anyone model wishing to add that something extra to their portfolio. Many, many thanks Graham for a great shoot!

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JKmodeling said...

Had a lifestyle shoot with Graham yesterday. Hes great to work with and very professional

We were driving around the country side and taking some great photos.

Had a great day and would really recommend Graham to other models

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