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Gracias Constanza.

You are absolutely EXTRAORDINARY! Your expressions...your artistry...your preparation, costumes and interpersonal skills...all top class. Have edited 15 images so far. Think ten times that number are editable. This one can be deeply moved by a range of emotions. One of these is by seeing creativity and beauty. Had to fight back tears during much of editing so far as I was so moved by your images. Edited as best I could in the circs. Thank you so much for shooting with me. You are a very rare talent, and it would be an absolute privilege for me to shoot with you again.

Thank you so much for your time, effort and fast work. Hope my edits are as good as you so deserve, and that you will find use for them.


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Em Theresa

Kleo and I have known each other for several years, from aerial classes. She is a wonderful person, great company and professional as anything. Really organised too, our duo shoot with Marc Prior had a tonne of outfit changes and she organised us both to coordinate. She is also really strong, toned and bendy as hell and a talented model, aerialist and actress. I'd recommend her again any time and hopefully we can work together again soon :) x

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Marc Prior Photography

I was introduced to Kleo by Em Theresa, when I was asking for a second flexible model, to help with a shoot I had been thinking about.

Kleo and I had been discussing, for about 2yrs, an extremely complicated shoot to explain and my being vague on what direction didn’t help. However Kleo was brilliant! Along with Em, Kleo helped point me on the path we ended up taking.

Through out the whole shoot Kleo was professional, fun and was great working with the makeup artist, who she happened to know from years back!!

She came fully prepared for the epic 24 clothing changes and various makeup changes too. Her easy going nature and slightly twisted sense of creepy humour during the whole shoot made the very long day fly by. We managed to get every single pose within a few shots... which was exactly how I needed it to be. Thank you!

Kleo comes highly recommended as a model or as part of a team. Thank you for a brilliant time. Can’t wait to get to sort the final pictures. I look forward to working with Kleo again in the future.

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