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Helen Diaz

I worked with Chris for the first time the other day and had such a great shoot! It was our first time working together and I was a little nervous, especialley as Chris only had one reference through Purepleport- but I needn't have been as this man is simply AWESOME!

On first meeting Chris I instantly felt comfortable- he is such a kind, thoughtful gentleman!

We did a mixture of shooting on location in the local area and shooting from my home in Chippenham. It was predominantly a wedding shoot for Chris' portfolio working through a variety of wedding dresses and lingerie he had sourced especialley for the photoshoot. The photographs were to extend his wedding portfolio and the results were beautiful!

Chris has such a natural and endearing way of working with the model to get the best result- its easy to see how he is such a great wedding photographer! He has a natural flair at photography and is very much a "people person"- a thoroughly lovely man.

When we were shooting on location he was always making sure I was comfortable, happy and was extremely professional and courteous. He can also adapt to any situation thrown at him- I was super impressed! I laughed so much during the shoot and it was a total pleasure to meet and work with Chris- I would highly recommend him to anyone to work with- and if you need a talented wedding photographer then look no further.

Thankyou so much Chris and really hope to work together again soon! Helen x

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Josie Lauren

Such a pleasure to be Chris' first reference and the first model he's worked with. Chris is a talented photographer with a lot of experience but wanted to branch out into something new and use a model's experience to help him along the way and I'm so glad he asked me because it was so much fun.

Chris' pre shoot comms were fantastic and I knew exactly what he wanted. He created a story and explained in detail what he wanted. On location he made sure I was comfortable and had time to warm up between shots, provided me with green tea and chocolate and put up with my bad jokes, so all in all it was fab!

Highly recommend and I'm really looking forward to our next shoot!

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