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Although new to modelling, my shoot with Chloë was one of my more enjoyable ones. She was punctual, friendly and prepared to shoot the moment she arrived. My ideas weren't the only ones on the table, she offered hers for example; to do sitting poses facing the back of the chair so naturally I brought out a ladder and used that instead.

It turned to be a fun shoot and she really allowed me to test my skills, because of that our photos were great!

We did get that chair pose in the end... 100% Recommended!

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Inspire Studios Ltd

This was our second time shooting together, the first was prior to Chloë joining PP. She arrived early and with a great collection of outfits and was ready to shoot as soon as she arrived. Chloë although new to modelling is relaxed in front of the camera and takes direction well along with being really friendly and the time flew by on our shoot. She can do her makeup to a high standard too. Definitely recommend getting a shoot in with Chloë.

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