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Steve 1

I worked with Chelsey in the naughties when she was living in Portsmouth booked through the old model site Net model.

I took Chelsey to a near by English Heritage site a few miles from Portsmouth.

Chelsey is a hard working model give 100%..... great to talk to and is a good laugh.

Well recommended

PS. I didn't know Chelsey was still modelling, would be great to work with her again.

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WS Glamour

I worked with Chelsey for the first time this week and can definitely say she is very friendly, fun and easy to get on with. Got some nice shots, many thanks.

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Skymouse Productions

I had a suberb shoot today with Chelsey Louise. And wow, did time fly! And for all the right reasons - because it was so enjoyable and results were coming constantly.

Chelsey was 100% professional before and during the shoot, with straightforward comms, preparation that matched what we asked for, and total commitment to the quality of our end result, and with a cheerful face to wrap it up nicely.

Please work with Chelsey Louise if you want a hard working, flexible and committed model with a great figure and a lovely and versatile smile.

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Femme Fatale Inc

Had an amazing shoot with Chelsey. She turned up on time and was very well prepared with lots of outfits and makeup. Took directions well and overall a very easy person to work with. Can't wait to work with her again!! ***

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GAH Photography

I'd actually wanted to shoot with Chelsey for over a year. The day finally came today and what a day it was! Chelsey arrived early following a three hour drive which saw her leave her home at 05:30! That is dedication for you! We started off on location in some woodland. Unfortunately the British summer didn't materialise today and after persevering for an hour or so, it was really too cold to do anything other than studio work. Chelsey is a true professional and gives 100% effort. She came armed with a vast array of outfits, most of which we actually used. Chelsey is very good at doing her own make-up, in fact it was flawless. Apart from being an exceptional model, Chelsey is great company. The day went far too quickly but one thing is certain, I really do want to work with her again....hopefully when it is a lot warmer outside! Thanks Chelsey, for a fantastic shoot! x

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Contacted Chelsey at very short notice, her pre communication was excellent and new exactly what I wanted. Arrived early with plenty of outfits. We did Fashion, Glamour, and Fetish. Really loved her in Uniform and also believe she would be great at pin up. What better day to spend with a lovely person who has a nice personality too. Highly recommended as you dont get many models now like Chelsey, highly experienced and hope to work again with her in the summer Thanks once again for your company and working with you

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I shot with Chelsey for the first time today. We add good conversations before the shoot and even though it was a long journey for her, she arrived on time, raring to go.

We had a slight mishap at the start but once we got going the time flew by. She is friendly, chatty and very easy to work with. Very professional; knows what she is doing.

100% recommended.

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Scott at Evergreen

I had the wonderful chance to work with Chelsey Louise last week, and she is such an outstanding professional!

From the pre-shoot communication, to her awesome attitude, we got off to a great start. We worked in her flat, which was exactly as she described, and well set up for the images we wanted to create. She was flexible and easy-going, but dedicated to getting the poses just perfect. She is an outstanding model, and does such an amazing job with giving the emotion that make the images really stand out.

But the best part of working with Chelsey Louise was her really warm and welcoming personality. With her positive attitude, I knew we'd be able to get the shots we wanted. I'm very grateful for having had the chance to work with Chelsey Louise, and highly recommend her!

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On Friday I had the pleasure of working with and photographing Chelsey-Louise at a London Studio. She came with lots of experience and a suitcase full of clothing we'd discussed about pre-shoot. Chelsey's professional but fun approach made for an enjoyable and productive two-hours.

As sometimes happens two unrelated items in her suitcase looked great when worn together and I think we got some interesting and stylish Fashion and Risqué images from it.


I'd been meaning to work with Chelsey for a long time and I wasn't disappointed.

I recommend her without question.

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I had a brilliant shoot with the lovely Chelsey at her place on Saturday, her pre shoot coms was excellent and I was greeted by her lovely smile and a great cuppa. Her place is perfect for shooting as has lots of natural light, Chelsey is great to work with requiring no direction,we chatted throughout the shoot getting some excellent images along the way and had lots of fun.

The time really flew by,I highly recommend working with Chelsey to hobbyists and professional photographers alike and will definitely work with her again. It was a pleasure to work with you Chelsey

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aptitude images

Had a great shoot with Chelsey today, clear and easy comms before the shoot. Easy to work with, poses beautifully and very relaxed to shoot with and highly recommended her.

Thanks Chelsey

Until the next one

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Had a fab shoot with Chelsea Louise and what a day we had at Uniuecapture studio, Chelsea took direction well . Every shoot we took worked well and had different ideas a long the way... Every poses and looks was done 100 per cent Chelsea is a wonderful model to work with and defo will be working with her again...

Thank you Chelsea for a fab shoot and thanks for the big favour you done for me and i will never for get..

catch you no the next mission...

Have a fab Xmas And a fab new year.. And remember my dear friend a new look and a new you,,,

Rudy J Reid XXXX

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Very professional model with a lot of experience and very young look, highly reccomended

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Radiant Foto

I had a fantastic shoot with Chelsey Louise. She was very friendly, easy going and cheerful during the shoot. We had a lot of fun. Can’t wait to shoot again.

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It seems like I can't write much about Chelsey which hasn't been said already. She was actually early to the shoot, her hair and make up were well done and she had thought ahead about what the shoot would require and brought appropriate attire.

She was clearly experienced and was able to bring this experience forward positively with other models. She took direction but was also able to bring her own creative ideas forward to enhance the shoot.

Her pre shoot communication was good, asking questions to ensure she understood the brief fully and always replying promptly.

I really enjoyed working with her and look forward to shooting with her again. I would definitely recommend her to other photographers.

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A very enjoyable 4 hour session with Chelsey passed by very rapidly. In addition to being an excellent model who met all my requirements for the session, Chelsey proved to be a great conversationalist who ensured a very relaxed session. She puts to good use her extensive modelling experience to produce an admirable sequence of poses and expressions to match each situation. Very often she seemed to be reading my mind as before I could describe a position for a shot she had begun to present the pose or expression which makes life very easy during a session. Hopefully, we will be able to arrange further sessions in the not too distant future.

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A1 in every respect. Thoroughly recommended. Will work with Chelsey Louise again.

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Wayne M

I had a great shoot with Chelsey at her flat. Chelsey is friendly, professional and clearly at ease with posing. She is very versatile and definitely looks younger than her age suggests. Her flat has some great natural light for shooting. She was happy to try anything and we created some great shots. Looking forward to working with her some more.

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Mr Grove

Had a great shoot with Chelsey today. A very friendly girl who is a confident in front of the camera and knows what is needed to get the right shot.

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Dave mills

My first shoot with Chelsey Louise which was truly enjoyable. An inspiring, talented and friendly model. I would highly recommend her and look forward to the next shoot.

Thanks again.


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