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Photography by Jimbo

Had the pleasure of welcoming Chelsea and her boyfriend Charlie to the studio this weekend. It was my first shoot in a long while and I was a little rusty and Chelsea was patient with me. Chelsea arrived promptly with her eye makeup prepared as we had discussed and to a high standard. She was immaculately presented. We had a clear idea of what we wanted to accomplish and we easily achieved this leaving time to explore other ideas and looks. Her chaperone was unobtrusive throughout the shoot but engaged in the process when prompted, either by myself or Chelsea. I think he enjoyed being able to see how a shoot worked and seeing the shots as they were taken. Chelsea is a very pretty and personable model and took direction well. Communication pre-shoot was very good. The shoot was enjoyable, fun and very productive.

I definitely look forward to shooting with Chelsea again and would recommend working with her to any photographer. Thank you Chelsea.

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Paul Stone Photography

I shot with Chelsea today on a location shoot. Communication before the shoot was excellent and we discussed themes and locations ahead of meeting. Chelsea arrived on time, looking beautiful and with a number of different outfits for the shoot. Although Chelsea is quite new to modelling she is confident, takes direction and ideas on board and has great ideas of her own too. Chelsea wasn't afraid to try out ideas, including getting very wet at a waterfall, even though the water was cold. Chelsea is fun, friendly and great to spend time with and photograph. I look forward to shooting with her again and would recommend anyone thinking about shooting with Chelsea to take the opportunity if you can.

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