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Chaz Photographics has 6 references; 6 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Lisa crump

First time meeting chaz, he turned up ontime despite the amount of traffic. We had a coffee and chatted i felt very at ease, chaz was very professional. Unfortunately the weather wasnt great so we called the shoot short. Hopefully we will be able to work together again soon

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Jemma Bethany

Chaz is a great photographer to work with.

I worked with him on a Lara Croft shoot, and am incredibly pleased with the results. Chaz did research in to the character before the shoot which was invaluable in terms of on the day shot planning.

He is easy to get along with and has a friendly and professional attitude.

We are already planning future shoots :)

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Suzy Monty

Have worked successfully with Chaz before.

This time it was a two day shoot; both location and studio.

Pre communications were excellent.

Chaz is a brilliant photographer who really knows his camera lens.

We shot for lingerie brand MySecretDrawer. We did a Cornish Mines Fashion shoot. Then a studio shoot. All a pleasure to model for as Chaz is so easy to work with and always gets superb results.

If you want to add something special to your portfolio, then contact Chaz pronto.

Very highly recommended.

Thankyou Chaz for a great and productive two days 😍😎🤗

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Jade Alexandra Model

I worked with Chaz this morning, along with another photographer. I enjoyed the shoot, Chaz is a very professional and friendly person and I felt comfortable as soon as I arrived at the pick up point we agreed on.

I would definitely recommend him as I loved what I saw on the back of the camera and he was lovely.

Thank you Chaz!

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Worked with Chaz as a last minute casting , made me feel at ease very and very easy going gentlemen. Chaz was able to give me direction, getting the best out of our time. I'm looking forward to working with Chaz again and would totally recommend to take their chance to work with him.

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Suzy Monty

Worked with the amazing Chaz on Dartmoor shoot - had super results from a very enjoyable shoot. He is brilliant to work with and a photographer professional in every way, who knows his camera lens. Loved working with him, the time just flew by. Would recommend to any model wishing to add that something 'extra' to their portfolio. Thanks Chaz!

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