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Charmagne Haxby Photography has 3 references; 3 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Raven Aphrodite

Met Charmagne at a group shoot at Silkwood Studios. She is a lovely person and very easy to get on with!!

Her work is absolutely fantastic!! She's really helpful with direction to get those best shots and knows the best lighting and angles too!

Can't wait to work with her again

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Eljin Keeling-Johnson

I did a group shoot recently (feb20) with many togs and Charmagnehaxbyphotography stood out head and shoulders above the rest.

Number 1, because of the results.So, so good work.

2 Because of the creativity. She was always looking for that something extra.

3 How quick the quality edits came back to me.

4 How relaxed and fantastic her personality is.

5 How she made me feel, in regards to wanted,valued, feeling confident and good.

So just an all round fantastic person and professional that I would be honoured to work with again.

Evidence of great experience and knowing what she wants.

Thank you

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Salski Cymru

Charmagne is an absolute belter of a photographer and I did a shoot with her and another photographer Chris Colley back in the winter.

From the moment that I turned up to the moment I left, I was made to feel most welcome and like a princess.

Charmagne provided me with my own dressing room,beautiful outfits and she had laid on an array of snacks,drinks and lunch which was so thoughtful and attentive.

Charmagne and Chris shot for a variety of poses and outfits and we captured the most wonderful shots on which I was super excited about.

Charmagne is a really kind, consistent, considerate, positive, funny and professional lady who knows her onions!!

I was blown away by the results as it had been some time since I had modelled. I had stopped due to bereavement and I had gained a lot of weight at a period of my life and then worked hard to turn it around and it was the first time that I had stepped in front of the camera for some time which in turn has given me the passion to get back into it all.

Charmagne has been the person who has championed me and given me the belief and she has actively encouraged me to do modelling and TV work again and I cant thank her enough, she has seen my potential and told me how much she believes in me, she is not only a photographer but now a really good friend. Thank you for your help and belief Charmagne and the stunning photos that you have given me which has given me the base as you started me off with it all again xx

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