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Kelvin Bennett has 9 references; 9 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Kitty Karnage

I had a great shoot with Kelvin. Me and a friend did a Beetlejuice style shoot with him and we had a great laugh. I then did a solo shoot with Kelvin after Kadeem left and he was very professional. Pre comms were great and he gave us the pictures straight away and they were fantastic. I hope to work with him again in the future.

Highly recommended.

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Rara Goes Roar said...

Lovely shoot with Kelvin today! Did some pretty cool concepts plus he loved my burlesque style underwear which is always appreciated. Very accommodating and polite as well as being easy to work with. Definitely recommended :)

Rara x

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Devon Photography Training

Kelvin attended one of my lighting workshops this weekend, as a regular attendee to my sessions I have watched Kelvins photographic work evolve over time and he is regularly producing high quality images. Kelvin is always a pleasure to have on workshops, he's helpful, polite and forward thinking, he's great with models - respectful and courteous and all times. I highly recommend Kelvin to anyone looking for a fantastic photographer.

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Diego said...

Had the pleasure to work with Kelvin at a Photography workshop, Lovely guy, easy to get on with very relaxed and good at giving direction for the shots he was trying to achieve. And to top it all quite happy to give me a copy of all his raw shots at the end of the workshop thank you very much Kelvin!!! Definitely recommend :)

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Devon Photography Training

Kelvin attended one of my workshops this weekend, he produced some fantastic work - images I'm jealous I didn't take myself :P He is always polite and friendly and very helpful when setting the studio up and packing down, a true gentleman and a fantastic photographer, I highly recommend Kelvin to any models looking for a genuine, talented photographer.

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Trude Bosence

Such a lovely creative photographer , beautiful images look forward to working with you again, with the beautiful Maddison jett( model) , and more work shops at gemmievphotograghy studio workshops

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Kelvin came to a photography workshop and worked as part of a creative team, Kelvin was very polite, professional and fun to shoot with, he makes the models feel at ease and is a genuine, stand up guy who has a good eye for portrait photography. I highly recommend models to work with Kelvin if they are looking to improve their portfolio.

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Maddison Jett said...

I worked with Kelvin at a workshop with Gemmiev and Trude Bosence yesterday, Kelvin has a lovely manner and I felt very at ease when shooting with him, he is very professional and clearly loves what he does, he had the first couple of edits up that evening, I was very pleased with them and they have received a lot of attention :) Thank you Kelvin and everyone involved for a very enjoyable and productive day!

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Nikita Crombie

Today I had my first shoot working with Celvin at a workshop. I found him extremely friendly and was a real joy working with him throughout the day and ended up with some great images!

I look forward to working with Celvin again in the future, and would happily recommend him too!

Nikita :)

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