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It musta been written in the stars.

I put out a short notice casting this morning. About an hour later I got a message saying, “I’m free and I’ve got some stuff and mood boards.”

I loaded up, headed out and a couple of hours later we were set to go and Chloe didn’t just go, she travelled supersonically and magically through a range of looks with attitude oozing from her every bendy pore to create works of high art.

I cannot state just how highly this lady ranks on my list of models to work with and absolutely insist you should give yourself the joyful experience of working with her.

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I was looking forward to this shoot for the whole 24 hours since we’d agreed an impromptu shoot.

She said I’ve got some stuff. I said I’d got some stuff and that was about the shoot plan really.

I had a vague idea of what I’d like to try and she had similar ideas of her own and that’s why I like collaborating. You’re both invested in ideas and from the minute I collected her from the station I knew there was going to be a great, creative vibe between us. I collected her at 1pm and deposited her back at the station for her 7.15 train home. We didn’t take a meal break yet we managed to fill 5 fabulously fun hours, creating some of the best work I’ve done.

She brings out the best you’ve got and we challenged each other. The results speak for themselves.

She’s uniquely gorgeous, fabulously filled with personality and a willowy figure she can bend to create fascinating unnaturally wonderful poses.

She’s far more than a mannequin. Tap into her personality and a edgy and the sparks will fly, magic will happen and you’ll amaze yourself.

Book her. Pay her well. Treat her with respect but let her fly and you’ll love the outcome.

Thanks CC

You were wonderful as usual x

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had the great pleasure of working with Chloe on a socialy distanced location shoot today .fantastic comms arrived hair and makeup on point with a good selection of outfits and a positive can do attitude posed naturaly and easiley adapting to the location fully despite the cold and disturbance from grafeeti artists a real pleasure to work with highly recomend this young lady to everyone

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Sparks 1 photography

I had the pleasure of working with Chloe for the first time recently.

An absolute gem to work with and such a lovely girl.

She is so enthusiastic and professional in her approach.

Chloe has a natural beauty so it's very easy to get amazing images with her.

We are already planning another shoot together in the near future.

I get the feeling that she will be very busy so book her now.

100 % recommended

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FIPArt & Media

Shot with Chloe for the first time today and it was time well spent.

She's open and fascinating to work with and we had a stroll around her local area shooting some editorial, urban style fashion.

Her poses are fluid and she takes direction superbly and initiating her own as required.

She's friendly and her hospitality was gratefully received (A well earned cuppa!) and I have no hesitation in recommending her at all!

I'll be rejoining the line to work with her again in the near future!

Cheers chuckles, stay healthy!

T :)

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Presto Photography

What can I say, Chloe is a dream to work with, great precommunication and it was one of my favourite shoots. Chloe picked some great outfits , very adaptable and easy to work with. We did a mixture of outdoors and indoors and her place, fantastic for shooting , and a lovely outdoor area. Chloe is very beautiful and will go very far in the modelling business , highly recommended to all. Book at your earliest opportunity!

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Had a second shoot today with this distinctively beautiful young lady. Not only is she the full package, she’s also great fun and very focused in terms of getting the right shot.

If you don’t book her it’s your loss. If you do, you’re guaranteed a style you couldn’t even imagine gracing your portfolio.

Thanks for another great shoot. Looking forward to the next one

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What a lovely girl. She posed freely but also happy to take direction, great input and comms before and during the shoot and really easy going with a can do attitude.

For someone with so little experience she adapts well, is confident, can do sassy to sultry in an instant and I’d have absolutely no problem highly recommending CC to any photographer who will do her justice.

She’ll go far so book her while you can.

Thanks CC. You’re a star

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