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What a fantastic shoot!

I reached out to Chris as I really like his portfolio and really wanted to see if it was possible to add some of his images to mine! He responded really quickly and we managed to arrange something the following week.

He is an absolute gentleman; professional, friendly and very respectful. We had a great time shooting at a gorgeous location using natural light (timed perfectly with the sun!). Chris has a real eye for spotting the perfect backdrop and light and it was great to see some of the images on camera between poses to see what he was getting from each setting. He is really easy to chat to and there were several times that I had to suppress a giggle while posing as he is a really good laugh! His direction was great and he was equally happy for me to free flow.

Cannot wait to see the images!

Comms were fantastic and I look forward to the next time, thanks Chris ☺️

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It was great working with Chris after such a long break! Glad seeing him being enthusiastic about his work once again :)

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Chris is an absolute gent. Such a lovely guy with great skills 🙂

He's happy to take on your opinion on board and work together to get the best results. We had such a great day. There was laughs and giggles through out. I would highly recommend him and hopefully get another shoot booked with him soon x

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Mistie Lewis

I would 1000% percent recommend Chris.

Not only is Chris such a lovely guy, but he has such an eye for detail and has great ideas. The location was a last minute plan but Chris made it work. I’ve always wanted to get some vintage looking images and Chris certainly provided this. I love the shots I have seen so far!!

Chris was professional but very easy to get along with and made me feel relaxed and I throughly enjoyed the shoot.

If the chance arises I would not hesitate to work with Chris again in the future.

Thank you so much 😊

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Rhos x


After postponements due to Covid 19, Chris and I finally got to shoot together, and boy was it with the wait!

I absolutely loved working with Chris, Chris was professional and friendly, not to mention a phenomenal photographer and his eye for detail is out of this world. Chris immediately creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, offers great direction to help achieve the perfect shot.

I'm sure this won't be the last time I will be working with Chris. Can't wait for another shoot! Thanks Chirs :)

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Really talented photographer and a really good laugh. I'm pleased I finally got longer than 5 minutes networking events allowed with him.

We made a good job considering the weather and the shots turned out amazing. Very professional would recommend.

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Once again iv had such a brilliant shoot with the lovely Chris!!

I absolutely love working with him! His eye for detail is amazing! I know I’m always going to get outstanding images from our shoots! Time working with him is a pleasure we always manage to get through a few different outfits on a short shoot and the images well they speak for themselves!

I will definitely be working with this complete professional photographer again and again!

Can’t wait to share the images with you all!


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Mina Von Vixen

First shoot of 2021!

I ALWAYS love working with Chris. His work is absolutely fantastic you'll never be disappointed.

Chris is professional, fun, creative and really lovely on shoots.

Our shoot had two outfit changes in the same location, meaning we had to be creative with angles to make each set look totally different, Chris was always on the look out for different backdrops and when shooting kept an eye on the background to make sure it was in keeping with the theme.

I'd highly recommend working with him.

I can't wait for our next shoot! :)

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First shoot I've ever had from Chris and it was an amazing experience.

He used natural lights very good and works well with the locations he choose. Also has provided creative ideas and poses that would work well.

Very friendly and easy to get along with.

Highly recommended and one of the best photographers I worked with.

Thank you for the amazing results and a fun shoot!

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Evie Kedavra

Chris is a phenomenal photographer and his eye for detail is incredible.

Shooting with Chris is always relaxed, its much more of a; have a stroll and a natter with the bonus of some cracking images than a formal shoot.

We even had the weather gods on our side!

I've already got our third shoot in the planning, recommended with no hesitations!

Thanks again Chris, always a pleasure x

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I Reached out to Chris when i knew i was going to be up in Staffordshire, I had wanted to work with him for a while so thought i'd take a chance.

I am SO glad Chris responded! his communication was great and we very quickly began planning a shoot.

on the shoot, Chris was super easy to get on with. friendly, laid back, respectful and professional, everything you could ask for in a photographer.

Chris's knowledge and use of natural light as well as the lighting equipment he brought along is evidence of his skill and creativity as a photographer. we came away with some fantastic photo's and Chris's editing has lead to some really stunning images.

I sincerely hope to work with Chris again and can not recommend him enough.

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Jessica Maria

I recently put out a casting call requiring the help of a re-toucher for some old photos I have that needed editing. Chris did a wonderful job. He has given the photos an extra boost, to make it more appealing to the eye rather than just a raw image. He has incorporated his own style, the colours absolutely pop, and they look so much better than they did before :)

I would definitely recommend others to work with Chris :)

Thank you so much again!


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I have had three photoshoots with Chris and I can gladly say he is one of my favourite people to work with. We always joke around, share our ideas together and always makes sure I feel comfortable with what we're doing. He surprises me with the outcome of the photos every time just when I though it couldn't get any better. :)

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Evie Kedavra

I've really enjoyed our first shoot. Chris' knowledge and dedication shines through from the off.

He's very easy to work with and gives great direction; conversation comes naturally and a couple of hours flew by.

From what I've seen on the camera, we have some great shots and I'm 'focusing' on what will hopefully be another shoot in the upcoming months 😊

Thank you for a great shoot and a good laugh x

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Jennifer Rose

Shot with Chris last week outdoors, been wanting a shoot with for quiet a while, got sent more than enough images that I am very happy with all of them!

Shoot was very comfortable, following, knew what you wanted from me to do, always have a laugh and very easy to talk to.

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Tori green

I worked with Chris on Tuesday, lovely genuine guy with a lot of passion for his work. I took my brother as a chaperone due to it being our first photoshoot together which Chris had not problems with and engaged in conversation with him too! I haven’t got a bad word against Chris and I’m really happy with the outcome of the photos we created :) I hope to shoot with him again very soon

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I had the pleasure too have my first location shoot with the lovely Chris!

This was our first time working together and it will NOT be the last he was amazing from the moment we started shooting till finishing, he has a really good eye for detail working with him you are sure to get brilliant images.

He was very easy to get along with and made me feel very comfortable the communication was brill from the first message, and still after our shoot i have received many AMAZING photos he is gifted at what he does and i cant wait to work with him again soon :)


Thank you again!!

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I had the absolute pleasure to shoot with Chris last Sunday!

His energy was incredible! He had such a professional yet so friendly " to do" attitude toward to the photoshoot made it ever so smooth to work together. Communication was brilliant before, during and after the shoot. We made some seriously gorgeous pictures together.

Thank you for your time!

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Phoebe Louise1

Met Chris at the Woolton Hall networking event. He is such a lovely, easy to talk to and postive guy. He is a very talanted photographer, such an amazing eye for lighting and was great at giving directions.

Would highly recommend and cannot wait to work together again.

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Jennifer Bardsley

Met Chris fleetingly at a Woolton Hall event, shooting with him was fab! Lovely guy who had lots of ideas and snazzy lighting techniques but was also open to trying out anything I wanted to try. We got some great shots at record breaking speed. Definitely recommend!

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