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Chloe Price Photography

I had my second shoot with Ann Cara last week I had such an amazing time! Not only is she a beautiful model, but she also works with you as a photographer to get the best possible shot and isn't scared to do what it takes to get it. I was pleasantly surprised by the effort and enthusiasm she put into our day considering the weather wasn't great, but the photos we got were some of my favourites in my portfolio. I cannot wait to work with her again and will recommend her to anyone who will listen 😊

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apex images

Had the absolute pleasure of working with Carys and her friend Lara (LaraBran) yesterday. Preshoot cons were spot on.

Awesome ideas and a great variety of themes were worked on both solo and as a duo.

Carys is most definitely someone I would recommend to any photographer. Great looks great figure great expressions make for an outstanding model to work with.

Will most certainly be looking to work with her again in the near future.

Highest of recommendations!!

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Great first shoot with Ann. Great make up and posing, and really good company. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and got some great results. Won't be long before we shoot again. Highly recommended.

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Krish Nagar Photography

So today I finally got to shoot with this amazing young lady. Its been about 2 years in the making. boy was it worth the wait. Ann. Cara showed up dead on time and came well preped and ready to shoot. Pre comms were awesome and made the shoot super easy as she just got the idea and fit perfectly into the theme. Super easy to work with and a real creative model. Can't wait to work with you again. Highly recommended.

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Robin French

What an absolute trooper this young lady is, at 10pm the night before the shoot we realised that all the trains were cancelled, but she was determined not to miss the shoot so took a bus that would almost double her travel times - thats dedication!!

Arriving on time and with a case full of outfits, she was ready to go. What made this so special was that Ann came to me 3 years ago just as she was starting off, she listened to the advice and practiced the posing techniques and her we are again, though for the life of me I can't understand why we hadn't shot agin sooner?

A fabulous model, great listener and do what is needed for a great pose. Makeup skills are good and she is of course willing to travel. We had a great day and some amazing images, already looking forward to the next shoots in the new year.

Highly recommended of course

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Cary is a true professional..beautiful inside and out! and most of all genuine!

I highly recommend Cary! Communication is excellent and of course looks incredible in front of the camera. Easy to capture great images with little direction required.

If you haven't booked Cary you need to!

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I've shot with Carys several times now and has been a valuable contributor to my dark world. For some reason she keeps coming back :)

Carys is a lovely, lovely person. She's great company and an absolute pleasure to work with. She's able to convey the darkness which I need for my work and rarely complains (kind-of); she has worked in the rain, the cold, been covered in blood (fake!), tied up, worn uncomfortable clothing and masks. She's as determined as I to get the image.

Yes, I absolutely love working with Carys and she's a go-to model for versatility for sure.

100% recommended. She's an asset to any shoot!

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Chloe Price Photography

Ann Cara and I met in Tenby earlier this month to take some photographs. Communication before the shoot was incredible, at all times she was quick to reply to me and brainstormed ideas to make the theme as good as it could be. When we actually met, she was an incredible model who worked well to fit the theme and style of photography that I wanted, and obviously has a natural talent for modelling. And on top of that she was a lovely person! Thank you so much, the pictures look absolutely amazing and I would love to work with you again. Highly recommend her to all photographers.

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I had amazing shoot!!!

AnnCara I amazing and beautiful model, very friendly and easy going. She shows me beautiful location for shoot, we done 2 sets of great pictures in one day. To prove this Place check here Instagram account and you will see that Both sets arę get published..... 1000% reconvening this cool 😎 model to work with, because I definitely want working with her again soon!!!

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Carys and I shot together for the first time yesterday.

She is intelligent. Well organised. Communication is excellent. Professional.

We had a great shoot Carys is very good company and learnt very quickly what is was asking of her. Needing very little direction she quickly settled into the shoot.

I would certainly welcome the opportunity to shoot together again.

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Nathan Howells

Another great shoot with Carys at a great location that she'd suggested. My second shoot with Carys and hopefully not the last as we've ideas in mind for other shoots.

A pleasure to work with, happy to take what little direction I gave and keen to offer suggestions too which is great.

Highly recomended and I look forward to the next time :)

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Carys travelled down to me today for a studio shoot. She is such a pleasure to work with. We did a little fashion and some quirky black and white fashion posing and that went well. However when Carys gets her 'boudoir' head on she comes into her own with beautiful poses full of expression in their shape. Beautiful lingerie completed the picture. Great comms before and after, plenty of ideas and listens to the little direction need from time to time.

Highly recommended and will shoot her again.

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Remedy Images

Had my first shoot with Carys the other day and it was a blast. Great communication and effortless posing, couldn't be happier with how the images turned out. Definitely recommended!

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Nathan Howells

Had a great shoot with Carys today.

Pre shoot comms were excellent and she made me feel welcome as soon as I arrived. Carys is very professional and a pleasure to photograph. We got on straight away so had some lovely natural images.

I look forward to working with her again and is highly recomended.

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I had great pleasure to work fantastic Model in her house. Great personality, hard working, and very friendly girl. I definitely recommend this model to work with and definitely wish to work with her again soon..

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The Pix Factory

Worked with Carys recently on a home shoot. Carys was well prepared, had excellent pre shoot communication and was superb to work with. Carys was happy to shoot a number of different ideas and had a suitable wardrobe to cover a range of different looks. Definitely recommended! :)

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I had my first shoot with Carys recently and she was brilliant. Any early nerves soon disappeared and she got better and better as the shoot progressed.

Her preshoot comms were excellent and she arrived with a good wardrobe and ready to shoot. She has a lovely personality and is easy to get on with. It was a pleasure to work with her and hopefully the first of many more.

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I had the great pleasure of a home shoot with the beautiful Carys.

Pre-shoot comms were first class.

When I arrived she was ready to shoot with hair and makeup done to a high standard.

It had been a while since her last shoot but she was relaxed and took what little direction I gave.

We managed several different styles and several locations.

Carys is a joy to work with. Relaxed and easy to talk to.

I can highly recommend this lovely lady and we have already started discussing our next.

Thank you Carys for an excellent shoot.

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Cefni Photography63

Carys and I had been discussing the possibility of shooting together for quite a while and whilst stormy weather had prevented us doing so previously we finally managed to get together this week.

Pre-shoot communication had been first class and Carys arrived on time in her first outfit ready to shoot, with hair and makeup done to a high standard. Although understandably a little nervous to begin with she quickly relaxed and got into her stride and was able to work equally well with or without direction.

Carys was good company throughout the shoot and a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

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Robin French

Carys arrived on time with a suitcase full of outfits we had discussed. She is a lovely young lady with a great smile and personality to match which helped us get through the day.

This was a first for Carys on many levels so we spent time doing fashion & boudoir so she has a good range of images which came from good listening and a willingness to get stuck in. Responding well to direction Carys moved well and gave some great shapes.

A young lady you should book, she is of course recommended :D

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