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Rhi Morris

Andy made me feel very comfortable throughout the entirety of the shoot! He presented me with a mood board at the very start of the shoot and explained everything to me about levels and the basics. He was very informative throughout, ensuring that I understood the process of the shoot and was able to learn. As a new model, I greatly appreciated this! He's a super friendly guy, very knowledgeable and has a great shooting space- not to mention that the amount of props he has is endless! Whatever ideas you have, he can accommodate!

Definitely would love to be a regular with Andy! 10000% recommended!

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Sian Rose

Andy was amazing! My first shoot and he made me feel very comfortable. He was very accommodating and relaxed! His studio is amazing and full of anything and everything you could shoot! Would highly recommend to any new models who want an easy and brilliant first shoot!!!

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Amelia Mary

I met Andy last weekend on an incredible themed photoshoot (Adrian Pini events/presents) and it was such a fabulous day. Andy was super friendly from the word go, easy to chat to and fun to shoot with. He had plenty of ideas and also allowed me to get creative, getting into the role and making use of all the props and space.

Was so lovely to meet you Andy, truly a gent and great photographer and person. Excited to see what you do with the photos. Highly recommended :-)

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Met Andy for the first time today and had an amazing shoot at his studio with such an amazing amount of props and shoes and crowns and may I go on !!

Very kind and nice to work with gives amense detail to editing my photos more then anyone I’ve seen in my company before I left to show me all the detail he does.he let me pick a lot of images to have and I was so pleased

Will look forward to shooting again to do army theme !

Highly recommendable!!

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Gemma Souter

I worked with Andy for the first time this week, I did the models hair and make up at Andys house, he was very welcoming and friendly.

Andy has the most amazing studio at his home and would recommend anyone looking for a studio in the Worthing area to get in touch as it’s well equipped and you won’t be disappointed!

Andy is a relaxed, friendly guy who is a joy to work with, hope I get the chance to work with him again soon.

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Steve Jenkinson Photography

Had an amazing afternoon with Andy today shooting my victorian stylised concept in a secret location. Andy is always a pleasure to work with and very calm to be around and helpful in every way. We took turns shooting the model which he organised, and worked well together. Looking forward to more shoots with him in the near future. Highly recommended.

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Welll what can I say,

About a year ago andy told me to come for a shoot. My first ever shoot was with Andy! And a year in. He’s helped me achieved my goals! I have gotten into magazines and I now work for a few clothing brands!

I work with a number of photographers but in my eyes. Andy is also one of my good friends.

If you are wondering to work with a photographer and you have come across andys page then please don’t miss your opportunity and wow with him! He’s so kind and such a good heart!

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I really enjoyed working with Andy and honestly it was one of my favourite shoots I've done. I felt very comfortable and he's so lovely and an amazing photographer. I can't wait to see all of the photos when theyre done as I'm loving what I have so far. I'd love to work with him again in the future.

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Neeve Kelly

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with this awesome photographer recently during Andrew Appleton's night shooter workshop.

Throughout the shoot he was fun and chatty, he was also highly considerate towards me and made sure I was comfortable and happy throughout the shoot.

I could tell that he was taking in all of the information given at the workshop because when I look at the back of the camera the results reflected the instructions that were given. I was really impressed with the results I saw on the screen of the camera, particularly the hair flick shots.

I would definitely recommend him to all. It would be lovely to work with him again.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Andy a fair few times and the images have always been great! He is a lovely man and a really good photographer! Andy has a spacious home studio with an extremely large collection of clothes, shoes and jewellery to choose from.

I would recommend working with him if you haven’t already and I look forward to any future shoots we may book!

Thankyou ever so much!

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Worked with Andy for my first ever photoshoot. He is a very welcoming photographer and great at taking the pictures and editing. I felt completely safe and at ease whilst working with him. He was very helpful and informative by advising me on what poses to pull and what I need to know about modelling, he also showed me the photo editing process. Couldn’t of asked for a better photographer to work with for my first shoot of my new adventure. Thank you Andy and I look forward to working with you again 😊 x

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Yet another amazing shoot with Andy, such an awesome guy, easy to get along with, always welcoming. He's fantastic with bringing in new ideas and has an extremely large collection of clothes and shoes to choose from, I highly recommend you work with him as I will be doing again, can't fault him 🤗 x

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Tori Rose

I have yet another shoot with the fantastic Camera-on in the studio. This time the sun was shining and we was outside making the most of the weather, I brought my mum along also so she got to see some experience..it was nice to do some shots along Worthing pier in the warm heat and be able to connect with the public! Camera-on produced for me another selection of fabulous images I love and i am very pleased with the outcomes. It’s nice to connect so Well with someone who is always open to new ideas and places to explore! Highly recommend 🌟🌟🌟

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Tori Rose

Camera-on is an excellent photographer in which he creates a different world in front of your eyes. I enjoy working with him as he produces some outstanding work and such imaginative ideas to a model. His patience levels and directions are so great that you feel so relaxed and comfortable when doing the shoot. This photographer is very organised with a Wide variety of outfits and shoes for selection, along with some flawless makeup contrast to suitn your skin, along with colours for some bold lips, he really does know what works well, and how to give you that style you were hoping


After spending a week with Camera-on I only wish to keep working with him as it’s such a fun space where I can be myself and be around such an inspiring person. This photographer is highly recommended.

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I had an absolutely wonderful shoot with Andy the other day at his home studio. I have to say that ive never worked with a photographer that is more fully equipt to shoot than he is ! Andy has a phenominal array of clothes, shoes, jewellery and props. I was blown away by just how much he had to offer and it was very inspiring and exciting to say the least :) He was punctual and professional throughout the entire time i was with him. Pre comms i couldn't fault and i jumped at the chance to work with him because as his portfolio shows he is a very skilled photographer with an in depth understanding of photo editing and he has a keen artistic eye. I would definitely recommend working with him and we got some incredible shots! One of the sets that we did i am going to submit for publishing :)

I thoroughly enjoyed my day shooting with him and the vast amount of things he had got my creative juices flowing with the styling and the sort of character roles i would play. I hope to work with him again because it was so much fun. Can't wait to share the images with everyone. Thank you for a wonderful day :) x

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I have worked with Andy for about a month now and he is absolutely AMAZING!

I would totally, highly recommend Andy to anyone who would like to shoot with him. The photos we produce together is just fabulous, he's just a wonderful gentleman to be around, and I feel extremely comfortable around Andy.

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Bad Dolly

I have worked with Andy on a series of shoots some years ago and I knew he was great fun and full of unique quirky ideas. Andy attended a workshop I was modelling for this weekend and as well as a long overdue catch up it was brilliant to model for Andy again, he is so laid back but at the same time bursting with ideas, he is very talented but always willing to learn more. Model etiquette is fantastic and he is a great guy to be around :)

Highly recommended and thanks for a fun morning! x

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I had my first studio shoot with andy and i was so relaxed! Very professional and the photos are amazing! I would highly recommend especially for new models!

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Miss Little Minx

I had the pleasure of working with Andy on Thursday and i honestly couldnt be happier with the outcome.

His work is very professional and i enjoyed working with him on this shoot.

I look forward to working with him again!

Honestly couldn't recommend him enough :)

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Andys work is highly professional and he has his own studio he works with. He is a lovely gentleman with the passion to give the best shots.

I love working with Andy because I know I'm going to get some lovely photos and I never doubt him. His work got me published and that's something I can always thank him for.

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