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I can totally recommend Bruno!!

Thank you very much for the shooting and hopefully see you soon..


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Seriously LOVED working with the fantastic Bruno today! He is an absolutely lovely person and of course a very talented Photogarpher. The ideas and concepts he came up with for our shoot were truly inspired and original. I'm really happy I got the chance to work with him.

Many thanks again Bruno

Best wishes

Vicky x

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EsmeJayne said...

I did a shoot with Bruno a few months ago at his house. Bruno is such a genuine, kind man and a very talented photographer. I really enjoyed the shoot and the edited images look great! Bruno is so lovely; he even waited with me for my train to arrive after the shoot. I really hope to shoot with him again in the future. Honestly could not recommend him enough - my favourite photographer I have worked with so far!

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Amarosa said...

Had a shoot with Bruno on friday. Bruno is a very brilliant photographer. He knows his stuff and gets it done. Had a blast at the shoot. He's very warm and patient. Gives good directions to get the best results. Can't wait to shoot with him again. I recommend.

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Jen Brook

I worked with Bruno today during my London tour and despite a rocky start out of our control, I had a really enjoyable shoot and would definitely work with him again. Bruno is good company and makes the day sail by with his endless friendly chatter, just my kind of shoot :)

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I had a very pleasant shoot with Bruno few days ago. Great eye for details and explains very well what results he is looking to achieve.Very attentive with the models needs and I really appreciated that. He is also very excited and passionate about his craft.

Expect a very professional and lovely shoot with Bruno. I highly recommend him.

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Bruno is a considerate and professional photographer who knows exactly what he wants from a shoot, and works very hard to make sure his lighting is spot-on as well as offering direction realted to lighting set up.

He was fast on delivery of the edits, I have already seen a handful in a matter of days, and really pleased with the results so far - more fashion based than my usual work, and really lovely range of colour grading used in post production. Def recommended!

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I had a lovely shoot with Bruno, pre shoot communication was excellent. He is creative photographer who is very thorough in every sense before, during and post shoot. Highly professional and recommended.

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Diamond Doll27

I had my first shoot with Bruno today and what can i say . WOW !

Pre shoot communication . Spot on !

Bruno was more than polite and very gentlemen like throughout . Even had a seperate room for changing in which isn't always an option . He made me a lovey hot chocolate and instantly I felt right at ease !

We looked through images that he would like to create so we both knew what was wanted to be achieved . The shoot went great and we got some really great images ! I can't wait to see the results

I would highly recommend Bruno to any model and if you your looking for something in particular or just a few new images Bruno is your man ! Don't hesitate guys , a real great photographer here !

Hope to work lots more with Bruno in the future , thanks again xx

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Neeve Kelly

Bruno is fantastic to work with!

From the moment I arrived he made me feel relaxed and at ease. He communicated very well during the shoot and he is very easy to build a rapport with. He is a creative and he focuses a lot on achieving the right lighting. He is a lovely guy, I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and I would work with him again. He comes highly recommended!

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Jem Rose

I had a wonderful half a day shoot with Bruno at my location in Croydon. He's very passionate about his work and really cares about creating something unique and individual for him. He let me see the images throughout the shoot while explaining the lighting and making sure we were 'a team' working together.

He was professional and friendly and we've already spoken about working together again soon.

Highly recommended!

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Anita De Bauch

I had a lifestyle shoot with Bruno at my home earlier this month and we had a ball! Bruno is lovely to work, really cares about the quality of his images, and is a total professional on every level. I would recommend Bruno to any model, whether you are a seasoned professional or total newbie, don't pass up on the chance to work with him. What an absolute star!

Anita De Bauch


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Bruno has to be one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He is intelligent, creative and a true gent! His ideas are brilliant and he deserves to do well. I'm so looking forward to our future shoots, and I really can't recommend Bruno highly enough!

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Rachel W said...

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Bruno on Friday. We had a fantastic shoot, and what I have seen of the photos so far I am very impressed with his amazing work as a photographer. He is very easy to get along with and considerate, and I really hope to work with him again in the future soon.

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Lauren Wheeler said...

I had the pleasure to be the make-up artist for Nina Jades workshop at Chris Bulezuik's Studio in Brighton.

I met Bruno as he was one of the photographers there and it was a pleasure to work with him! He is very down to earth and easy to get along with and Very tall!

I am incredibly impressed with all the images so far and would love to work with him again.

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Nina Jade

I was privileged to shoot with the AWESOME Bruno at Chris Bulezuik's Workshop last Saturday!

I shouldn't say this *whsipers but he was my favourite! He made me laugh the whole way through and is the perfect Gentleman. It's too early to see the final edits, but what I've seen so far I'm absolutely delighted with! I cannot recommend Bruno enough :) A Master Photographer in the making!

I cannot wait to shoot again super soon!

Nina :)

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I had a shoot with Bruno this week. His pre comms were perfect, the shoot was very easy to book. He turned up early to the location and even drove me home again after. bruno was a perfect gentleman on the shoot as was very considerate as the weather was less than ideal. He made sure i was warm enough the whole shoot and insisted I keep my coat on for the majority of the shoot. We worked together really well and the images i saw on the back of the camera looked great. I really enjoyed shooting with Bruno and hope to again in the near future :)

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Anna Matos MUA

I have had the pleasure to work with Bruno twice in the last month. I was very excited to work with him at the outset as I'd had seen the quality of his work on PP and on his website.

He is very charming and directs well what he wants from the model and MUA, in every aspect, from making arrangements to the art direction on the shoot. He can put the model at ease, and encourage a wide range of poses.

He has a very sound understanding of technical aspects of photography that he mixes well with creative ideas to achieve the desired outcome. He is very knowledgeable about lighting techniques and post production, and can do lovely re-touching.

He is also very flexible, having had to change plans from outdoor location to indoor portraiture on our first shoot because of the rain!

I thoroughly recommend Bruno, and would love to work with him again.

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Amber Tutton

i worked with bruno for the first time Last night, he was great with communication before the shoot, we made sure we agreed on places and timings to meet. he got a great Mua to help out on the shoot and she was also very lovely. Bruno is such an easy going character...he'll let you have breaks in between the shots, he won't rush you, he'll really make you feel comfortable! he knew what he wanted to do with his lighting and we were shooting at 6-9! he's a great guy! i'd Highly recommend him!

thanks Bruno!

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I had great fun today with Bruno at our shoot! He had awesome ideas and was a pleasure to work with; and persistant when it came to getting the best shot we could! Would certainly work with again and I thoroughly reccommend him.

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