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Mia UK

I happened to notice that Darren had some free time this weekend.. so I jumped at the chance to shoot with him. Darren's professionalism and passion for creating is truly admirable.

From initial communications through to leaving the shoot, Darren was a pleasure to be around and I couldn't recommend him enough. Not only is he personable, it also helps he is a FANTASTIC photographer and lighting genius ... Some utterly stunning shots were taken and I am thrilled with what I have seen so far.

If you get the opportunity to work with Darren, take it! I would recommend him to any model and I'm already excited to work with him in future!

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Eowyn Luna

I was so excited to see that Darren had booked onto one of my studio days at Inspire Studios, and I wasn't disappointed!

Darren is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable photographer, so I knew we'd create some magic before we even began. We powered through a bunch of brill ideas and I felt super creative. He's an all-round lovely person, very easy to get on with and I felt completely comfortable the whole time. It was a very enjoyable shoot and I'm loving seeing the results so far.

I'd recommend shooting with Darren without question, and hope we get to work together again in the not too far future!

Thank you :D

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Ell Mae

What can I say about Darren! Well, I'm so happy we finally got to work together! He's assisted my previous weekend at Inspire and I never managed to get a chance to work with him, this time we had an hour and I'm so thankful he booked me! I really did have one of the best shoots and we captured one of my favourite portraits of me ever!

Definitely recommend, like 10010% and hope to work together again for sure!

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I absolutely love working with Darren and jumped at the chance again when I saw he had free time.

Darren is a true professional, through and through. His photography knowledge is incredible (as well as all of the other weird and wonderful facts he comes out with!) and in my opinion he nails it every time.

The atmosphere he creates is relaxed and fun and he treats models with upmost respect. You couldn't really ask for more.

We worked through a few ideas and once again captured some beautiful images. The edits I have seen so far are stunning.

An extremely talented individual and a lovely person. Without a doubt highly recommended to any model 😊

I look forward to working together again.



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Kiera Ashley

I had my first shoot with Darren today and he was beyond lovely and made me feel so comfortable before, during and after the shoot! He involved me in the planning and inspo board of the shoot and I then knew exactly what to expect before arriving! I got the chance to see all the images straight from the camera at the end of the shoot and got to choose my favourites (although this was so hard to choose my favourites as there were so many fabulous images), which is an aspect I really liked about shooting with Darren and ensured we both came away from the shoot with images we both liked!

Not only did we capture a large number of amazing images all in the shoot time and a variety of sets, but we had some great chats and a lot of laughs too! I 100% recommend, his work and portfolio shows his talent and skills without me needing to boost his ego anymore haha.

I can't wait to hopefully work with Darren again soon :)

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Chloe Elisabeth

Shooting with Darren as my first jump back into modelling for quite a while was absolutely amazing. I always love shooting with him but I always underestimate how incredible our time together will be. He’s always full of ideas, creativity, energy and kindness and I’m so grateful for the work we’ve done together and the professional relationship we’ve built. Thank you for being my first shoot of the year! And helping me feel confident again coming back.

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Katey Model

I was lucky enough to have Darren book onto my studio day at Inspire studio in Salisbury!

Darrens portfolio speaks for itself, right? Everything from his angles, lighting right the way to colour grading is outstanding.

To say I was delighted to work with him is an understatement. He had a clear cut plan, ideas, inspo pictures and our two hours together FLEW BY!

I love the images we created, I really do. And I super hope we have another chance to work together in the future.

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Darren was in attendance for my shoot at Inspire Studio, standing in for Siaran for the first couple of hours. My shooting plan with my ballerina model included a set that involved using ambient light and strobes with bulb and second curtain synch settings. The last time I used this set up I had a Sony A7R iv and it worked perfectly. In the meantime I had switched to the Canon R5 and assumed the settings could be replicated. Well, having set up the lights I was amazed to find that these settings are not possible on the Canon. Incredible! Fortunately, Darren came to the rescue and loaned me his Sony A7r iii. Having wasted a couple of hours trying to figure out how to set up the Canon to do the same and googling extensively, I'm pleased that I still got the shots thanks to Darren's generosity. Thanks for saving the day Darren.

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Tegan Elizabeth

Had my first shoot with Darren at Inspire studios and what can I say. We literally shot for 20 minutes and I was Amazed at the images he produced.

His lighting set up was awesome and he knows exactly what he’s doing and the type of images he wants to create.

I can’t wait to see the edits. He also let me go through the images to see and pick some I liked.

He’s very friendly and easy to work with.

I would definitely recommend Darren and hope to work with him again in the future. He’s ace!

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FINALLY! Back shooting properly and I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot. I approached Darren with an idea I had and I knew he was the only person that would understand what I was after. And I wasn’t wrong. He absolutely nailed it. Back of camera images were amazing! I feel like I get some of my best work with Darren. He’s so easy to work with and just gets me and what each shoot is to come from when working together.

Thank you for such a great shoot! And thanks for making my vision happen. See you soon!

Zoe x

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Chloe Elisabeth

Darren is one of the most genuine, thoughtful and talented photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting with. We met at the end of 2018 and have managed to have 4 incredible shoots, where Darren always makes me comfortable, look amazing (thanks!!!) and gives the best energy that any model could wish for. I truly feel like I’m catching up with an old best mate, and I’ll continue to pursue working with him for as long as he’ll have me!

5 stars!

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Eve Ann

Darren couldn't have been a better photographer to introduce me into modelling. He helped settled any nerves I had and made me feel comfortable in my first modelling experience - giving me guidance on what to and what not to expect in the industry as well as some useful tips and tricks. Quick turnaround of photos too, which are absolutely beautiful! Couldn't be happier with my first set of portfolio images :)

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I had an amazing shoot with Darren at Inspire studios in Salisbury. He is a pleasure to shoot with, his personality is very warm and he genuinely shows his positive emotions when he likes the photos. Darren knew exactly what he wanted to shoot, and he did really great, he needs only 2 clicks and the photo is good as he wants it to be. Really like his approach, and it was a pleasure to shoot with Darren. Looking forward to work with him again. Highly recommended to shoot with 😊

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Emmaa Niicole

Had a quick few shots and got some amazing results for such a short amount of time!

Hopefully we can work together again soon.

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Retro Rob

Big thank you to you Darren for your support on my Retro Rob/Fred Astaire tour at Inspire Studios.

The lighting was on point thanks to your keen eye and patience you made every shot a winner!

Looking forward to seeing you there again soon.


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Hannorah Model

A fantastic shoot with Darren today, our last was back in 2019 so it was great to get back together with some new ideas.

Darren has an elegant editing style which is what I had in mind for my first maternity shoot. I was absolutely blown away by the images! We also shot his signature style portraits, fashion and implied looks.

Thank you for a great shoot, I am so happy with what we have created.

Highly recommended to all models.

Kind regards Hannorah

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Isabelle Adams

I had an absolutely wonderful time shooting with Darren! His talent is second to none and I am very lucky to have been able to work with him. It was a long time coming because of covid and my goodness it was worth the wait!

He is such a lovely and genuine guy and made me feel very well respected and comfortable for the whole shoot. We got on so well and talked loads all whilst he was taking what have turned out to be the most incredible shots.

The speed in which edits came back was incredible which just goes to show his professionalism when it comes to his art.

If you are lucky enough to get the chance to work with him, absolutely do it! Could not recommend enough !!

Thank you so much for a wonderful day and I hope to work with you again soon!

Best Wishes,

Isabelle Adams

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What can i say! I had the best day with Darren! Being my second shoot back he took me under his wing and helped me gain confidence behind the camera.

Throughout the day he taught me to pose and how to look at the camera to achieve the best images. He made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout even getting out the chocolate buttons!!

We have created some incredible images and he also makes a lovely cup of tea haha!

Recommend Darren 100% thank you so much for a lovely day and being so wonderful with me.

Can't wait to shoot again :)

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Rob Bowes Photography

Once Darren was on hand to provide some great advise on a recent shoot at Inspire.

Darren is very knowledgeable with his lighting and has some great ideas which really helps when trying something out of your own comfort zone.

He runs one to one workshops and editing courses and if you want to learn then Darren is your man.

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Bridgeshoots is one of the most enjoyable people to work with. He is extremely respectful and professional throughout, insanely creative and a master of light. I was genuinely shocked at the back of camera images (which he let me see after each set) And even more so at the edits I've seen so far! Pure art. Not to mention he is easy going and a right laugh!

Can't fault this guy. I feel lucky to have had the chance to work together and truly hope it will happen again in the future.

If you get the chance to work with him you would be crazy not to take it 😊

Highly recommended.

Thanks again!


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