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About Me:

I love photographing people. Most of my work is fashion inspired portraiture and music related, but there’s not much I don’t love shooting as long as I get to play with light and get to interact with other awesome humans.

Re: Covid 19 - I am fully vaccinated, have had my booster jab in December, and regularly take LFTs.

Random Shooting Callouts and Fun Facts:

In no particular order…

- I like to work with models for creative projects (testing lighting ideas, producing complex personal projects, etc.) so I’m primarily looking for collaborations/TFP. If you’re wanting to build your portfolio or collaborate on some crazy idea, give me a shout!

- People/features/things I'd currently love to shoot: Under-represented communities/cultures/POC/LGBTQIA+, freckles, latex, green eyes, swimwear, red hair, alt-stuff, and lots and lots of tattoos. If none of these hit home but you still dig what I do, please please please reach out 🙂

- I’m a firm believer that collaborations should be collaborative. Let’s get together and come up with something awesome. Some of my favourite images have come out of 30 minutes chats over a pint or a coffee.

- I have no issues whatsoever with chaperones and find it a bit odd how divisive that subject seems to be on PP (my wife Alice usually tags along to help with lighting and details if she's free anyway, and I'll grab a band mate for back up if she's not), though fair warning I'll likely put them to work! As long as someone isn't being intrusive, I've always found extra hands to be helpful.

- I live in Southampton and have no car, so while shooting out of town is definitely not something I’m against (if I have a free weekend and can find a cheap train ticket, I’m always down for an adventure!), if you live in the middle of nowhere and it’s going to take half a day and 20 bus changes to get to a location, I’m probably gonna have to decline.

- I can now shoot from home! Check out my Home folder to get a feel for what we can create here 😍

- A lot of my lighting inspiration comes from my experiences shooting live music. I prefer using speed lights and studio flashes, but I'm very comfortable using any type of light available. Check out my lighting folders to see the variety we can produce with flash, constant, or natural light!

- While I am fully capable of capturing images quickly, I prefer to take my time when possible. If we're hitting it off well and no one involved in a shoot has to rush off somewhere, I'm always down to shoot longer than initially planned.

- I like using weird locations for backdrops and inspiration.

- I don't need a theme to shoot. If you've got a new outfit or haircut or makeup or whatever else and want to capture it, we can just wing it. I've made some pretty epic images in my driveway (feel free to ask about the lighting literally on any shot. I LOVE geeking out on photo things.) Creativity doesn't always depend on a ton of planning.

- Most of the people I've worked with have been able to handle their hair, makeup, and outfitting just fine. But if you're a HMU, designer, stylist, etc. let's chat. Not everything needs production, but production is exhilarating and fun 😍

- I work an 8-4 Monday through Friday and play in two active bands, so my availability can be a little hectic at times and I'm pretty much never free during the day weekdays, but once something's in my diary it stays there unless there's a really, really good reason to change it. However I know things come up and if you need to reschedule I'm sure we can make it work.

- If you see me suddenly like a ton of your photos it's because I looked through your portfolio and loved it. I appreciate good work whether I'm involved in it or not.

That should probably give you and idea about me, but if you have any questions feel free to ask. Otherwise let's pick a day to go create see magic.




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