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I had such a lovely time shooting with Robert.

I felt completely at ease and even in the cold and the muck we managed to stay in high spirits and get some beautiful pictures! Robert was full of great advice about the industry and felt like a real genuine person, I couldn’t recommend him as a photographer enough! I’m looking forward to our next shoot which is hopefully very soon😊

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Anna Johansson

What can I say about Robert.. Robert is an amazing guy and photographer, and also fun and a gentleman. I really had a great photoshoot with him, :) I can warmly recommend Robert to all models. I hope seeing you again:) Hugs

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Ivory Flame

Robert is fantastic to work with! He booked me for a day during my recent visit to Ireland, and was thoroughly professional, considerate, accommodating and helpful in all aspects of organising the shoot.

I have met him once before at a workshop years ago, and it was brilliant to spend more time working together. He arranged half of the day at a studio in Dundalk, with himself and a small group of other photographers shooting, all of whom were lovely and so enthusiastic. And the other half of the day was 1:1 with him at a beautiful house location nearby.

Robert has a fantastic photographic eye, and the images we shot look amazing! He had brilliant ideas himself, no ego, only collaborative, respectful energy which makes for such a creative, productive and relaxed working environment.

He was also very generous in giving me lifts, getting a nutritious lunch, helping with my luggage etc, and mindful with covid safety too - all so appreciated.

Very highly recommended and I would be very happy to work with him again!

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This was my second time working with Robert and it definitely won't be my last.

He is so easy to work with, kind,considerate and a total gent all round.

He also just sent me some shots and they are beautiful!

I look forward to working together again soon!

Thank you 😊

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La Rana Arrogante

I had the opportunity to work with Robert during my travel to Dublin. The communication was great before, during, and after the shooting. I loved to work with him, a great guy, with a super location, he provided me coffee and transport. I wanna recommend Robert and hope to work with him again.

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Serafina Fire

This was my first shoot with Robert and it won’t be my last . Communication prior to meeting was fantastic and I felt very comfortable throughout the shoot because of that . We shot in an old house for 4 hours and Robert made sure I had breaks and was very friendly, professional and encouraging during the shoot . He gives great direction and strives to achieve the best shot. I can’t wait to see the images and highly recommend him .

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Keira Lavelle

Another utterly prolific remote shoot to add positive credit to for the very awesome photographer whose page you currently are looking at! 😃 Most definitely recommended based on my virtual experiences of shooting with Robert - and should the opportunity to work together again pop up again in the future, well I’ll be jumping for it. ☺️

This time we pushed the boat out and mixed it up a bit! 👀 Instead of working at my home locations (where most of my remote shoots have generally took place) we had the run of the fantastic studio Natural Light Spaces and made some very different images with the sets/light and everything we could in the time we had. So you can see why my opening line jumped straight to hinting about the productivity - Robert is a very enthused and creative eye (which I found from the first time we shot together) so I just knew that we’d be rocking and rolling at this place. 😜 We jumped around the opportunity to make shapes in the big windows/descended on the funky posing boxes and then did some cute boudoir-style stuff on the bed setting as well! The momentum flowed brilliantly from one set to the next; and whilst Robert was really lovely and patient when I needed to take a few minutes to arrange the set/change my look - once we were in that shooting zone, the buzz was alive! 👌 Robert has fantastic attention to detail and communicated superbly to let me know if the position of the camera needed changing or anything... He gives really lifting feedback during the repertoires of a set and is honestly just a general joy to work with! He has clear understanding of light, and in the remote shoots we’ve done I have just totally left him to tinker with the settings to achieve the effect he’s looking for. Yep - a fabulous photographer alright! It would be a true pleasure to get to shoot in-person (at some point) as I can see him just totally rocking that way of working as well. 🙂

Robert has the nicest character imaginable - this is probably just a repeat of what I’ve said before, but still relevant haha! He’s mega down to earth/easy to strike a rapport with and even in his communications before a shoot; just a breath of fresh air! Highly courteous, appreciative and respectful towards models. All the boxes ticked that you would hope for from a good shoot experience. 😃

Thank you so much once again Robert! So glad you were able to get on board with this remote day.


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I had the pleasure of working with Robert for the first time last week and it certainly won't be the last!

Absolutely wonderful shoot, it was very relaxed and I felt at total ease.

He is a total gentleman and it was wonderful to meet his lovely partner

Dara as well, they were so kind and considerate and bought me lunch and a load of snacks along.

Thank you so much one of my first shoots after lockdown and really was a lovely day.

I have even received some gorgeous images since, very promptly!

Thank you and look forward to the next!

Highly recommended ☺

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Keira Lavelle

Robert got in touch with me expressing his interest in doing a remote shoot - this was lovely since the last year has prevented travel/normal model-photographer connections to such an extent; but working remotely literally enabled us to make magic from the UK to Ireland! :D

The plan was to shoot some pretty shapes and bodyscapes using my space at home and seeing what we could do with the light. As it happened: the natural light was really nice on the day/time we shot and because this gent took straight to remote shooting he was just away and working the settings with total confidence! As a result; some absolutely stunning graphics images were made and we enjoyed a tremendously productive shoot, even after literally only just working with each other for the first time now! :) I felt the time we had was utilised really well to get a couple of different environments into the mix, as well as accessorising with accessories/lingerie too to create different vibes across the sets we did. Robert comes across as a very passionate and creatively driven photographer who can see opportunities (even when he’s not physical in the room!) and throw suggestions to the model/direct. He has a superb eye for an eye for a photograph for certain, it was a true pleasure getting to make these stunningly artistic shots with him! :D

Furthermore: I felt that a rapport formed very naturally between us. This made the shoot flow like a dream and enabled Robert and I to bounce off each other - just as you hope to be able to work in any creative environment with a team. :) His nature is very respectful, professional by approach and he’s a really upbeat/fun person too! We sure did our fair share of gossiping as we worked haha. It just makes the time fly by when you get on really well with a photographer - and I can wholeheartedly confirm that Robert falls into that category and is a lovely person. :)

Definitely recommended, and I would be delighted to get the chance to shoot with Robert again further down the line. :D

Thank you so much!


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