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Alternative, Bondage, Commercial, Cosplay, Fashion, Fetish, Glamour, Promotional and Swimwear



*** Production will recommence after lockdown at studios in London, Hampshire & Devon, UK.

Drama Scene for BLMStudios:

Actors/Performers: Seeking female performer to play prison officer for cinematic drama production for mainstream distribution by BLMStudios.

MUA: Seeking theatrical makeup artist for hard-hitting cinematic production, please apply via DM.

More Details:

Seeking the Passionate, the Fun-loving and the Enthusiastic. Those who aren't afraid to try something different and get their hands dirty. BLMStudios is a professional yet fun environment where you will laugh, smile and just let yourself go.

Check out just some of the feedback from some of the amazing models and performers we have worked with so far, we hope to add you too:


The best way to contact us is via PurplePort, however, should you need it, we can also be reached via:

Email: [url removed]

Telephone: 0845 64 34 650

Check Out Our PurplePort Feedback from Great Models:

"I always feel really excited when I get asked to work with these guys. Their shoots are really like no other, they are just awesome!! Clothes are always provided, teas always provided and so are many laughs throughout the shoot. It's relaxed and organised, they always make sure you're comfortable and happy. Thanks so much for asking me back again, it's always a privilege, take care guys see you sometime soon! Xx"

"Had a fab first shoot with BLM in Cornwall. I've done various WAM shoots before but this was definitely the highest budget production by a mile! They were very welcoming and professional with excellent pre-shoot comms. Would recommend in a heartbeat and would love to work with them again some time. Ivy xx"

"I had a brilliant and fun first shoot with these guys on Friday! Both were friendly, welcoming and just all round fabulous to work with. I had never done a messy shoot before, but everything was fully explained to me and taken at my pace. It was the most fun I have had in ages, time just flew by! I would love to work with these guys again, and would recommend them to absolutely anybody who doesn’t mind getting a bit" mucky!


And now for something completely different...

BLMStudios are looking for models, at both professional and beginner level, for our entertainment network from across the UK and beyond.

Our 'messy & slapstick' entertainment site is one of the largest messy entertainment websites in the UK and is in production 4 times per year.

To apply, you will need to get very messy during filming, be confident, have a good sense of humour, and be pretty easy going.

We look for participants who can do their own hair and makeup and are prepared to re-do this for each and every scene.

You must be prepared to get your hair, face and body messy (clothed) and in some cases be submerged (temporarily). We will discuss the scenes with you fully beforehand. It is very important to us that every participant is comfortable, happy and feels at ease throughout.

Clothing will be supplied by the studio, however, all underwear must be provided by the participants for hygiene reasons. These are likely to get wet during filming so making arrangements for this is advisable. Washing machines and dryers are available within the studio facilities. 


Bluelight Media Group is an independent production company originally based in London with multi-purpose film and recording studios in Hampshire, Devon & Cornwall.

BLMStudios produce promotion and marketing content for over 7,000 outlets across Europe and North America. From audio imaging to corporate branding. BLM has been involved with the UK radio industry since 2002 and an investor in new media and digital enterprise. Boasting a growing property portfolio and investments in new talent, green energy & evolving technologies, the network is proud to be ever-expanding into new markets.

Bluelight Media are producers of a number of well known visual effects on household-named theatre and television brands. A major shareholder in Liquid Effects Group and host Vibe Nation & Icon Music. 

We have worked with television and theatre for many years and took over production of some very niche and quirky websites in the last decade. We have proudly tripled the subscription base by investing in new sets and innovations and by steering the production ever so slightly away from the fetish aspect of the original version of the website and into a broader more fun-themed show.


What type of model are you looking for?

Everyone! The more diversity we can showcase, the better we can reach out to new viewers. All shapes and sizes are welcome as are all looks and styles.

Should I be nervous?

Absolutely not, it is the most laid back, fun shoot you will probably have. Everyone leaves smiling. We will look after you from beginning to end, we will explain everything and make sure you are comfortable with everything before we begin filming. 

Is it paid work?

Yes, every shoot we advertise is fully paid. We don't do TFP or ask for any free work from any performers.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. We hold material safety data sheets for all products used. All effects products are non-allergenic, suitable for all skin and hair types, environmentally friendly and suitable for vegans. All products are very unlikely to stain, however, we supply clothing for you, in your sizes, so however messy you may get during production, you'll leave clean, dry & comfortable!

Can I clean off easily?

Yes, there are hot showers available.

Do I need to bring my own food and drink?

We do advise it, especially if you have dietary requirements or preferences. The studio holds tea, coffee, soft drinks and light snacks. It also has a kettle, fridge/freezer, microwave oven and kitchen utensils/cutlery for all participants to use should they need them.

Are their dressing rooms?

The studios are equipped with private (shared) heated dressing areas with dressing tables, ample plug sockets, mirrors and hair dryers. 

Is the 'gunge' warm?

We make the products as warm as we can to ensure they are comfortable during filming, however, in some cases, they can get a little cold, but fear not, whatever happens, a nice warm shower awaits. 

I am not a model but am a 'wam' enthusiast, can I still apply?

Unfortunately not. We require experienced models/performers only. Sessioning and modelling are completely different as you are here to please the viewer's interests and not your own. If you are a messy enthusiast you may find it underwhelming or even disappointing and we'd hate to ruin the illusion :-) 

Where are you based?

BLMStudios have studios in London, Hampshire & Devon, UK (new location may be coming to Brighton shortly)

Pay & Expenses:

For expenses allocation, we will need to know your postcode and your method of transport so we can calculate the costs for you. If travelling by car, we will cover 25p per mile, which is the top tier as recommended by HM Revenue and Customs. This will cover all fuel costs plus additional expenses cover. If travelling by train or public transport, you will need to contact us for arrangements.

For overnight hotel accommodation, please contact us to discuss.

*Please Note: We will require a receipt for all public transport and hotel accommodation cover for our tax records.

How to get here...

By Road: Full directions, postcode, and map given upon shoot confirmation along with telephone number if help required. The studios are easy to find and have their own designated postcode.

Nearest National Rail Stations: Bodmin Parkway, Liskeard, Plymouth & Exeter.

Nearest Airport: Exeter International & Newquay.

Taxi Services: Available on request or private company taxi.

Overnight Hotel Accommodation: by arrangement.

What do I need to bring?

All participants must submit photographic government-issued age verification documentation (passport, driving license etc.) either in advance or on the day of production. These documents are kept strictly confidential and not shared with any third parties, with the exception of government bodies if required by law. Bluelight Media Group adheres to all current GDPR guidelines and is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office. 

Important Notices:

*Although we do not permit any form of adult or sexually explicit content at any time. All participants, actors and models must be aware that there is a 'fetish viewership' within our target audience on some of our outlets. For this reason, applicants must be comfortable with and understand fetish-based viewership alongside mainstream, and accept that content may be marketed on third-party outlets where adult content may appear. All content will be promoted within the context it has been produced. We must insist that all participants are over 18, can prove their age and consent to both mainstream and 'fetish' outreach. All work is fully-clothed and expressly non-adult.

Content Release Forms:

All participants will be required to complete a content release form, non-disclosure agreement and legal disclaimer. These documents can be sent prior to production for you to read through in advance. 

The content release form allows us to broadcast the content with safety provisions to ensure your real name and identity are never disclosed and that content cannot be edited to make any false implications.

The non-disclosure agreement is a legally binding agreement that protects our and others' intellectual property, set designs and devices. It also covers third-party productions who may be using the studios and wish to protect their set designs and projects from public disclosure. 

The legal disclaimer advises that your property is kept safely within the dressing rooms to prevent any damage or loses in the studio areas. Along with a waiver and agreement of consent.

House rules:

We all dislike them but they are there to keep everyone safe. We must insist that there is no alcohol on set or anywhere on-site during or before filming. We want you to have lots of fun but please remember, this is a working environment and must be treated as such. You are welcome to join us after production at the nearby pub for as many drinks as you like, the first round is always on us. 

Please be advised that if you arrive intoxicated you will be turned away without pay.

Footwear must be worn at all times when moving between studios, dressing rooms and preparation areas. 

Finally, we insist that there is absolutely no photography within or around the studio grounds. This is to protect sensitive projects and sets. We emphasize this especially within the dressing rooms to protect all participants' privacy. 

Thank you for getting this far :-)

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to send us a message. Check our casting calls and message for available shooting dates.

We look forward to hearing from you :-)

Come & have fun, relax & enjoy yourself in the world's most intriguing production studios. Get in touch :-)

Contact Bluelight Media Group at 0845 64 34 650


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