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Pete Jousiffe

This was my first shoot with Bliss V and what a great model she is! Good pre-shoot communication, really good fun to work with, contributed with pose ideas and helped me feel at ease. Thank you Bliss V, looking forward to working with you in the future. Highly recommended.

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Images (Ray H )

Another fab' shoot with BlissV. at the loft studio. Great comms. super outfits and a committed model. what more could you wish for.This Lass is very creative. The 3hrs flew by , Accompanied by Miss Tiffany ( see her reference also ) who also shot with me . we had a super fun time. Many thanks Bliss. we will no doubt be looking forward to some more great shoots ASAP. Recommend ? OH yes! ... Ray H .

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Images (Ray H )

Had a delightful shoot with with BlissV today,..Our first but not our last , we had a GREAT TIME..Very creative and her wardrobe was extensive. . It was also our first time in the Victorian loft studio ..So much more to do together. we will be repeating this event Asap. Thanks for a fun afternoon . you are a super Lass to work with . Recommended to all PP members Bliss V is a truly talented Lass .Many thanks ,.looking forward to another shoot ... Ray H .

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GGDP Photography

I had my first shoot with bliss this morning I was not disapointed in any way this lady is very talented she makes all here own clothes and is very artistic in her approach to ther shoot...

Bliss posed effortlessly and new exactly what I was looking for , she is such fun to be with so the shoot wnnt very quickly.... Bliss arrived early with oodles of changes of clothing so I was not stuck for choice ...

I would recommend Bliss to all photographers wanting something different, she has an extinsive range of cosplay etc.. So why not give this model a try...

Thanks Bliss for agreat shoot


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James M-H

Bliss I think she might be more crazy then me! She Responded to a casting call all very last minute, with good communications & arrived all ready to shoot.

Bliss was full of energy & a joy to work with, she needed no direction but took to any that was given, had a few of her own ideas that worked well.

I can recommend her highly, such a pleasure. I hope to work with you again, hopefully on a cos play shoot. maybe. :)

thank you for the great shoot.

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Brian Lewicki

I had met Bliss previously when she acted as my assistant and we agreed back then that we would do a shoot together. She put A LOT of effort into our shoot with 3 wardrobe changes and multiple poses to capture the images we both wanted. Good communication up to and on the day and would definitely recommend her.

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Had my second shoot today with Bliss.Arrived with a good variety of outfits again.She was already to start shooting with makeup already done.Once again knew what ideas she wamnted to do with each outfit and needed very little direction.We got some excellent images again.Definately recommend Bliss as a great model to work with

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Had a short notice shoot with Bliss recently.Great communication.Bliss turned up well prepared with outfits and ideas.Bliss needed very little direction.She is fun a fun model who knows what she wants from a shoot.Very professional too. and worked until early hours of the morning getting great results.Already planning next shoot.Bliss is highly recommended

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WhiteRoom Photography said...

Had an amazing shoot with Bliss v, she was on time with a lovely load of clothing and makeup. She was a pleasure to woke with, she had loads of great ideas and communicated well throughout. I was so impressed we spoke of another shoot very soon.

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Olaf Krackov

Firstly apologies for late review.

I had a tremendous shoot with Bliss V she is a delight to work with pre-shoot comms were excellent and she arrived on time and with a great selection of outfits.

The shoot was very enjoyable and flowed really well using all forms of lighting. Bliss really works hard to ensure you get the right shot but is also comfortable suggesting ideas.

Working with Bliss and Miss Tiffany was a great evening shoot, great banter and great work and who realised it was after 2am when we finished

I really would highly recommend Bliss V and look forward to shooting with her again

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Loved working with Bliss. She was lively to work with and have always been happy with the makeup ive completed for her. Recommended.

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