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Francis J Pullen Photographer

I worked with Blair at Aura Studio as part of a combined shoot with her Model Mother, Vicky Burns, and I'm so pleased to have done so.

Despite this being an early stage in her modelling career, Blair is a really lovely and friendly young lady, and we chatted easily, discussing what outfits with which to work.

It soon became evident to me that Blair has 'The Look' - a really strong face and expressions, combined with long, wavy raven black hair, and a smile to die for, that are just wonderful to photograph, which at times too my breath away!

We worked from Fashion to Lingerie across 4 different sets, using great choices from her wardrobe. She posed easily and with confidence, (great to see in a young model) and took direction easily when asked.

I absolutely loved working with Blair, and have no hesitation in recommending her 100%. Thank you for a great shoot Blair x

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Nice to work with Blair at Aura for an hour, she has defiantly got a distinct 'look' and was easy to work with and pose.

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Saracen House Studio

Really happy to meet Blair for the first time on Friday for her shoot here with Vish. Blair has such a super look, confidence and politeness.

Looking forward to seeing more of this up and coming model soon.

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So I shot with Blair on Friday in Milton Keynes. We've been discussing about doing a shoot for a few months but last month she happened to mention she would be in Milton Keynes with her mother (who is also a model) so we arranged to schedule something when she was going to be local.

Pre-Comms were perfect, with Blair replying promptly to messages and answering any questions. For someone whose only done a handful of shoots at no point did I think Blair was going to bail or no show. We swapped ideas, I sent over a mood board and we confirmed what we were going to shoot. It was going to be a mix of images at her hotel and then to my favourite studio Saracen House.

The day before the shoot we swapped contact details and scheduled the shoot in the calendar. I would have done it earlier but I had a crazy busy few weeks so that was my fault. Text each other and all was lined up. About an hour before the shoot we text each other just to make sure all was well as I knew she was coming from Cambridge.

When I arrived at the location I was welcomed in, given a tour of the room and shown a variety of outfits which we could use. The first half the shoot was only 90 minutes but there were 10 + outfits so I appreciate the diversity. Now I've been to several nice hotels but honestly this is bar far the best hotel I've been to. We started with some casual portraits and Blair was super confident, happily free posing. She listened to direction and was an absolute pleasure to shoot.

She actually already had some music playing which was great, but I'm a bit of a music snob so I brought my own Bang & Olufsen play speaker so connected this up and I was in the zone. We tried lots of ideas, moving around the room to maximise the amazing location. We even went outside on the balcony and at no point did Blair complain. She was a total trooper and I was thoroughly impressed with her professionalism.

I even mentioned doing some smiley photos as I love smiley people and she happily had a go. Now there weren't really any big teeth smileys on her portfolio. Oh my days, what a pretty smile! I have no idea why there aren't more smiley photos, she has a fantastic smile and great teeth! Funnily enough she was smiling lots more throughout the shoot, I guess most photographers don't like models smiling so this was a bit different.

After the hotel shoot we drove to the studio. Blair was totally chilled and easy to talk to. I did a little tour of Milton Keynes on the way highlighting little spots. When we arrived to the studio I introduced her to Andrew and gave her a quick tour as it was her first time. After having some tea we got started with shoot. Again she was effortless to pose and took direction. She clearly is a natural when it comes to posing and has such a great moody stare.

As a photographer I am pretty quiet but even on this shoot I couldn't stop complimenting her which is super rare. So yeah, if you want a great model with a great attitude who is confident at posing but also a laugh look no further! Thank you for a fantastic shoot!

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Blair responded to a casting I put out on Facebook for models and photographers interested in a shoot using the lights and movement of the Cambridge "Winter Wonderland" as a location. Despite it being wet, dark and very, very cold that evening, she was an absolute trooper, was easy to direct, and posed with a smile that didn't slip once.

Thanks Blair. I promise next time we shoot together it will be indoors, warm and dry! Highly recommended.

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Had a shoot with Blair this morning.

Blair was already at the agreeded location when I arrived.

Had a suitcase full of various different outfits and attires. To which we managed to get through 5 or 6 different looks.

Blair was friendly. Beautiful. Had various ideas and professional...she clearly has a passion for modelling and creating stunning photos.

Didn't really need any direction. But equally took any direction I gave well.

Was a delight too work with Blair. Looking forward to going through my images and would certainly work with Blair again.

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Did a custom shoot with Blair, she was great to work with and put so much passion into the video we were trying to create.

Would definitely recommend

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