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Alexandra Frances McCue

This has to be one of the most memorable shoots I have had to date.

Why? because of Bill. Period.

He has a gorgeous nature. A fantastic listener. Incredibly kind and caring. Passionate about his work. Great visionary. Ridiculously funny and charming. AWESOME STORIES!

ahhh...can I go back??

The pre comms were spot on, chilled but professional (which is pretty much his whole approach from start to finish) Gentleman, picked me up from the station, we even had a lovely breakfast (square sausage - when in Scotland!) and we just worked together so so well.

Totally loving the images, keep em coming.

And lastly, thank you for your time and just being you.

HIGHLY recommend.

LJ x

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Keira Lavelle


Only way to describe mine and Bill's first shoot together in an actual studio! :D We've shot together before at stunning locations (always carefully handpicked by Bill but never actually managed to pin something down in a controlled lighting environment before now so it was lovely trying out some brand new approaches and ideas to add to the long list of gorgeous pictures we have produced from working together previously.

As always: Bill's communications were just on-pointe, he's always super swift at coming back with detailed plans suggestions right away and just a quick exchange - it's normally all arranged and we can just look forward to the day. :) He's beautifully organised with everything from the planning of the studio (or location) to the timing and kindly offering to do pick-ups/drop-offs if it will help the model on her way. He's always got a vision of what he wants to try to achieve and approaches every shoot with artistic drive making the model an important part of that team process from the start. He has genuine love for beauty within photography images and will work the light to achieve this regardless of whether the scene is set by mother nature or a photographic studio, he puts a lot of authentic love into his pictures and it has shone each and every time we have worked together for sure.

Bill met me at the main station in Glasgow to save me lugging my stuff around on an additional connection to Paisley... The first thing he did (after picking the keys up to the studio) was buy me something to eat at the nearby café with a cup of herbal brew to go with. He is such a warm-hearted gent and never goes about his shoots in a rushed/pressured pace, he just springs these random acts of kindness without even thinking about it and just automatically thinks to look after the model to ensure they're fed/warm and comfortable and just all-round in a tip-top state to hammer out a productive photoshoot with lots of wonderful inspiration bouncing around the place. :) This degree of being well-after (even if you had already grabbed something in the morning/made arrangements for after the shoot) just adds that extra element of "feel good" because your wellness is appreciated by the people you're working with. It does go a long way and certainly doesn't go unappreciated. So if you don't happen to be the craziest bag lady of them all like me and well prepared with everything (and I mean everything on you!) from nibbles/tea to the kitchen sink, then rest assured that Bill will take good care of you during a shoot with him. Such a wonderful person in so many respects!

We cracked on shooting with lush images rolling in from the first set; Bill has a tremendous photographic view to capture the best beauty out of a moment. He keeps up communication with the model throughout the shoot so that if something is working then you are both aware and working with minds intertwined to get the best results. He will listen to the models input as well as work the composition and light effortlessly for accentuated beauty within a shot. Even when technical difficulties occurred: Bill remained calm and took it in his stride, we improvised and still worked so well with a truly fantastic gelled rapport just like on our previous shoots. He's all-round the most pleasant person ever to shoot with, so courteous, respectful of the model/her levels and just aiming all the time to produce some outstanding quality images. I really enjoy working with Bill time and time again, and I hope by every stretch that this won't be the last! I'm sure it won't be. :)

Thank you very much Bill, one more delightful shoot to down in record!

Very, VERY highly recommended.


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Bill is such a lovely person to work with, he's full of wonderful positive energy which is judt infectious. He had plenty of ideas, pre comms were fantastic and he is very careful about attention to detail regarding lighting.

He is such a lovely person, makes me laugh all the time and I can't wait to work with him again next time I go to Scotland.

A true gentlemen, 1000% recommended by me :)


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Had a lovely shoot with Bill at studio12 ;)

I wanted to thank Bill for wanting to work with me for a third time in a row haha ;) hope you’re not sick of me yet ha

Experimented with lighting, candles and vintage swimwear!

Bill is becoming a great friend and working with him is easy and fun ! We work as a great team and I want to get the best results we can !

Highly recommended

Thanks again Bill !! Xx

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Had my 2nd shoot with bill

I had booked an evening in a gorgeous suite at the Boclair hotel and had to shoot something too

Bill was perfect for the job

We did a quick 2 hour shoot in the hotel and had a laugh again

Was so nice to see him and we already have our next project lined up !! I am always laughing with bill

Thankyou !!! And can’t wait to shoot again xxxx

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I have just finished a wonderful shoot with Bill, who was so accommodating from the beginning, he picked me up and took me to studio 12, he got us a lovely breakfast before the shoot so we could get to know each other and ready for Work.

Right away it’s like I’ve know bill for years ! So easy to get on with and such a fun person to be around he kept me laughing !

The work itself went smoothly and at a good relaxed pace! From the outfits I brought Bill and I went for a lovely vintage style.

Such a gentleman and I’m excited for our next shoot already :)

Thankyou Bill

Highly recommended!

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Belle Eve

What a lovely day, I just finished shooting with Bill. What a lovely man, true gentleman, brilliant personality.

Bill is a great photographer and lovely guy to be around. The shoot flew in, we did a few different sets from classic headshots to quirky 60's stuff also communication before and during the shoot where amazing. I couldn't have asked for more.

I highly recommend Bill.

Much love,


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Keira Lavelle

My second delightfully-amazetastic photoshoot with this wonderful gent rocked just as much as the first one! In fact having shot with Bill previously, I knew exactly how his artistic visions saw the shots so we literally got straight into making cracking pictures before we even arrived at the first official location to shoot at! :D This is the wonderful thing about such a rapport because Bill is a photographer with his own passion and enthusiasm about the art he wants to create: yet still, he is open to have the models he works with input just as much creativity into the shoot as they can. He's just the best and most positively hearted a model could cope to work with on a tour and I very much look forward to catching up with Bill into 2018 too! :D

This particular trip, we visited Loch Lomond. I was quite excited anyway because it was my first visit to the well known beauty spot (despite having toured Scotland many times before now) so it was a mega adventure in the making before it had even begun! :) It has to be said that Bill's knowledge of local locations really is stupendous... We have been fortunate enough with the weather on both occasions now to have made it outside for stupendous results on location and Bill never fails to run the shoots like a true professional.

So it goes without saying that Bill looks after his models VERY well indeed! He has collected me and dropped me off safely on time to my next shoots of the day on both occasions now and is always conscious that I am well and looked after during the shoot... Blimey even when the midges were literally attacking him he was still more concerned that I was okay! I always feel in good hands working with Bill, when you have such lovely etiquette and courtesy from your photographer it pays off because you do feel happier in the workplace and will push it right to the max for the shots... I think some of the images Bill captured that day were among some of my most spectacular location images yet... When I waded out to the little hidden rock beneath the waters surface (Bill concerned for nothing but my welfare) once he knew I was safe he captured the most sublime images framing the shots beautifully.

A very talented photographer who always puts 100% into doing his models justice. :) It's double the challenge on location because you have to take into account the environment and not just concentrate on the model but he really does it effortlessly and I have no end of credit and compliments to put his way as a photographer/artist. He is awesome and a real sweetheart.

Communications always on-point, chatter/giggles/banter always lighten the day up with laughs and the shoot results rock to the moon and back.

ALWAYS highly recommended! :)

Keira x

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Jessica Megan

Having just come away from a shoot with Bill I can already say I would be absolutely delighted to work with him again, he is incredibly accommodating, kind and considerate. It is my first trip to Scotland and my first mini tour and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer to kick off my weekend and put me at ease.

He came and got me from the airport and kindly took a picture of me next to a giant Tunnock's caramel Bar after I jumped up and down in excitement and gave me a history lesson of the beautiful Paisley. We reached the studio and he was courteous, ensuring I was constantly stocked up with plenty of tea. He was respectful and ensured I was constantly comfortable with every outfit, and I feel that due to this we got some fantastic images.

It was a relaxing and easy shoot, no pressure and Bill was pleased with the outfits I brought.

A truly kind man and a professional. The perfect shoot and one of the reasons I am in this job.

Thankyou Bill, highly recommended!

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What an absolutely lovely shoot I had today with Bill!

He is so funny and chatty, put me at ease straight away and even treated me to an incredible breakfast.

Pre coms were fantastic too.

He worked through a variety of different themes and ideas, all of which worked really well.

Bill has to be one of the most genuinely lovely people i have worked with, so considerate!

Would highly recommend him and cant wait to work together again


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Sienna hudson

I had a brilliant shoot. Communications were good and very clear. Bill is a lot of fun and our shoot was really relaxed. I would not hesitate to recommend working with this man.

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Odette Flaur.

I was very lucky to work with Bill for the first time whlist I was touring Glasgow. Bill is very easy going, professional and great fun to work with :) The time simply flew by and the results looked fantastic on the back of the camera :)

Very highly recommended to all models by me :)

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Isla Rose

I had my first shoot with Bill today, and what a pleasure it was! Such and gentleman and really fun yet professional, I knew I would get on with Bill as his precoms were absolutely fantastic, and he puts you right at ease.

I had a long travel up to Scotland and bill knew this so the first thing we did was go to the local cafe- I had my first square sausage!

We managed to get through lots of different styles in the 4 hours. I would 100% work with Bill again. And would highly recommend to anyone in the area, or even within traveling distance (I'm from the north of England, we shot in Paisley) it was well worth it!

Brilliant guy great photographer and I cannot wait to work with him again 🙂

Isla Rose

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CherP said...

I had another enjoyable and productive shoot with Bill as always and I will miss working with him. We have been shooting for many years now and he is probably my favourite photographer to work with. He is always on time, organised, full of good ideas and creates stunning images. Bill always looks after and respects the models he work with and with a fun and laid back personality he is a true professional and fantastic in what he does.

I highly recommend Bill to all models and I will certainly be keeping in touch with him

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Anna Johansson

I had a lot of fun and a very nice photo shoot with CameraMediaI and I recommend him warmly :) CameraMedia is a very charming, easygoing, great, careful and nice photographer and I hope to get the opportunity to shoot with him again :) Thanks a lot CameraMedia and see you soon :)

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Brilliant, polite tog with some great ideas for shots and very good natured and professional. He made sure there were plenty of extra outfits and props, gave direction as needed and ensured that I was well-fed! Would highly recommend

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Keira Lavelle

Bill booked me for a wonderful half day during my recent tour of Bonnie Scotland... In fact he was one of the first people to get in touch when I advertised my availability; I was immediately inspired by his fantastic communications and tremendously high-spirited character that came across so it was a shoot that I was looking forward to from the very start. :) We got our shoot sorted very quickly - Bill was also wonderfully flexible for me to work the most travel-effective hours into my schedule and I cannot appreciate this enough! As a touring model, having the patience and helpfulness that Bill has is just a complete godsend to let things flow as smoothly as possible. Bill kindly collected me from my hotel on the morning of our shoot and also returned my to my next booking location in central Glasgow after a significant drive and epic photoshoot at some of the most beautiful locations I have seen. What a delightfully inspiring photoshoot it was, I cannot thank Bill enough for everything and you can bet your bottom dollar that I very much look forward to working with him again the next time I venture North, I recommend him in the masses!

What also inspired me with Bill was his fantastic laid back approach as we worked at the different sets/spots. The sun was showing no mercy that day - in fact it was glaring at us for much of the shoot but this did not heed Bill's ability to produce beautiful pieces of work in the slightest. He just took it in his stride and worked the best angles to crack a stunning composition... I was having a whale of a time going through the back of the camera in the car during the transfer from one spot to the next, Bill is a tremendously competent creative mind and the sheer care he applies to his work just shines through with the results. There was something from every batch of photos that made me do my excited Keira-squeal! We never reached a time when the conditions weren't quite right so we had to abandon ship, it all just worked with sensational flow and a brilliant teamwork rapport that pretty much formed upon meeting. Bill welcomes the input from his models and treats the whole creative process as something that all parties involved should be enthused to get on board with - I personal find this the most encouraging gift ever on a photoshoot because despite the fact that I am being hired I just adore the process of coming together with someone equally giddy about making lovely images and really nailing a session like there is no tomorrow. I feel this sums up the productivity on our shoot entirely. :)

So creative bonkers-ness aside... Bill is also really lovely company. He can chat and have a giggle about the most random things just like me (surprised either of us had a voice box left by the end of the shoot!) so we got on like a house on fire for certain. He's just the highest level of respectability and shows immense levels of courtesy towards the models he books; a 24 carat gentleman in every sense. I felt so at ease from the minute he picked me up and he has a lovely positive temperament so you automatically feel like you have worked together before. Needless to say, the hours few by ever so quickly! He even kindly offered me a bite after the shoot as an extra little token of thank you for the shoot - what an amazingly awesome person! Thank you very much Bill, the jacket potato was delish but the pictures were stupendous and I cannot wait for round two!

Keira x

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Had one of many shoots with CameraMedia again today. I can't give this photographer enough credit as to how good his work is. As always great results, Lighting perfect, pictures perfect, great team work, direction, the list goes on. I would highly recommend shooting with CameraMedia if you are looking for great images and a fun time at work. Thanks again for a great shoot, look forward to working together again in the future.

Kind Regards, Lotus.

Represented by the twisted agency.

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I had a shoot with Bill today at a studio in Paisley. He was fun to work with and is great at taking your ideas onboard. He obviously cares about the images he is making, and this shows through in his work. :)

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I first worked with bill when I was 19 and am now 29 he is one of the best guys I've ever meet so funny and makes u feel so at ease he's a great guy pics are also really great, so if u can grab a shoot with bill ull not regret it.

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