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Had my first shoot with John yesterday. I have been a fan for some time and was delighted to have the opportunity of working with him.

Pre-communications were excellent and everything was prepared and ready for me on arrival at the studio. John is very polite and friendly and we had a lovely relaxed shoot together.

I have been sent some photos already and am very pleased. His editing is remarkable. I wonder if he is aware of how good a photographer he is as he appears so unassuming and down to earth with a gentle humour.

I have no hesitation in recommending John, he is a lovely guy and his work speaks for itself.

Thanks for the great day.

Erica x

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I worked with John for the first time during my studio day at Fine and DanDee last month. It was great to work together, I really enjoyed our shoot. John is really easy to work with, our shoot was relaxed and we managed to create a lot of beautiful images :) John is very creative and he is a really good photographer. I love all photos from our shoot! It's a shame we only had two hours. It would be great to work together again, I hope it will be possible. John is highly recommended :) Thank you!

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It was the second time I had the great pleasure to work with John!

Pre shoot communication excellent, John comes across a genuine gentleman, very respectful regarding levels and preferences .

We shoot Halloween day so we used as inspiration that day to create some really atmospheric images. During all the shoot John with his lovely sense of humour made me feel relaxed and enjoy every minute.

He is a great photographer and I feel honoured to work with him! Thank you John ! Looking forward for our next shoot! Definetely recommended!

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Jessica Megan

John is an exceptionally kind and considerate man. Accompanied by a supply of refreshments and a smiley face that is constantly encouraging with a great sense of humour, we got on very well and I felt genuinely comfortable around him and his photographer comrade. Thanks so much for a great shoot John. Highly recommended.

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Had a shoot today with john along with another photographer, it was a car/garage shoot and the time went by really quickly john was very easy to get on with really enjoyed the shoot and we got some images we were both pleased with looking forward to seeing the results

Thanks for a great shoot

Would highly recommend other models to work with john

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Arielle Fox

Had a great shoot with John he is lovely to work with and took some great images!

Would definitely work with him again, Highly recommended!

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I had a really fabulous shoot with John during my studio day at Scarlet Door and would certainly recommend him!.... Pre-comms were brilliant, lots of detail and ideas flowing allowing me to put together outfits etc!...

The shoot itself was fabulous, John was really lovely to work with, he's chatty and friendly... immediately I felt comfortable working with him... He is a fabulous photographer, technically skilled and really is interested in getting beautiful shots!....

We also had a good giggle and the shoot was nice and relaxed...... I would certainly recommend John to other models & studios for that matter!...

The image results are beautiful.... really lovely work..... John is a really genuine person and talented photographer.

Thanks again & I hope to work together again in the future!...

Arabella X

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I shot with John this past thursday, i must say it was an incredibly laid back, fun shoot, he was very easy to get on with and it felt like friends chatting more than working, (which is always a good sign from a shoot) he had a few specific ideas of what he would like to do with lighting and outfit choices, but he gave me the freedom to add my own twist to create a fun collaboration of individual styles!

We did a variety of different looks, John was very professional and made sure i stayed well hydrated with tea, I really love the images i've seen so far and I would most certainly recommend John to anyone planning a shoot with him ♥



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John is great to work with! We had an outdoor shoot yesterday, weather was a little challenging but he still managed to produce some beautiful images. He is very considerate, and a genuinely lovely and professional guy. I would love to work with him again, highly recommended!

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Sinopa Rin

I had a brilliant half day with John at Shutterworks in Southampton today. Pre-comms were great and we managed to fit several sets into the time. John is considerate, professional, laid-back and produced some gorgeous images. Even bought me lunch! Very highly recommended and I hope we can shoot again soon.

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Helen Diaz

John very kindly booked me at the fantastic Fine and Dandee Studios for an evening group shoot with a few photographer friends, organised by photographer Buey on Purpleport. It had been a few years since we last worked together and we picked up from where we had left off- with plenty of fun, laughter and banter throughout!

The group were very respectful and professional to work with and I felt safe and comfortable throughout. The lighting was also fantastic and John takes gorgeous photos. The group shoot was well organised and at a relaxed pace, I really enjoyed myself. John is a talented photographer and I always love the portraits he produces. I hope we work together again soon. Thankyou for a lovely evening with a great group, highly recommended, Helen x

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Carla Monaco

I had a fab shoot with John at my studio weekend at Fine and Dandee studio.

John was easy going, made me feel relaxed and comfortable and he had some great ideas's that I was more than happy to model.

John's got a great attitude and he is professional throughout and I would definitely work with him again :)

Highly recommended from me


Carla :)

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What an amazing shoot I had today!!!!

Pre shoot communication was great and John

came on time as we agreed ,made me feel from

the very first moment relaxed and welcome!

We had a brilliant studio shoot and with his lovely and professional manner he made me enjoy every minute of the shoot!

Very precise on his ideas and directions.

Shoot went so well that I felt a bit sad when it finished!!

This was only the start as I really wish to work

with this brilliant photographer very soon!

Highly recommended!

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Tink Kaos

Had a short but sweet shoot with big John in Wokingham at a studio day at Fine and Dandee studios, and had a bladdy awesome time! He is so friendly and easy going, immediately put me at ease and he knows his stuff this fellow does. Would shoot with him again in a heartbeat. Awesome fellow.

Highly recommended!

Tink x

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Jelena Sweetberry

Yesterday I had the pleasure to work with John and I had a very lovely experience.

He was very friendly and positive. I would be interested in working together again and would highly recommend him to everyone !

Thanks again :)

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♥ Chiara Elisabetta

I have shot with John twice now, once 1-2-1 and more recently with a photographer friend of his on a studio day. John is relaxed, calm, friendly, positive & a delight to work with. His easy-going nature helps to produce well-composed, beautifully-lit shots.. he embraces my crazy styling suggestions, which always gets me on a high for creativity, and his post production is flawless so I always look forward to seeing the results. Top guy! Highly recommended :)

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Lizzie Bayliss

I had the pleasure of working with John on my studio day at Fine and Dandee in Wokingham. I really enjoyed working with John, who I found to be friendly, creative and easy-going. John and I covered quite a lot in the time we had working together.

John has a very professional attitude to his models and is open-minded to lots of different ideas, he communicates well with his models and works hard during the shoot to create images that he is pleased with and that look great.

I love the images he has put up, and hope to work with John again soon, hopefully for longer next time!

Highly recommended,

Lizzie xx


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Shooting with John at Fine and DanDee studio was a dream, he knew exactly what he wanted to capture, giving fabulous direction and had me giggling throughout the slot!

John has a beautiful way with the camera, using wonderful angles & framing, setting up the lighting to create some stunning scenes!

He is also a fantastic editor of photos, so this lovely photographer is most definitely recommended by me!

Em xx

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I worked with John on my Studio Day at Fine & Dandee Studios, he was really easy to get on with, chatty, friendly and Professional with a good sense of humour.

We got through a number of changes in the time we had, and John produced some great results!

He has a good eye for detail, and works hard to get the lighting just right.

I would highly recommend John to others and hope to work with him again sometime.

Thanks again ! :)


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Tabitha Alexander said...

Had my first shoot with John today and have to say what a lovely chap, he turned up here to his first home shoot a little nervous I have to say but a cup of tea and chat about what we were hoping to achieve meant that we were soon working away at getting some great images. Have to say I was impressed at how he didn't finch once at any of my ideas!!

Cannot recommend this chap enough and do hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.

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