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Eli Zah

Shot at Bicester Studio Hire yesterday for the second time with Stuart and absolutely loved it.

Stuart is such a lovely person to work with - he's chilled, amicable but also respectful, and the model's comfort is a priority (even if it meant allowing me to drag a high powered heater around with me throughout the whole shoot and suggesting keep my socks on during an art nude set and shoot three quarter length so as to stop my feet getting too cold!)

His studio space has so much to offer in terms of creative backdrops and all the kit you need to create beautiful shots. It's clean, spacious and has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere to it.

This time we experimented with gels during an art nude set. These turned out beautifully and his lighting setup was super flattering meaning I could just pose to my hearts content knowing we would get loads of keepers. We then moved on to lingerie and Stuart added a fantasy element to this with a sword, this had a completely diff mood to the art nude but also worked out so well!

I then shot with a different photographer there, LatexLaundry! There was a really positive atmosphere between the two photographers, and Stuart was on hand to help with lighting and setup when needed and we got some super shots.

I'd come up any time to work with Stuart at his studio - it was such a creative fun experience and even after a whole day, I came away feeling positive and energised and could have gone on longer. Thanks Stuart!!

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AAA+ recommended!

ASE provided excellent studio facilities. Numerous and varied backdrops, plenty of lights, accessories and props. Most importantly, Stuart was there for professional assistance, guidance and set-ups. He is a lighting master. (Plus coffee and tea!). Photographers and models should feel very comfortable about booking ASE Studio.

Thanks for a great shoot!

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Eli Zah

Had a brilliant first shoot with Stuart at ASE Studio. The studio has plenty of space, is nice and clean and well organised, with plenty of backdrops and props! It made for a great shoot which ran seamlessly from start to finish. Stuart is really easy to work with - he's chilled, easy to get on with, and was considerate and respectful through the whole shoot. He was also lovely to chat to between sets which helped give the shoot a calm and warm atmosphere.

As a photographer, Stuart takes a quality over quantity approach. He knows what he wants to capture, and once he's done, he doesn't waste time overshooting. He was very knowledgeable about lighting and setup, and adaptive, as I could see from his wide variety of work styles - we were specifically shooting fitness during our session, and he absolutely nailed it. This is a skilled thing to be able to do if it's not your only work style!

After the fitness shots, we moved onto lingerie and some nude - with a quick tweak of his setups, he nailed this too! I loved what I saw on the back of the camera and the whole shoot was a really lovely experience. I'd not hesitate to work with Stuart again!

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Joe B said...

Oh my...

Where to start?

Stuart’s studio is ACE! (pun intended) - as warm and friendly a greeting as possible to get - I’d travelled some way and the roads miraculously were clear so I was early which Stuart took completely in in stride so instead of kindle in the car I was inside having a wonderful hot coffee whilst waiting for Ella to show, and talking photography :-)

The studio is large enough for any kind of shot I could possibly be interested in! Great backgrounds, a good selection of lights and modifiers - and all the help and advice (including the “phone a friend” situation when it wasn’t going right and I couldn’t figure why! - always a bonus to finish a shoot and learn something new). Free parking! I couldn’t ask for more!

Happily and heartily recommended!

(For me, it’s a trip - and I’ll be back!)

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I had my first shoot at ASE on the recommendation of the model I was shooting. I really don't know why I had not noticed this place previously, given it's relative closeness to me.

Stuart was a very welcoming and friendly host. Nothing was to much trouble, being on hand to assist with set changes and lighting.

The studio is well equipped with a good selection of lighting and modifiers. A good selection of backdrop options as well.

A really nice clean and tidy space to shoot in.

I would highly recommend ASE if you are looking for somewhere to shoot. Now I have discovered it I will certainly be returning.

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Dave GT

Had a fantastic shoot with Xenia today at the studio. Stuart was so helpful with setting up the lighting and gave great advice.

The studio has great space and is well equipped and of course coffee.

I would recommend Stuart and his studio 100%

Until next time thanks Stuart.

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Shot here for the first time today, Stuart is super welcoming and you can tell he is also very experienced. Took him no more than impressive 10 seconds to set up the light that we needed to get us started.

We have only used one white backdrop, but from what it looked like the studio was well equipped and had additional props available for use.

Thank you Stuart, hopefully, will see you sometime again!

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Loved shooting at Stuart's studio this morning. Stuart was super welcoming with a cup of tea on the go straightaway. His studio is massive with so much equipment, lovely backdrops etc. We were up and running in no time and the morning just went very smoothly. Would love to shoot there again. Thanks Stuart!

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Ella Rose Muse

I've shot here a few times now - this is my local studio and I feel very lucky to have it so close by. It's a huge space with lots of different backdrops and good facilities, high ceilings and plenty of tea on tap. Stuart is very friendly and on hand when needed (and disappears discreetly when photographers are happy with their set ups) and I've modelled for him separately multiple times (and even hired him as product photographer for my new skincare range, during which I appreciated his eye for detail and perfectionism). Very highly recommended.

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1st chance to shoot at Stuarts new studio and wow what a difference. So much more space, great ceiling height and light.Lots of parking. Multiple sets already to go. Stuarts help if needed or not and tea. Loved one quirky background in particular. Great to catch up with Stuart again, will shoot there again highly recommended.. :)

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Artemis Fauna

I worked with Stuart just yesterday at his FAB new studio. Stuart booked me for the hour before we had some 1-2-1 tuition with Steve, 'slikimages'

We took loads of great shots in the short time we had and also had a super afternoon shooting with Steve. Stuart was a super teacher- explaining things to Steve and setting up some fab lighting for him.

The studio was also great- so much bigger than I thought!! It's huuge! Clean, warm, great! Definitely want to go back there some time :)

Thank you Stuart, hope we can do it again some time! :)

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Wilder Mind Photography

Following on from Artemis's reference, I had excellent 1-2-1 boudoir tuition session with Stuart and Artemis. It goes without saying Stuart's got the photographic expertise but he's also got the tuition skills too. I was made feel most welcome we had a good chat before had on what we'd achieve, which set things up nicely. The pace of tuition was spot on and was conducted in a lovely relaxed manner. For each of the sets Stuart took time to explain how the lighting would affect the final shot and also how to pose the model to get the best shot in the boudoir style.

After we had a really helpful review of the shots I took and Stuart gave me some really useful editing techiniques.

I can vouch for what Artemis said about the studio - it's big, but also very well equiped and big enough to really let your imagination take over.

I will most definitely make a point of using the studio again and again .....

Thanks Stuart for your time, patience and photographic brain

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Had a great studio day at Stuarts a couple of weeks ago, a great space to shoot and Stuart was on hand throughout the day helping with various set ups. I had a brilliant time and can't wait to be back at the studio soon.

Akari x

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John Radford said...

Not sure how many times I have had the pleasure of working here but it's quite a few now. The studio is very well equipped and well managed by Stuart who is always on hand to provide technical support when needed. The studio is always clean and tidy, the changing room is spot on too. All the models I have worked with here have been very happy with the facilities.

Thanks again Stuart for another successful shoot and I look forward to coming back again soon.

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Loved working at Stuart's studio! Stuart is the perfect host! Super friendly and helpful.

The studio is fabulous and full of lots of props too:) The day was very well organized but relaxed with a great atmosphere. All the photographers I worked with were all wonderful, really enjoyed my time working with them all

Very much looking forward to coming back!:)

Best wishes

Vicky x

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Jo Paul Model

Yet another awesome sold out studio day at Stuarts :)

Stuart is a lovely man, well organised and great fun too!

thank you again x

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trebor images

First time at Stuart's studio with Tina Kay. Stuart was really friendly and very helpful with sorting out all the different sets and lighting that I wanted to work with. Nothing was too much trouble for him. He has loads of different lights and three sets to work from. I had a great afternoon and will be coming back again. Highly recommended.


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Tina Kay said...

Another great studio day this year arranged perfectly by Stuart!

Wish would have more time to attend studio days more than once a year, but every time I shoot with Stuart at his studio, it's just so pleasant, everything well organized, relaxed, lovely photographers, clean, warm studio, which keeps improving with more sets and props, Stuart is the best host ever, with great help to photographers and wonderful hospitality to models. Always professional, always good fun and always fantastic images! Wish more days would be like that - productive and enjoyable!

Thank you - Tina Kay. xxx

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I have been to this studio many times. It's one of my favourites. Clean, tidy, lots of props and latex, coloured walls, friendly owner with great knowledge. Stuart is helpful and thoughtful. Both model and photographer are well looked after! Highly recommended studio and photographer! X

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John Radford said...

This was my third shoot at Stuart's studio and I hope to come back many times more. Each shoot has been really successful and the models I have used have been very comfortable working there.The studio is well equipped and spotlessly clean - I have no hesitation in bringing models to work here. Stuart is a thoroughly nice guy, excellent in pre-shoot communications and very helpful if you need any assistance.

Thanks Stuart - see you again soon!

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