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John Duncombe

Had my first shoot with Beth-Kate yesterday what a lovely, friendly lady, Beth was a pleasure to work with. Beth was very flexible in what and how we shot, she was happy to work undirected and took direction very well. Very enjoyable shoot, the time flew by. Looking forward to working with Beth again soon, highly recommended.

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So today (Thursday) I had a very last minute shoot with Beth after seeing her casting call late doors yesterday (Wednesday). So we hadn't really planned anything and completely winged it. The few pre-shoot comms we did have (due to the 11th-hour nature of the shoot) were excellent.

With her travel options limited and my house out of action today due to contractors working, Beth invited me to shoot her at her beautiful home in Royal Leamington Spa. As you may have seen Beth is leaving the area soon, and with it her flat. I would honestly reccomend getting in a shoot there before she does pack up and move on; it's a well-kept, beautiful setup and Beth is clearly very house-proud. It gives off a perfect vibe-mix of "strong independent woman" with "grounded, down-to-earth, traditional-valued girl"

...which brings me onto Beth who is the quintessential mix of both! She is exceptional at what she does but if you shoot at her home, she is an incredibly kind host - keeping me powered by some very nice coffee indeed!

She's extremely chill, laid-back and chats for England - she has a Musical Theatre background, so I think we "got" each other at "Hello" as far as working relationships go!

But that training not only means she has an flawless work ethic, but needs virtually zero direction, on the rare occasion it's required she picks up your intentions very clearly. She's also able to do Makeup & Hair to excellent standards. Finally, Beth clearly takes very good care of herself (as you have to in the Dance/MT game!) and has a wonderful figure.

Midlands togs - grab her whilst you can, because you won't regret it for a second. 100% will be organising a second shoot before her departure.

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This was my FIFTH shoot with Beth. As you can see, I really enjoy shooting with her :-). I had a couple of specific ideas I wanted to explore and, as ever, Beth was well attuned to what I was trying to do, very patient while I messed around with lights and seemed to predict every time what poses I was after. As a result I got some fab images which I was really pleased with. Thanks again Beth for a great shoot.

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Wow, wow, wow. I had the immense pleasure of shooting Beth Kate today after responding to a casting she'd made.

If heard good things from another guy I know but she blew all of my expectations.

Organised, friendly, welcoming - all the things you hope for but just so easy to get on with and work with.

Kicking myself rhat we'd not shot before but now I know what I've been missing I'll be back for more.

Thanks Beth. See you soon!

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I can honestly say that Beth is one of the most hard working models I have had the pleasure to work with so far in my short photographic career. Her pre-shoot comms were great. She responded quickly and comprehensively and we were able to set up the shoot despite quite a few changes initiated by me. As a person, Beth is friendly and helpful with a gentle sense of humour. I also found her exceptionally willing to get stuck in helping me to move heavy furniture and props around as necessary.

The shoot at AuraPhotographic in Weedon Bec was excellent.

My primary objective was to make the most of Beth's wonderful talent for ballet poses and jumps and that is what we spent most of the day working with. The natural light at Aura was a massive bonus and it helped me create some beautiful soft images. Towards the end of the day, as the light began to fail, we moved onto jumps and poses in the Infinity Cove and, since this was my first attempt at these, Beth proved to be patient and massively helpful throughout.

I will definitely ask Beth to work with me again and I hope that she will agree. I can absolutely recommend her to other photographers: you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for a wonderful day.

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The fourth time we have worked together and hopefully it's very unlikely to be the last. Beth Kate is a joy to work with, talented, hard working, creative and adaptable. Our plans for the day had to change as an order for equipment I needed had arrived with a part missing so plans were revised. We were also given a dull, rainy day and I now wanted to use natural light. All no problem for Beth, a quick rethink, a smile then voila! We were away. She has a great sense of humour, patience and a commitment to get the image. This was my first booking for 2023 and thank you Beth, it was a delight. Beth is highly recommended to other creatives, a great model

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Gregory Mason

My second shoot with Beth and with my first it was straightforward to arrange. The shoot itself went well, working off a mood board Beth posed seamlessly with the occasional prompt and instruction from me. Resulting in many excellent images. another a big thumbs up from me.

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It was the first time we had tried dance photography in the studio, and Beth was very patient and helpful - she is an amazing dancer, and explained the moves she was going to do beforehand and the moment when they should be captured for the best photos.

The shoot itself was very last minute, but thanks to Beth’s great communication it worked out brilliantly!

She was professional, but super friendly which made for a really fun shoot.

We cannot wait to start editing the photos!

Thanks Beth, we would love to work with you again in the future!

Sarah & Paul x

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A great shoot at AuraPhotographic Studios on a cold December morning was a welcome break between Xmas and the New Year.

Beth is fun to work with and extremely creative and professional and I cannot recommend high enough.

The icing on the cake was the choice of music Beth made whilst working in the Studio. Simply superb and gave the morning that finishing touch.

Thanks Beth

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Had a fantastic shoot with Beth Kate which had been organised by fellow photographer Doz.

Beth Kate is the ultimate professional. When i arrived to pick Beth Kate up she was ready and waiting with lots of appropriate luggage to cater for our shoot and already made up.

Beth Kate is very patient and does an absolutely fantastic job. We were shooting both indoors and outdoors, even though it was cold and damp at some of the locations Beth Kate was only interested in providing us with the best service, which she did with aplomb.

Very highly recommended, professional, humorous.

thank you


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There is a song that goes: It's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you :) Totally applicable words for our shoot with Beth Kate yesterday.

With another photographer (IMChris) we had a photoshoot with Beth Kate yesterday and to say the shoot was magical is an understatement. Pre shoot coms with Beth were spot on. Beth turned up ready to shoot with several gorjus outfits to fit the day perfectly :)

Beth is very professional and needs v little guidence and instruction; although she takes instruction and is eager to fulfil your photographic needs.

Beth is gorjus and delivers. We shot her as a ballerina, angel (In an old cold church), intimate portraits, a window shopper wrapped up against the cold and some christmasie images.

Beth came fully made up to a high standard and kept that standard topped up throughout the day.

Beth has a lovely personallity and a great sense of humour; she was an absolute pleasure to work with and i have no problem in highly recomending her.

Until we shoot again and thank you; my camera has oodles of glorious images :)

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A fifth shoot with Beth, following on from the previous week and also effectively a revisit to an idea for duo’s which I had trialed (with one shot) the previous Xmas.

The overall plan was to start with a few Helmut Newton’esque shots and then move to patterns and mirroring. I’d booked F/8 because of the wide infinite white wall and LEnza because I liked the contrast in skin tones when we created that original shot.

It was a great shoot, the two models worked together very well working around the original concepts from the shoot plan I’d produced, but then adding their own ideas making at a true collaboration.

Beth always adds a certain amount of theatricality to her expressive posing. I always thoroughly enjoy our interaction creating images.

Thank you Beth for another brilliant shoot.

I recommend Beth to any photographer, you won’t be disappointed.

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This was my fourth shoot with Beth and was a follow up to my first ever shoot with her in her apartment.

We had already discussed a few ideas for potential shots and having Beth’s wardrobe available on site meant we didn’t need to decide specific looks in advance. My main aim anyway was to make use of the domestic aspects available and shoot some more nudes.

Beth is extremely confident working creating art nudes, with this in mind we added a few conceptual/quirky ideas and body scapes.

I had a great afternoon shooting, Beth was as always a joy to work with, open to ideas and more than happy to expand those with adjustments of her own. Beth is rightly highly recommended including by me. I already had another shoot booked with her the following week at a studio. It is easy to understand why she is always in demand.

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Fabulous shoot with Beth Kate - Great Model Friendly and very professional - makes a great cuppa too Awesome images thanks Kate Beth

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Another great shoot with Beth, and I think we got some fabulous images.

I had the last slot on a long studio day (I think the first one she has self-managed), but despite having shot for a number of hours before, Beth was still buoyant and put everyithing into the shoot.

As ever, Beth works hard to create the concept and image to life, whilst being great company!

Thanks again, and I'm sure we'll shoot again in the New Year

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Photographed by Paul Twells

I have just had my first shoot with Beth, she messaged me before the shoot to see what outfits she needed to bring. she was a very confident, chatty and approachable person to work with, we discussed my ideas and she was able to create some great poses with ease and add her own style and interpretation to them I am fairly new to studio work and learn a lot during the session. I would defiantly work Beth again she is a great dancer/model. I would highly recommend working with this lovely lady.

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Richard Mills

2nd shoot with Beth Kate, she’s was really organised around my moodboard, relaxed shooting with a beautiful model and lovely person. We were able to get some great images while chatting the morning away. Brilliant way to spend a Saturday morning.

Would highly recommend working with her.

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I know a reference is supposed to describe what a brilliant model Beth is. How she poses fluidly without direction, works with the photographer to achieve a vision, is beautiful, with a slim, toned figure (great core) and clear skin.

Yeah, that's all true.

But she's just so goddam lovely too!

She's bright and cheerful and funny and chatty, which makes the shoot so much easier, cos you build rapport and can try stupid, dangerous (only to me!) things to get more and more creative results.

I drove about 500 miles to get to Beth. I would drive 500 more.

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I've stopped counting how many shoots we've had - Beth is simply the model that's always at the front of my mind when I'm thinking about new ideas to experiment with. Beth is the most amazing collaborator, always working tirelessly to bring my ideas to life, and always including her own creativity to add that extra special something.

She was such an obvious choice to help me test out the possibilities at the new studio space that I've moved to. Still very much a work in progress, but Beth was unfazed by the location or my ideas. She always just 'gets it' and works out how to make it happen.

I simply cannot praise her enough; hugely recommended!

Many thanks, Beth

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Beth was mad enough to go for my idea of an early morning dance shoot in an urban location. Despite the cold weather we had great light and we got some lovely images. Beth is a trooper who coped with the conditions admirably.

Comms were great and Beth turned up ready to rock.

I have no hesitation in recommending Beth if you want some great dance shots.

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