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D Rowley Photography

Having worked with Ben a number of times in the past, i wasn't surprised by how professional he is as a model. Great communication and posing skills, he arrived on time (before actually) and worked with another model very well. Friendly, enthusiastic and creative. I can highly recommend Ben.

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kevin doe photography

I had the great pleasure of working with Ben on a creative make up group shoot at Inspire studios.

Ben is a genuinely nice guy to be around and works well in a studio as a lone model and as a duo.

Ben has great natural poses and is able to create many different images.

Ben knows his trade well and is at ease in front of lights and lenses.

I would like to work with ben again in the future and would recommend him to any studio or photographer looking to create great images.

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My first time of working with Ben and a real pleasure. Very professional and a really easy guy to work with. I am very pleased with the images we got and would highly recommend Ben.Great attitude and posing.One to shoot with again for sure

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John Askey

First time working with Ben and it was on a duo shoot at Inspire Studios. He was very friendly, easy to talk to and pleasure to work with. Ben is clearly an experienced model, who poses well and takes direction as required, while thoroughly enjoying what he does 😊

His modelling partner for the day was @samjaz who he worked well with and the poses got better and better as they relaxed with each other.

I would happily work with Ben again and would recommend him to all photographers.

Thanks a lot Ben (Y)

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Brogan Alexandra

I recently worked with Ben on a bridal themed shoot, and Ben played the groom perfectly!

Ben was so much fun to work with, but also a complete professional! He was really comfortable posing as a couple, and any pose ideas were we’re given he took head on and nailed instantly!

The whole evening I couldn’t stop laughing, it was really comfortable working with him and hopefully we get the chance to work together again in future! 100% recommended :)

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Simes Himself

As part of an upcoming new project I'm co-working on, Ben came highly recommended to me from my good friend Sister Of Sinister. When all of our planning was done, Ben became the obvious choice for one half of an incredible duo - and what an awesome choice he was!

His previous work is just phenomenal. It was also a first for me as he was also the first male model I've ever shot, but Ben was an absolute breeze to work with. He needs little direction, looks great (including when covered in glitter) and has an awesome personality to match.

Ben is pretty much the complete package! We are extremely privileged to have him as part of our little team, and I hope to work with him 1-2-1 when the right idea arises!


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Met Ben on a group shoot at Inspire Studios and had a fab day shooting. Ben was the ultimate professional and our work together produced some amazing pictures. He has a strong look, brilliant and natural poses and takes instruction really well.

Would love to work with him again and if you get the chance to shoot with him, take it!

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Inspire Studios Ltd

Ben was one of the models on our Sister of Sinister event and wow what a fantastic guy he is, full of character and great fun to work with but also his ability to pose was superb. He was up for any look he was given and he ended up with a lot of glitter on him with a fantastic look which really worked well on him and he also pulled it off so well too. Loved working with Ben and would absolutely recommend working with him too.

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Dom’s Photographic

Worked with Ben once again this time with Laura as well on a product shoot for a handmade jewellery designer I know and once again what a star. We got some cracking shots the designer is happy with that showed off the jewellery to a tee.

Can’t wait to work with Ben on another project.

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First time shooting alongside Ben for a jewellery shoot! Great guy to be around, confident and such a good laugh! Great model and definitely recommend! Looking forward to shooting with him again!

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I met Ben on a group shoot and i was very impressed with his relaxed and professional attitude. He took direction great and i was over the moon with the results we achieved.

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Steve B Photography

I worked with Ben on a group shoot. He is charming to work with and has a great relaxed look with a professional attitude. I would certainly recommend working with Ben and I'm looking forward to hopefully shooting with him again in the near future.

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Dom’s Photographic

I’ve worked with Ben a lot over the past six months and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough no matter what has been suggested he’s been up for it.

If you get a chance work with him he’s hard working and fun to have in the studio.

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Elizabeth MarleyMUA

Worked with Ben earlier this year shooting for Rosie Red Corsitry. Such a wonderful energetic and positive delight to work with!

Ben has a great look, is very professional and adaptable model. Pleasure to work with him

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I've worked with Ben on two shoots now as the wonderful groom for Rosie Reds bridal collections, he's been an absolute pleasure to work with each time, Ben is very friendly and super easy to get on with, he keeps the energies high throughout the shoot, so everyone stays in a good mood, he takes direction well but can be trusted to pose solo, I would very much recommend


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Richard Wakefield

Absolutely brilliant hanging out with (and of course photographing) Ben. What a legend. Very pro and pulled out the looks/poses with ease! 100% recommended to all!

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Had a portrait shoot with Ben this week and had a blast - Ben is a great guy, easy going, relaxed, takes direction well, and willing to try anything you throw at him. We had heaps in common which made for a fun, relaxed shoot.

So if you want a guy with Biceps the size of a Baby Rhino, give him a shot! ;)

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Stacy Storrs Photography

Meeting Ben at the Camera Club at Studio Visage last night certainly was a pleasure!

Very professional in front of the camera and loads of fun too. I'll be happy to work with him again as his look (and beard) is awesome! :)

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Second time of shooting with Ben at studio Visage and what a star he is, takes direction perfectly and has a great look. All that time in the gym certainly paying off!! Great to with with and hope to again soon.

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Dom’s Photographic

Shot with Ben, with Sister of Sinister and Emily Hardisty, on a new project I've just started and he throw himself into it with gusto work really hard to get what I had envisaged and I can't recommend him highly enough work with him and you won't regret it.

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