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A.N. Photography

Great shoot with Belle once again. Pre-shoot communication was great, she arrived well prepared and was enthusiastic throughout the shoot as always with her highly professional input and opinions during the shoot which I always admire as it always help creating lovely and creative images. Highly recommended.

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A.N. Photography

Belle is a lovely person to work with, very professional helping and understanding, we created some very lovely shots together and I do hope and look forward to work with her again in the near future.:-)

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Shooting with Belle is always so creative and amazing. We really wanted to stand out with this shoot and so it involved a lot of pre-comms. Belle is brilliant at that, has great ideas and input to the shoot.

We shot for what seemed all day in the bathroom shooting 4/5 different sets with magazine publication in mind. It was all day but while working with her it seemed effortless and fun. Work shouldn't be hard and its so easy to work with Belle. Between each set we sat and discussed styling etc for the next set. Belle was fabulous at adding to the conversation and making my vision come to mind.

She always outs in maximum effort and was a great host!

Would work with Belle every day, such a professional and friendly person. 200% recommended for sure!

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Chris at BBB

Excellent bra fit session yesterday. Thank you, Bella, for your amazing patience and good humour.

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I had the pleasure of shooting with belle today.

We shot at a beautiful yet busy location but this didnt phase the true professinalism of belle.

Her costumes make up and attitude was so on point through out

I feel very honoured to work along side belle.

An easy going funny young lady with a head full of inspiration and i do that attitude you just cant find everyday

I can honestly highly recommend belle for any shoot within her respected levels and comfy zone

So diverse and creative

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What a great and versatile model!!

I had a shoot for my book coming out in December or January and the look was distressed. Belle instantly knew what I was after and with the aid of Bryanna for makeup really made the story come alive.

Belle is a must to work with and 100% reliable and recommended. Will definitely work with her again!

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Belle was an absolute pleasure to shoot around London town with. We shot loads, we tried so much different stuff, we've got a bunch of great shots and she was brilliant. She was so easy to get on with, so full of her own ideas and styled herself so well, absolutely recommended! :)

Thanks also for showing me the best bagel in London town, I'm sorry I threw it on the ground!

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Bristy - Fine Art & Fairytale Photography

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Belle on a location shoot in Essex. She turned up on time and very well prepared for our day. She is very easygoing and creative. Took directions extremely well and also came up with great ideas of her own as we went through the day and i explained the character and look i was going for with the photos. She was more than up for running around in muddy fields and sticking twigs and leaves on her hair- all to get the perfect shot. We are already planning more shoots together in the future and i would highly recommend her!

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Keir Siewert

Belle was very professional and very reliable, we had a lovely time shooting and she was incredibly enthusiastic.She was also very easy to chat to and totally up for random ideas and just went with the flow. Recommend.

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Dukke Fører

It was great working with Belle. Had a lot of fun and required minimum to no direction.

She is also great at doing her own makeup. Highly recommended.

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GWJ Photographic

I had a really great shoot with Belle May.

She arrived on time and was made up in no time at all.

We got some great shots and I'm really looking forward to working with her again.

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Martin C Photos

I had a great shoot with Bella. She's good fun, professional and easy to work with. She turned up early, well prepared, indeed pre-shoot communication was excellent. She also has a great knack for getting the right expression that really fits the intended theme and resultant images.

What more can I say - we are organising a second shoot - looking forward to it.

Thanks Bella

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