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I have been working with Amelia for about 2 years now. She is one of those people that it is great to have around. Her make up skills are fabulous but she is so much more than an mua. She is always upbeat and happy and prepared to go the extra mile to help out on the set. She is happy to help out with getting the models dressed which is a real bonus to me particularly when working models who are on their first job with me.

Highly recommended, looking forward to next week when we will be working with Zoe Page, between the 2 girls it should be a creative feast!

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Amelia did my makeup on a recent shoot with Keital and it was amazing, each look she did so well and even made my hair just work for each outfit so effortlessly. We have loads in common so got on really well and I will definitely be using her again for future makeup looks that I want to create.

Very talented and an all round fab person to be around, thanks for making me feel so welcome on the shoot and always checking in to see if I was doing alright as it was a very hot day as well!!!

Highly recommended, and already looking forward to working together again! :D ♥ xx

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Lavender photography

Amelia is an amazing makeup artist! Very quick and efficient. Which is so important when shooting models changing looks etc.

She is a lovely girl and would highly recommend!!


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Mind in the Shutter

I recently had my first shoot with Amelia; a half-day outdoor fashion/portrait shoot with a 'natural' look and an avant garde look. It was great to finally work with her; we had arranged to work together on another project some time ago, which was postponed for Covid safety reasons (but definitely going ahead in the near future!).

Amelia is a lovely MUA. She came on board at fairly short notice (after the original MUA had to drop out), and our comms setting up the shoot were very efficient. She fully embraced the brief and came up with some stunning looks. She was also very helpful during the shoot, assisting with lighting and helping to bounce ideas around to get the most out of the looks.

It was wonderful working with her - I would fully recommend her, and am very much looking forward to our next shoot!

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Florence Day

I wasn’t sure who the makeup artist would be because the photographer had arranged them, but then I got a message from Amelia to let me know that she would be doing my makeup and she asked if I had any allergies. I was really impressed that even before the shoot, Amelia genuinely cared about the model and their skin.

It was an absolute honour to be able to work with Amelia. This was the first time I met her and she was immediately such a fun, upbeat and kind person. It was so easy to talk to her and she is sooooooooo lovely. We had great conversation and she made me feel so comfortable while she was doing my makeup.

She is so gentle with the brushes and make sure she wasn’t hurting me at any point. I had a moment where I wasn’t feeling well during the shoot and she was very kind and accommodating of it. She really looked after me and I am so thankful!

The makeup looks were absolutely phenomenal and she made me look BEAUTIFUL (if I do say so myself!). I couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror. I felt like a fairy! It was amazing!

I would looooooove to work with Amelia again. A million percent recommend!

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I had a privilege to work with Amelia for the first time and she was absolutely amazing!

She is so versatile with makeup that she can do and knows exactly how to enhance model’s feature.

I really enjoyed working with Amelia and we already spoke about doing something together again :)

Book her in now and you won’t be disappointed!

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Tia Star

Had my first shoot with Amelia and Keith Baker and what a fantastic day it was!

Amelia is such a talented MUA and model and I felt lucky to work with her. She created a beautiful look for me and added different aspects throughout the shoot to suit the dissimilar sets.

I’m really happy that I got to meet Amelia and it won’t be the last time we work together! Next shoot already booked in :)

100% recommend as an MUA and model!

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Shot with Amelia as both MUA and model, we discussed the looks before hand and she came well prepared, we achieved some great shots and I really enjoyed working with Amelia, highly recommended MUA (and model!)

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Worked with Amelia on a steampunk shoot on Friday for a magazine. A make-up artist can either make or break a good shoot and she helped to make it a great shoot. she is such a talented make-up artist. Amelia put so much effort into her work and the results are absolutely stunning. I would highly recommend her to anybody who is looking for a make-up artist.

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Charliee Rose.

I’ve worked with Amelia many times now and she’s always created amazing make up looks on me that suit the project that we’re working on! She’s so talented but also incredibly easy to talk to and to work with. She has a great understanding of light and make up under different types of light which is a great trait for a hmua to have! As always highly recommended :)

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Abstract Reality

I’m lucky enough to have worked with this amazing lady loads of times! She is my go to MUA, she’s creative, stylish, hilarious and generally makes the day a fun and creative day. She has a natural talent and is dedicated to her business. 100% recommend her to anyone, book her now!! Thanks Amelia x

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I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Amelia a few times. And she is an amazing make up artist, as well as general person!!

Her make up skills are outstanding. And has given me a lot of general advice. She’s a go to MUA for a lot of photographers I collaborate with, and my go to MUA for recommendations. I even recommend her to my wedding clients.

100% recommend Amelia for any make up needs.


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I employed Amelia to do a makeover for a shoot with Joceline recently.

Pre shoot comms were great and Amelia turned up on time full of energy and ready to go with a huge selection of make up.

She is fast! I had only employed her for a half day but she was such fun and full of ideas that in fact she stayed for the whole day and created 3 great looks for our shoot.

Super fun, a great creative talent and thoroughly recommended to get that extra punch into the photographers work.

Easy going, I would recommend Amelia to anyone looking for that something extra. Thanks for a great day Amelia

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I have worked with Amelia several times now, creating some amazing looks, always fun to work with and full of great ideas, always creative and loves a challenge.

Highly recommended.


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Elle Model

I can not recommend Amelia enough she is so talented and full of ideas, her creative side was put to the test we did about 5 different looks in one shoot and she put 110% in to them all and added her own spin on the looks. She is very professional and a pleasure to work with. She made me feel very relaxed and her friendly nature was lovely to be around,

Many thanks luv Elle x

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simply done but nice

a fantastic mua, one I've wanted to work with for ages, she certainly knows her stuff, with a great selection of make up in her bag, she's brilliant with the model too, makes the shoot a pleasure ,

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Amelia and I worked on an Steampunk body painting photoshoot together on Sunday 12th May. Amelia is excellent with pre-shoot communications, arrived on time ready to get to work and she did an amazing job! Within about 10 minutes of arrival Amelia was set up and had started working away creating her magic. She also had clear and great communication with our model Hannorah too. She is organised, professional, extremely hard working and very talented! I highly recommend working with Amelia and hope we will do many more photoshoots together!

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Hannorah Model

Amelia is an incredibly talented make up artist! She did my steam punk make up for a shoot with Mark at M.O.L Photography Studio in Kingsclere. She has such a creative mind and painted, lace, cogs, gold and the most amazing patterns across my body, to achieve the steampunk look which brought the costume together.

Amelia is such a bubbly character and really made me smile! I'd love for her to do my make up again.

Highly recommended! Kind regards Hannorah x

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Amelia came along today to shoot with my awesome pal Jessica Taylor. I think it's fair to say Jessica and I were fairly clueless as to what we were going to do, but Amelia managed to crystallise that into some fantastic looks for Jessica.

Amelia is super easy to work with, she's pleasant, fun, communicative, clear and isn't scared to advance her ideas. She works quickly effectively and very proactively, so no sitting around for ages. Even after the shoot was done, Amelia removed our last makeup style and very kindly did another look for Jessica to help her with her next shoot, a couple of hours later.

First time I've worked with Amelia and I sincerely hope it's not the last, I plan to entice her back to ADWsTowers to work her magic again and again.

Thanks for coming Amelia, highly recommended.

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Jade Lyon

I've worked with Amelia many times now. Not only does she do my make up on myself when I'm modelling but also for my own photography work shes my go to make up artist that I hire as well.

She has a great energy, is such a laugh and I just love working with her!

She can do any make up from simple and beautiful to crazy and creative!

I really hope to work with her again soon! Highly recommended!

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