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Hi there,

My name real name is Caroline and I'm the Co-Owner of Wolfe Cottage Studio with my husband Andrew, in Three Holes, in between Ely, Downham Market, March and Wisbech. 

I'm also known as "Bear" (which is my longstanding nickname) and Bear MUA is the name I use on Purpleport, but sometimes I respond to "Mama Bear" as well which is the affectionate name given to me by some of the models whose make-up I do. 

You see I came to the world of Make-up Artistry later in life after having a career in law in London, when Andrew and I decided we fancied a change of pace.  So now we've embarked upon a new life together in rural splendour, running the studio which we love and giving free reign to our creative passions and generally having fun!

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have such a wonderful studio, surrounded on all sides by the beauty of nature either in our extensive gardens, or the fields beyond.  So we took the decision to open up the studio for other creatives to enjoy.

Andrew excels in lighting and is always on hand to assist or offer advice and generally help with your creative ideas.  Similarly I love to use my skills as an MUA, stylist, costumire and set designer to help other create the images they desire. 

We have a vast array of props and clothes at our disposal, many of which have been designed and created by yours truly.  So please check out our portfolio and if you think we could help, please get in touch!

Don't be shy and feel free to share your concepts with us!

One of the greatest feelings is watching other photographers work with models at our events and see the stunning images they create. Many of the images here on my portfolio show work by other photographers and you can join them by booking in on our events and model weekends.

Notes to Models' All.

I'm frequently looking for Models to work with, so that I can try out new styles and ideas. 

This will be accomplished on a TFP basis if I like what I see on your portfolio. 

You will get to spend a day at Wolfe Cottage Studio, with me doing your Make up and Styling and then being photographed by my Award winning Photographer Husband Andrew Jennings.

If this appeals to you, please message me. 

Thank you.


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