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Really enjoyed a Sunday afternoon at Barlow Studios, friendly relaxed environment, gorgeous location and tons of sets and props to play around with, will definitely be back up that way in the future!

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Great studio with various sets and so many props and furniture. So many different lights and plenty of sockets so getting the lighting we wanted was effortless.

The studio was heated and the dressing room was well lit.

I had a great experience, thank you! Definitely recommended.

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Keira Leigh

Had an amazing group shoot at Barlow studios last night! I was very grateful to George who had broken his toe but still went ahead with the shoot and made me feel very welcome. Absolutely loved all the different sets! Can’t wait to come again and try the rest out :) Would recommend this studio to all models and photographers 100% x

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Mark Silvester Photography

Always such a warm welcome from George.

The studio is excellent with so many different spaces and packed with lighting, modifiers and props.

I wish I was not 200 pls miles away but always worth the trip.

Many thanks


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Had my first photoshoot at Barlow studio last night with Maxine. It was great so many areas to choose from. George showed us round made sure we knew where things were and how things worked, couldn't ask for more. Highly recommend.

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Had a lovely photoshoot at Barlow studios for the first time today

George Davison owner of the studio was lovely

Never stopped shooting so many different sets to choose from

Would 109% recommend this studio to any model or photographer

Until next time x

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Gemini Lexi

I modeled for a charity photoshoot at Barlow studios, the models were lovely and friendly, the photographers were lovely too very nice and friendly took their time as it was my first time doing a group type shoot.

I enjoyed the experience.

Lovely set up was enjoyable definitely recommend this place for modeling.

Thank you for the invite :)

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This was my first time to Barlow Studio. I did a studio day and had a great time!

George is very hospitable and made me feel at ease and welcome.

The studio is very well equipped and there are so many areas to work in.

I hope to come back very soon 😊


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I had my first visit to the studio and I would certainly recommend. George was very helpful, and the studio itself has plenty of themed areas to shoot in.

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Miss Kimberley

Barlow Studios is a hidden gem! It is very versatile to do any style of photography. I shot here on Friday for the first time and enjoyed my time there albeit short, I no doubt will return and would be happy shooting there again in the near future ☺️

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It’s been a few years since I’ve shot at Barlow Studios, but it was lovely to be back! It was really nice to see the new sets and props and to use the rain machine again!

I really enjoyed my time at the studio and George is polite, friendly and professional as always!

Hope to shoot again there soon, thanks for such a nice time today!

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Amber Belle

I had my second model day/weekend at Barlow Studios over the weekend - when they asked me to come back after my fist model day, I simply couldn't refuse.

The studio is a dream to shoot in, with a HUGE variety of set options! I can't wait to come back :)

George, as always, was a delight to be around and really made me feel welcome and relaxed. Thank you for a fantastic time!

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Adam John Photography

Did a shoot here with MissaRae Berry on her studio day.

This is the first time I’ve worked at Barlow Studio. What a super set of spaces to shoot in. Well equipped, various sets, loads of props.

George is on hand if needed, but melts into the background most of the time.

I particularly like the studio arrangement where the models have an easy escape route to safety if needed-very well thought out and fantastic to see a studio owner paying good attention to model safety.

I’m sure I’ll be shooting here again

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John Downey BSc

Second shoot at Barlow, used in lieu of a nearby location because of poor weather, good pre-shoot communications in short period of time as outdoor location aborted the night before. Good parking and good housekeeping facilities ref: toilets/tea/coffee. Several different sets with a variety of different props, my favourite was the white multi-facetted wall with the ability to place the model in different nooks and crannies in the wall. Plenty of studio lights, the main advantage being that they are all of the same make, model and standard, so no faffing with different control settings to get the same lighting power - very easy to adapt to these lights. Great four hour shoot with model Eloise Lavill, so very nice images achiveed. Will be back here again, no doubt ! Recommended !

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Bowtie David

My first shoot at this amazing studio, As you walk through the door you immediately feel welcome . this studio has a immense variety of props and an endless opportunity of photographic sets. on top of all this George is a super chap and is very helpful if you need him. This is one of the best equipped studios i have ever visited . Highly recommended

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Kitty Dawson

This was my first ever time at Barlow Studios.

There are various areas to shoot in and I didn't get to shoot in all of them in the time we had, which always means there are many possibilities.

I look forward to hopefully coming back, either with photographers 1-1, a Studio day or both!

Thank you for Georges hospitality and assistance when needed.

Recommended studio :)

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A super studio, offering a wide variety of settings. It was a joy to shoot at Barlow Studio.

Cups of coffee provided, a changing room with a full length mirror, and heat, were just the tip of the iceberg. So many different settings I was spoilt for choice.

I give it a 100% recommendation to models and photographers.

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Cally cally

I love Barlow studio , George always there with smile and always make you feel welcome ,him and Katie have become good friend of mine , I love working at studio I always get lovely photo when I shoot there and , the dressing room always equipt with everything I need and heaters if I’m cold , great sets in there to use one my favourites is the shower set and the brick wall , if not used studio you need to try a shoot her ,and george and Katie the owners are lovely couple!! Recommended from me ever time ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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Rowe Photographic

Its been a while since I put a reference for the studio up here so I thought to finish off the year I would put one up to let you all know about this wonderful place.

If you have not found it yet its in Barlow, Chesterfield. Its out in the wilds but when you get there plenty of parking space awaits you. The studio has so much potential and George is there as host to help you if you need it or let you do your own thing.

The studio has plenty of lights so no need to move stuff from room to room, lots of props, chairs, and the like not forgetting the wonderful shower area with its rainfall pipe.

Plenty of space for models to change in comfort, a heater is always nearby and mirrors for makeup and a full length mirror for those long dresses or to see what you are doing on set and aid with posing.

The Toilets are clean and tidy, drinks are always flowing and the internet can be used upon request if needed.

Price wise its great for hourly, half day and full day rates giving you so much potential you will wonder why you did not think of it before for those projects you have in mind.

Highly recommended studio, one I have used time and again to get superb images, looking forward to my next shoot there and lots more to come in the future.

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Where do I start…

George and Kate hosted me for a few days whilst I was shooting at the wonderful Barlow studios.

From the moment I arrived until the moment I left they had been so accommodating and kind and welcoming.

I am so grateful to them both for such a productive couple of days shooting and my very own warm bedroom.

Kate cooked some lively meals in the evening, George made sure I was fuelled with coffee throughout the day and made sure I was nice and warm in the studio.

The studio is amazing, so many different sets and fully equipped:)

I’ve had the best time and cant recommend them enough!

Please have me back next year 😝

Ps I promise I’ll cook this time ❤️

Debs x

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