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It was great to have David along on my workshop yesterday. He is great company, and asked a lot of relevant questions which kept me on my toes. He was also really helpful to the rest of the group holding lights etc. David was polite and respectful to our model for the day and an asset to the workshop. I'd 100% recommend him to any model to work with.

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Bournemouth Model

David was super easy to work with. He made me feel really comfortable on both occasions that I have worked with him and I have nothing but positive things to say. Definitely would recommend shooting with David.

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I recently had my first shoot with David at my home and I really had an awesome time! We booked 4 hours, but the time just flew by and was up before I knew it (mark of a good shoot in my book! :-) ). We talked through the different styles and sets David wanted to achieve beforehand, and they all came out really well!

As a person, David is charming, kind, generous, very polite and respectful, and a great conversationalist with a good sense of humour, all of which makes him the perfect kind of person to invite into your home. As a photographer, he is passionate, inspired, thinks outside the box, determined to get the shot, and is great at getting soft yet striking images.

All in all, can’t recommend him higher, and can’t wait to shoot with him again (provided he wants to of course :-) )

Thanks David for a great shoot! Xx

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Angel Black UK

David arranged lighting tuition with myself and J Black with excellent pre shoot communications. We spent a lot of time discussing to make sure we could get the most out of the time and David really took the time to relay what he wanted as clearly as possible. During the shoot itself, David was friendly and professional, despite having travelled three hours to get to me! He arrived on time and was raring to go.

During the shoot he asked sensible questions as well as taking John's guidance into account, and it was clear that he began to apply some of the techniques throughout the rest of the shoot.

I'd definitely recommend David, and would happily work with him again in the future :)

Angel x

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J Black Photographic

David was a joy to work with, he was clearly eager to learn and took into account everything that was spoken about and began putting into practise almost from the very beginning. He was polite and professional throughout the shoot, not afraid to ask questions and to step out of his comfort zone. He arrived to the shoot on time and came prepared with is equipment, ready to go. His pre shoot comms were excellent and we were quickly able to establish exactly what he wanted to learn and we were thus able to get through a lot in the time we had.

I would happily work with him again and would recommend him to other creatives.

J Black

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Team Black

Just to reiterate what has already been discussed, David was a superstar to work with, had quick pre shoot comms and established what he wished to learn very early on, helping us to maximise our shooting time. He arrived promptly to our home studio, where the shoot took place, despite having to drive for 3 hours to get to us!

After a cup of coffee and chat we jumped straight into the tuition, the chat just reinforcing what we were all expecting out of the day. He was polite and professional throughout and was very easy to get along with.

We would highly recommend David and would definitely work with him in the future.

Team Black :)

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