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BANNERWORX Photography has 21 references; 20 recommended, 1 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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This was my first photoshoot with a photographer, not only did Bannerworx get me organised with looks, and poses pre-shoot, he also had great sense of direction and patience with me lol. I am looking forward to getting my portfolio shots done with me over the next few weeks.

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Lauren Kitcat

Bannerworx was prompt and professional, but really friendly and a lot of fun to shoot with. He knew exactly what locations to go to and we had a really enjoyable and productive shoot. Would definitely recommend.

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Bannerworx is a very professional, nice and friendly guy. He made me feel comfortable since the very beginning and he also gave me meaningful tips throughout the shoot. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best but the photos he took look absolutely amazing. I am looking forward to working with him again! I recommend him to any model.

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Laarni Cornista-Hollebon

BANNERWORX was good company, really easy and fun to work with. I'd heard great things about him from another model friend and I was not disappointed! I would happily work with him again.

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When I first turned up Banner was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable from the get go. We went to our first location and it was absolutely beautiful. He was happy with me doing my own poses and letting me do my own thing but there was still some instruction to walk he thought would look good on camera and it did! I can’t wait for my next shoot with Banner and I recommend any models to get Him booked in as soon as possible. Thank you so much Banner you’re amazing

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Hellen Bennet

It was lovely to work with him, he gives you excellent tips and get ace photos. Good communication before and during the shoot. Plus very creative and talented photographer.

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Giusy Pappalardo

I loved working with Banner ( now that I know the origin story of this nickname, I just cannot stop using it!), he was friendly and very professional. Pre-comms were on point, locations were gorgeous ( I work around the area chosen and yet I was caught by surprise) and company was lovely! I look forward to see the final results! 😃

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I had a great shoot shoot with Banner this morning! Banner selected fantastic locations and from start to finish the Banner had was professionally friendly and down to earth. The shoot flew by with everything going smoothly. Highly recommend and cannot wait to see the edits!

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Anna Ginger

Had a wonderful shoot with Banner! He is very professional and knowledgeable, made me feel comfortable during the shoot, gave great tips! I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to work with a top-notch photographer and artist.

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Really easygoing and made me feel at ease and comfortable for my first shoot! Professional, on time and kept in contact beforehand. Had so much fun learning little tips, hope to shoot again soon. Highly recommended, cant wait to see the final shots 😊

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Lauren Elcock

Banner was a really cool guy and very easy to get along with! He was a super competent photographer and made me feel confident from the get go. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again, and hope we can do so some time in the future!

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Professional, great communicator and incredibly talented! I had so much fun on this shoot and can’t wait until the next one, and the shots so far are great. Highly recommend!

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It has been fun although cold shooting around Canary Wharf with Bannerworx !

Can't wait to see the photos we've taken at the Winter Lights installation event.

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Isabella Rosinante

Me and Bannerbox had our first collaboration together yesterday. The concept was the 'Winter Lights' at Canary Wharf. We both survived the cold (-1 degree) and we shot some lively and lovely images by the lights.

Pre-communication was clear. He was very friendly, yet professional. I liked working with him. I hope we collaborate at some point together in the future. Looking forward to see the results of our shoot. Wish you all the best. High Five!

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I had a great shoot with Bannerworx in June. He was very professional and respectful. He was prompt and clear in all communication before and after the shoot. During the shoot he gave me good directions and made me feel comfortable. He also returned the edited photos quickly. I would highly recommend him.

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Had a great shoot with Alan today. He is a friendly, polite and such an easy going guy. Look forward to seeing the photos. Thoroughly recommended. Hope to work together again in the future. Thanks!

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Lauren Birks

Had a shoot with bannorworx on Sunday, and it was brilliant. Pre shoot communication was great, we had a great time on the shoot, very professional, showed me my pictures, great photographer and great person. Can't wait to shoot again in the future 😊

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Roisin Marie.

Had a shoot with Bannerworx yesterday! Pre shoot communication was really good! He was really great to work with, friendly and helpful. Was really great to bounce ideas off each other! Sat down and looked at all the images together afterwards and I can't wait to see the edits! Look forward to working with him on all the shoots we discussed in the future! :)

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Lelly D

ive worked with bannerworx on many occasions weve produced some quality images this guy is very professional and fun to work with i never get bored shooting with him and look forward to our next creative shoot in the near future x

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