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Baden Bowen has 40 references; 40 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.


Jun Khanbekian said...

Baden , was a really a good guy to shoot with, he has a real interesting twist with his photography and likes to dive deeper in to the different diverse shoots. Would love to work with him again and definitely recommend you guys to work with him, very good with different concepts =)

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Horace Silver

I had a magic shoot with Baden and his wife Beverley. Their imagination and creativity, sense of poetry and surrealism, their vision and their joined technical skills are really great, as great as their warm and altruistic personalities.

They really made my day for so many reasons!

If you didn't understand yet that I recomment them and that it would be a real mistake not to cease your chance if they agree for a shoot with you, I don't know how to write it!

P.S. : I forgot to mention the nice props they have, some of them home made!

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Excellent shoot today with Baden!

He was very clear about what he wanted from the shoot, super easy to chat to and I had a great time!

We produced some stunning images and I am keen to work with him again!

Highly recommended!

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Louise Skipper

I loved working with Baden and his fantastic assistant yesterday, very easy to work with and got some great shots in very different styles. Baden is full of amazing ideas, gives good direction and I felt I was in a completely relaxed environment throughout the shoot. Already have an absolutely superb processed image from the shoot!!! He and his wife are both lovely and immediately made me feel welcome. I would definitely work with Baden again. Highly recommended! :)

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I had the pleasure of working with Baden for the 1st time on a group shoot in Kent. What a lovely guy he was, not only did we capture some great shots but he made me feel at great ease throughout the shoot. He had great banter, made me laugh and came along to the shoot with ideas of his own. I look forward to working with him again!! Thank you so much!

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I had a wonderful day with Baden shooting on both film and digital. We were assisted by his wife and the two as a team made me feel very comfortable and welcome.

Baden is a highly creative individual and I cannot wait to work with him again.

Get communication and most recommended.

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Another fantastic shoot with Baden yesterday, this time on location. Baden is a joy to work with and the images he produces are stunning - I recommend him very highly! I hope to work with him again soon :)

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I had a brilliant shoot with Baden last weekend! Both Baden and his wife made me feel extremely welcome and relaxed, despite my initial nerves, and gave excellent direction throughout the shoot. The results I've seen so far are fantastic and I can't wait to see the rest!! I hope to work with Baden again some time in the near future :) highly recommended.

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Samantha Clare

I responded to a casting call by Baden after seeing his previous work and was ecstatic with my own photos from the shoot. I felt welcome immediately, it was a very relaxed atmosphere and he ensured we got images that would benefit both of our portfolios. I would definitely recommend Baden to any model.

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Lil Blue Punk 666

If ever you get a chance to work with Baden, do it!! Not only will you get quality images for your portfolio but you will be welcomed with open arms and a smile. A real laugh to work with and full of creative ideas. I would highly recommend Baden to any model. :)

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Nina Swan

Had my first shoot with Baden yesterday at his home studio in Dover. Baden is lovely guy and a fantastic photographer/photoshop wizard! Him and his wife - made me feel extremely welcome the minute I set through the door and the shoot as a whole was great fun! Looking forward to the results and I hope to work with Baden again very soon! Thank you :)

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HollyHeart said...

had such a fantastic shoot with Baden, was a really relax environment, have gained so much experience with this shoot, and im very excited to see the finished results. I would diffidently love to work with Baden again. I would Highly recommend, models to work with Baden.

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Nicole Hinson

Just found Baden on PurplePort, We had a shoot at the beginning of August, It was an absolute pleasure working with him. I also had a great day and the shots turned out phenomenal, I would recommend Baden to any model wanting to add high and amazing quality photos to their portfolio.


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Cheri Bomb said...

had the pleasure of working with Baden, when he first started making it big. Have to say his work has come leaps and bounds, and truely deserves those who are will yto work hard as he does. His creative ideas and editing come together to make fantastic pieces any model should be pleased to have. I hope to shine under his spotlight sometime in the near future. Do not pass up any opportunity with this, kind, considerate, creative, enthusiastic and talented individual. highly recommended.

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K8ESearle said...

Baden Bowen is a very professional and skillful artist with a talented eye for clarity, as his work clearly shows.

A sincere pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend.

It's short and sweet but no more needs to be said as a picture is worth a thousand words!!

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LankyLou Model - Kent/Surrey/London

I LOVED working with Baden, we did a steampunk style shoot which Baden and his lovely wife MADE some AMAZING props!! Every inch of the shoot was carefully planned and Baden knew how to convey how he wanted each shot to look, and gave great direction! The images are AMAZING and I really want to work with him again :) VERY highly recommended :) xx

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Jamie Lou said...

I loved working with Baden, he shot exactly what I was wanting and more! He is totally professional and really friendly and I very much enjoyed working with him, the photo results speak for themselves and I would reccommend him to anyone!

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Kristina Labahn

I had the pleasure of working with Baden on a portraiture shoot. He is an absolute magician, knows exactly what he's doing, and gives superb direction. He quickly produces outstanding images, and his attention to detail is second to none. It would be an honour to work with him again.

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Luna Blue said...

I had the great pleasure of working with Baden on a location shoot in January, He is a fantastic talented photographer, We had a great day and ended up with GREAT pictures, I would very much love to working with this talented professional photographer again soon.

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I shot with Baden for the first time at Silverpond Studios. He was really enthusiastic and confident, polite and friendly. He gave excellent direction and we got on really well. I look forward to working with him again. Highly recommended. x

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